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Neutral Reviews of Bazar Homme by Christian Lacroix

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I was reorganizing my drobe tonight and decided to give myself a spray of Bazar... I figured out what this is... it's a clone of Hugo by Hugo Boss-- the for men in the canteen looking bottle. This one has a few subtle differences, such as melon, but it's mostly a riff on Hugo. Not bad, but it's very synthetic smelling with the woody-amber fixatives. I think Hugo is better and more nuanced, but this one does smell good in a generic mid-'90's kind of way.

22nd April, 2011
Smells pleasantly synthetic. I mean, it smells a bit like plastic, but you have the feeling that it's made intentionally. Hence, I don't care that much if it's a melon or a grapefruit. It's just urban synthetic fresh. The most interesting part is where the supposed ozonic notes combine with a strong woody presence, to form what I'd call a "synthetic incense" smell. That's what robots of the future would burn to cheer up. Yet it's all very fragile, not solid. Sillage is weak and a brief description is quite enough.
10th December, 2009
Aquatic? Maybe. Bazar starts off a little bitter and a little watery and a little spicy. All together... steamy. Like Essenza di Zegna's woody steam, Bazar gives off an airy watery feel but a little fruity. Very fresh.
13th November, 2008
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Very sharp topnote. Smells somewhat like subtil, by salvatore ferragamo, and the new polo black.
05th December, 2005