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Positive Reviews of Sugar Cookie by Demeter Fragrance Library

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One of the better old school Demeters out there, this one has a warm quality that smells more authentic than artifical and manages to convey the quality of being "baked" rather than "burnt" (burnt being the fatal flaw of the otherwise quite nice Aquolina Pink Sugar, which I wouldn't be totally shocked to discover was inspired by the Demeter Sugar Cookie.) Yes, like Demeter scents as a whole, this one has little tenacity - a result, I'd imagine, of being built around pure syntehtic essences as opposed to old-fashioned notes and fixatives. But that's okay, because the genius of this is in getting that quick blast of sugar fix anyway; I don't necessarily want to walk around smelling like a cookie ALL day. In that sense, this and all the Demeters are more about very cutting-edge aromatherapy, setting a "scent mood" for yourself and taking it from there. Apply Sugar Cookie - feel comforted and nurtured and a little bit pretty. Apply Funeral Home - get dark and murky and explore your inner goth. And so on.
07th September, 2005