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Negative Reviews of Tea for Two by L'Artisan Parfumeur

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I had some expectations about this, as I really love tea, but as for tobacco (which I love, too), this is just another disappointment. I may be wrong or used to the wrong kind of teas, but I really don’t see how one could buy this cheap, synthetic, subtly (but I admit, pleasantly) zesty musky-spicy blend with a massive synthetic tobacco base for a “lapsang blend”. Or a tea blend of any kind, unless you reference tea is in your office’s vending machine. It isn’t dramatically bad, but it’s just a fairly cheap, extremely linear and massively uninspired sort of sweetish mish-mash between Gucci pour Homme II, Tobacco Vanille and Bvlgari Black and/or Céline pour Homme, in a clumsy attempt to rip-off Annick Menardo’s style and fondness for dry, smoky, elusively Oriental “weightless” textures (not the first time I notice this “talent” of the Queen of hipster parfumistas – Olivia Giacobetti). Again, just to be clear, it smells decent, but it’s really a depressing department store kind of decent. If you want a sweet tobacco, then stick to the plethora of cheap clones of Tobacco Vanille; if you want some versatile masculine tea-infused scent, the immensely richer, more compelling and more quality Gucci pour Homme II is there for you, and it’s still the nicest “tea-inspired” scent I’ve ever tried.

You know that joke: “when I went to parties and then people said things like «there was two or three people», I always was «or three»” - that’s Tea for Two. A flat bit of this, a bit of that, mediocrely diluted with zero inspiration and zero creativity. Last but not least, with a crap longevity. Meh.

30th January, 2016
OK, yes, it smells like a tea and you can note woody character in it. Close your eyes and imagine black Ceylon teabag hanging on the cedar tree. Yep, that's it. And that's pretty much all it is, to be honest, this smell is bland, boring and just smelling like a newly opened can of tea. Unfortunately, I'm not a big fan of perfumes smelling like groceries.
Also, too feminine for a man and too masculine for a woman.
Was going to purchase this after reading some of the reviews here, but im happy I tested it first and did not blindly purchase it.
In the end I walked away empty handed with a bit of disappointment.
On a plus note, longevity is very good.
21st November, 2015
This starts with an intense mix of spices with a woddy background. I could smell strong black tea, but also anise seed, and cloves with a vague smokey note. Unfortunately, the dry down matches pipe tobacco to my nose. Pure, simple pipe tobacco :(
27th March, 2015
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ups, not my cup of tea:)

to my nose this is leathery, spicy and overly honeid cup of tea, like some bacon fell into the cup of my tea, how i like my tea is that it has some lemon, and reminds me of chamomile :), my cup of tea would be simmilar to Timbuktu, and L eau de Tarocco

i gave this thumbs down because of too much everything in it, not so perfectly blended to my nose, and my expectations that it would be more like green lemon chamomile type of scent:)
26th October, 2012
It starts off wonderfully complex, woody, spicey, and sweet. However, after a while all I was left was a pipe tobacco scent. It literally smelled like pipe tobacco, and while I enjoy the smell of pipe tobacco, its not something I want as the predominant scent.

Also, I can only see this being worn during the winter and at night, and you must really love tobacco.
07th October, 2011
I love tea. Black and green, Assam and Darjeeling, pure or (naturally!) flavored, straight and with sugar and milk. The tarry smoky notes of Lapsang Souchong are not for everybody - it's the Islay of teas - and much of the stuff on the market (which is mostly not genuine LS from the Wuyi mountains) is pretty awful. Which brings us to T42. A pretty awful perfume - for me. Smoke and honey, the combination simply turns my stomach and it basically ends there - if it only would, that is.
19th October, 2008
i dont like tea ,thats not for my taste , too smoky try dzing
22nd May, 2007
Much praise has been heaped upon the tea genre, and I am a lover of tea. This is supposed to epitomize the genre. I was puzzled when this fragrance impressed me otherwise. I found large amounts of honey, a perfect amount of smoke, and a hint of tea. I, who used to run from the least amount of smoke, have begun to seek this note as a copunterpoint to sweetness. I would love this fragrance if it consisted of a large amount of tea, the same amount of smoke, and a hint of honey. The nature of honey is such that flowers and herbs readily impart their flavor and fragrance to it. I'm sure there is a plenty of tea in here, but I am unable to separate it from the honey. If that note works well for you, this fragrance will be very pleasing.
08th November, 2006
vadim Show all reviews
Russian Federation
I have to admit this smells like tea. Oversweetened black tea, and coming from a pot that has been refilled at least twice. If I were to serve anything like this to my tea-junkie girlfriend, it'd be tea for one. Now if I want to smell tea I'll make a fresh pot of strong Yunnan, and if I want to EXUDE the smell of tea I'll reach for my Eau du Fier, CdG Leaves-Tea or Bvlgari. And, there's no Lapsang Souchong in this, it's not really unisex, and you never put sugar in good tea.
25th September, 2006
zztopp Show all reviews
United States
Ah, Tea For Two. I like tea (aka Chai). Especially Kashmiri Chai (a south-east asian tea speciality). Kashmiri Chai is a spiced Indian black tea with crushed cardamom, cinnamon, orange peel, cloves, pepper and ginger, which I am guessing are the notes of Tea For Two too. According to L'Artisan Tea For Two is based on Lapsang souchong tea, a black tea from China. Upon initial application, the black tea note is dominant - after 15 minutes, that dominant note subsides and mixes in with the other notes (i am guessing honey, orange, etc) to smell like Kashmiri Chai. And thats it. It smells like nice tea. Thats the selling point. Its like as if I purchased a Demeter one-note wonder fragrance. I like Demeters' one noters - they are very accurate "smells"; just not good "fragrances". I wouldnt want to walk around smelling like the innards of a teapot. I also dont like solitary tea note fragrances - in my opinion, tea notes are only good if they complement other notes and form a component of a more complex fragrance. Longevity is decent for this house - but thats not saying much for this house. Tea for Two, you disappoint me.

Now let me go and have some GREEN tea instead...
26th August, 2006
Paul G Show all reviews
United States
If L'artisan's head perfumer went to work for Demeter this is what they'd produce. It smells like what the title says: a cup of tea. I love tea in scents when it accents and plays off the other this one, it smells like a cup of tea. Great quality, but not my bag at all.
16th June, 2003
Although I like tea scents when the tea is light, the strong, smokey nature of this fragrance is definitely NOT to my liking. It reminds me of Annick Goutal's Chine Imperial. Just not at all what I'd want to smell like.
06th December, 2002