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Neutral Reviews of Tabac Original by Mäurer & Wirtz

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Tabac is old school. Not bad but gives off a too-much-ingredients vibe. To me similar to potpourri, baby powder or skin cream. Lanvin does this too with Arpège but somehow that gets away with it in the feminine spectrum.

The pepper and muskiness that do surface save it.

I rate it neutral in this day and age yet it does particularly suit men aged 50+ going for classical. Which is also Tabac's main client base. Would rate it neutral to positive for them.
16th June, 2019 (last edited: 16th July, 2019)
It's worth trying Tabac Original but to me...not much special about.It smells exactly like the orange,lavender,and musk trio of Jovan Musk for Men.Replace that orange with lemon though and add a hint of cigarette tobacco to the mix and you have Tabac Original.
26th February, 2018
A classic, very much of the 1950's, recalling Shulton's Old Spice and with a definite nod to Chanel No.5 in the aldehydic topnotes. One of the most successful German brands and a great piece of heritage.
17th November, 2017 (last edited: 30th March, 2018)
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United Kingdom
I am surprised by the number of positive reviews this stuff has in this day and age, I would be interested to see the age range of the positive reviewers. But on the flipside, I can appreciate this fragrance.

The opening is one of the most powerful and distinctive I've ever come across. This is liquid barbershop. A blast of clean, soapy freshness. There is a decent smokiness on the drydown, but the clean smell lasts all day.

Despite that, this stuff smells seriously dated. I'm 26 and was looking for a clean, well groomed fragrance for daily use. I wore it to work one day, and within a couple of hours I was embarrassed to be wearing it and avoided going near people in fear of some of the older staff recognising it. Never have I been so conscious of my scent. It also became sickly and just too much to bear. This scent is definitely 'there' and it won't let you forget.

Still, one of a kind.
15th January, 2014
On my skin this is a very very weak copy of Caswell Massey's classic #6 - the citrus, jasmine and other 20 odd ingredients in that classic are hinted at here.

I get no tobacco at all.

It is quite inexpensive and enjoyable due to its resemblance to the older classic, created in the 1700s.

One oddity is that after I have inhaled it, I get a fleeting after-scent of fresh lilac buds.

Certainly, a nice scent, but since CM's #6 is so inexpensive, why not go with the original?
07th November, 2012
Now I own a personal bottle and can understand its fame. Bergamot-orange, splashing citrus-camomile-tea-lavender, sharp flowers as the duo carnation-geranium and vetiver (yet notable from the background) at the kinda barbershop but soon intoxicating beginning, than creamy (ambery) cool (powdery/soapy) tobacco, mild woods and may be patterns of moss. Highly exotic, virile, dignified, fragrant and comforting as a talky cloud. Heaven at morning after the shower (highly refreshing the watery link camomile-lavender) and long lasting with a decent projection. Absolutely not expensive Tabac Original will be worthful for sure knocking down hundreds of more expensive and marketed concoctions. You will feel in a while as a trimmed and distinct latin gentleman (with an angular moustache) of the old Buenos Aires. I'm already addicted.
P.S: I've stumbled on a different and probably more recent bottle and I have to say that, despite the aroma is still great, the elements are more synthetic than in my earlier "by now dated" purchase. This is my complaint about the more contemporary Tabac Original. A pity.
01st June, 2012 (last edited: 06th January, 2016)
A more soapy, less spicy, slightly more refined Old Spice. This one is a way-old-school barbershop fragrance. It gives me the impression of how someone's grandfather would smell in his well worn argyle cardigan. I enjoy some of the old-school colognes, but not this one.
09th February, 2011
A whole lot of cloves in the opening, which smells pleasant and "clean". Has good longevity and moderate sillage. The middle notes are very different and enjoyable, especially for the price.

A very potent cologne, so be careful with this not to overapply. Just start testing it out with 2 spiritz and not more, as only 2 does it for me. One more and you'll have a headache!

I could give this something in between Thumbs up and neutral, if I can.

Score: 6/10
24th January, 2010
A floral clove and spices mixture. Kinda barbershop-esque and classic in structure. Longevity is poor on me. Nice to see a floral marketed for men.
05th December, 2009
My father used to use TABAC, back in the days it was considered lux to have a "western product" in communistic countries. I bought it for the sake of following my father's steps in style. The smell does invoke memories of that manliness.

The scent at first is of a strong barber shop, shave disinfectant, and soap. After 30 minutes it descents into a clean classic manly smell. Read classic as that 1920's kind of classic, when style was simple, and simple was considered Good. Think of classical minimalistic dial watches, two button suit black suit, white shirt, tie, and TABAC original.

In today's complex world, however, this scent is too minimalistic and even foolishly simple.

From the back of the bottle's box: "TABAC ORIGNAL After Shave Lotion gives a bracing finish for a demanding shave. Stimulates, cools and refreshes razor-burned normal skin. The TABAC ORIGNAL fragrance underlines your personal style well-groomed elegance."

So, it goes well with a certain original, classical style that dates back to the 20's of the earlier century. A true smell for being out during the day, caring about nothing, no worries on your shoulder and a twinkle in the eye.

That concludes my review.
18th November, 2008
To me this is 4711 with a dash of powder. Light, inoffensive (to me, more later...), certainly not at all loud, I don't know what could have happened to bottles that smell loud! (This review is for the EDC, though, perhaps the after shave lotion is different?) I would buy this if it were even cheaper, as a curiosity for when I'd like to smell barber shop-y. However: my boyfriend, who never has strong opinions on perfume, absolutely HATED this, on me and on himself. He mentioned 'wet ass' and 'horrible flatness'. He recoiled, in fact! I think the lemon makes him think of toilet bowl cleaners or something, but I can't understand his violent reaction! He's not biased against cheap or anything. Anyway, I like this, I like that it's still around, and I'd sniff a guy or girl who smelled like this. But try before you buy! Apparently some people have connotations with this smell.
09th May, 2008