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This is and will always be my favorite cologne! Just before it was discontinued I obtained ten bottles. Sadly, I am on my very last bottle. It is half full and I only rarely wear it anymore. I have NEVER gotten anything but compliments when wearing this fragrance. Due to how little I have left now this is my special event fragrance.
15th June, 2014
Clinique’s Tailoring For Men was a lavender centered scent, a little sharp, warm, masculine and regrettably long out of production. It was a favorite of mine and I have just used the last drops in my bottle.
12th November, 2007
Thanks to BASENOTES and the guys on this page...I TRIED Tailoring and LOVED IT. I happened upon it on E Bay. I completely agree with all of the reviews on this page. It is surprisingly concentrated and a few drops go a long way. It's a very fresh, warm scent that has amazing staying power. Clinique has never been this good before...or since. Josh Augustt 3-30-04 USA
31st March, 2004
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I had totally forgotten about this fragrance. I purchased it because I had used Aromatics Elixir for a while and was glad to know that Clinique had released a men's cologne. I still have some left (somewhere, packed away in a box). Hm-mm-mm...I'm curious again...I'll have to dig it out!
13th August, 2001
I thought it was great: a really strong eau de cologne scent made from citrus and lavander. (At least that is my recollection.) I waited for it to come to Canada but it was discontinued before I was able to buy. Pity.
10th August, 2001