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Positive Reviews of Silvester / Sylvester by Geo F Trumper

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Originally the fifth member of the "Trumper Collection" series (others being Astor, Curzon, Marlborough and Wellington). Now discontinued. I'm lucky to have a bottle.
This has a delightful crisp opening. Pay attention to the lime which is excellent and very citrus-green! The fragrance settles into peppery spice and woody notes. Then, a very earthy-brown, forest-floor vetiver note appears. With this, Silvester earns its name and is the most foresty of the Trumper line. I wish this phase lasted longer, it is marvellous. Finally a very hay-like, herbal-coumarin note emerges in the dry-down, along with a good dollop of old-school moss. The hay brightens the scent, almost suggesting mint or a conifer. A very interesting scent, a shame that it is no longer available.
21st February, 2007 (last edited: 05th October, 2014)
I sent to Trumper for samples: they sent me several, and Silvester Cologne was one of them, but I couldn’t find it on their website. Maybe it is some sort of a mystery scent, or maybe it’s discontinued, but then, why would they send it to me? I hope they didn’t discontinue it, because it is a very good fragrance. It begins with an attractive citrus / herb accord that is sparkling clean and bright, and that stays close to the skin and doesn’t project very much. It’s performance characteristics remind me a lot of Thierry Mugler’s Cologne except that the citrus notes in Silvester are sharper and clearer. After a while it changes course from T. M. Cologne and becomes more and more coniferous. It grows in impact as it does this — still not much sillage, but the fragrance has gained character. The drydown is light with coniferous notes, again, remaining close to the skin. The longevity of this fragrance is quite good. I like this scent a lot. If I had been aware of this before I bought Mugler’s Cologne, I would have bought the Trumper’s Silvester instead, that is, if I could have found a place that sells it.
03rd February, 2007
Citrus/herbaceous to a tee! I should think that this would last pleasantly long for such a dominant "green" fragrance. I think this is as close to sporty as Trumper may get.
26th August, 2003
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