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Positive Reviews of Bazar Homme by Christian Lacroix

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The grapefruit notes may be a bit too strong for a few noses but I quite like it. It may not be the perfect scent for the school or the office as it maybe over powering for those with sensitive noses.

Great lasting power and a definite lady puller makes this a perfect evening/night time fragrance.
15th April, 2008
Starts with a nice sweet and fresh smell, some kind of jasmin or melon, similar to Acqua di Giò drydown, but looking at the pyramid , It must the dry amber or even the yuzu. This smell vanishes in seconds and gives birth to a bit sour smell, maybe that's what people call "ozonic". I didn't like this smell very much but after some minutes something not so common happened: The ozonic lost some power and the nice fresh sweet smell of the beggining reappeared. The combination of both smells produced a nice aquatic. Nothing new, of course. A lot of basenoters will think its unoriginal etc. but I had no great expectations , I was really looking for a good casual daily wear fragrance. The longevity is average, as most of the aquatics.
All in all, It's an alternative for those who want something similar to AdG, Versace Metal Jeans, Halston Unbound...
If you want a nice smelling fragrance that stays close to your skin and smells nice and don't make you stand out of the crowd, that's an option.
The box, in fact, a can and the cap are really nice.
02nd December, 2006
This scent has very good lasting power and easily delivers an entire working day of ozonic freshness on me. On any day, I'd rather wear a less complex scent that lasts, to a more complex one that conks out when you most need it.

05th September, 2006
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