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Neutral Reviews of Tea for Two by L'Artisan Parfumeur

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After your office work walk on the silent sreet as you go home a kiss and a cup of is not typical of tea fragrance at all.this is peppery and warm and sweet without being cloying and has a smokiness feel to it that I really love.great for both sexes. Comforting,Sweet,Spicy,Aromatic,Cute,Earthy,Subtle and Harmonious.

The gorgeous beginnings of star anise and spices give way to a lush and delicious green tea.the honey, vanilla adds the comfort while the ginger keeps the scent alive and cinnamon give the fragrance a nice exotic smell and all these aspects working together make for a very lovely and perfectly balanced is best for everyday/office wear.

Sillage?Moderate to Good.

Longevity?About 5 hours on my skin.


30th August, 2016
Decent fragrance. Just expected a lot more from all the hype. Tea, honey, cinnamon and vanilla are the main notes I get with T4T. I would purchase if I could find for a reasonable price. Would like to wear this one in the spring and fall months. Reminds me of something I smelled before (not GPH II though). 7/10
14th October, 2014
This one compares to Gucii Pour Homme II!
To be honest with you, at the opening they don't smell the same but dry down and base of the fragrance smell almost the same!
The opening of this fragrance is a warm and sweet honey smell with tea and tobacco hand to hand plus spices and floral note!
The tea leaves is there and the tobacco makes it dark and almost smoky.
There is a strong smell of floral note too.
It's not in the list but definitely it's there and smell like mary flower to my nose!
As time goes by the floral note disappears and tobacco note goes completely in the background.
Something interesting happens here and that's about the honey sweetness! while most of the fragrances start citrusy or woody or spicy and .... they become sweeter in dry down and base, but this one goes completely at the opposite side and it's becoming less sweet in dry down and base!
In the dry down you can easily smell tea leaves but as I said on my Gucci Pour Homme II review, it's not that dried black tea smell that mostly people use in Asia! smell green like fresh and green tea leaves instead of dried black tea that smell dark and bitter!
Beside that green smell of tea leaves, there are some sweetness and small amount of spices too.
You will have this scent to the end and there will be no changes.
Both projection and longevity is above average.
I'm not a fan of tea based fragrances but this one is OK and I like it but I wouldn't buy a full bottle of this!
16th February, 2014
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Not my cup of tea

Ok, I admit I should have read other reviews first before sampling, as this really does smell an awful lot like Gucci PH2, which unfortunately is not a favourite of mine. T42 increases the sweetness to a warm cloud of honey and chai tea. It's a pleasant smell but not striking, and far too sweet and cloying to me.

There is also another scent I used to own that smells a lot like this and is much cheaper - Korres Vetiver Root Green Tea and Cedarwood

Pros: decent scent, strong aroma of tea
Cons: overpowering, cloying, sweet"

23rd July, 2013
It opens with smoky milky black tea leaves and is quickly joined by tobacco and vanilla.

I got to say I think this scent is suffering from a identity crisis as it seems to morph from smelling like Gucci Pour Homme II and Tom Fords Tobacco Vanilla.

It smells nice but I just wish it had it's own character as I rather have the above two separately than a mish mash of them.
06th March, 2013
The name does not sum up this fragrance at all. I get very little tea from this. I mostly get a smoky, spicy, slightly sweet oriental fragrance. It kind of smells like those sugar coated jelly candies that had a variety of flavors, and there was one jelly that was spicy, and as a kid I avoided those and ate all the cherry and grape ones. The spicy ones got hard and stale.

Theres something about it that reminds me of Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanilla, but a tamer version. I find it to be a comfort scent. Something to wear for yourself and not for others since the only way other people can smell it is if their noses are smashed up on your skin.

Its a interesting scent but not FBW due to the fact that it has such poor sillage. Longevity is nothing to brag about either. But Ive found this to be the case with all the L'art scents Ive tried so far.
18th March, 2011
Okay, the first thing to note before anything else is THIS DOES NOT SMELL OF TEA! (as the name suggests). It smells of spicy, smoky cinnamon, NOT TEA!

All the others reviewers have described this really well: rich, heavy, sweet pipe tobacco with a witty hint of ciggie ash. There are other fragrances with a similar theme but this one really stands out quality wise. Unfortunately, in keeping with many scents in the L'Artisan range, it doesn't last that long... maybe a couple of hours or so.

It can be hard to find the right occasion to wear this but I would say it definitely suits wintery pub evenings in front of open fires surrounded by red, flocked wallpaper. In fact it's often too wintery for winter.
29th January, 2011 (last edited: 03rd April, 2011)
This has quite a sweet opening, due to the honey. There are also floral notes of some kind here. The scent is rich and opulent. There are only hints of a generic sort of tea. In my opinion, lapsang-souchong should lend a really formidable and distinctive smoky note. At times, a light smoke and wood note appears. The wood seems like pencil shavings so must be cedar. I think the smoke and wood should be increased, and the honey decreased. Then you’d have something interesting. This is rather bland.
24th June, 2010
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07th April, 2010 (last edited: 28th July, 2010)
Gourmand for a tea scent. Smoky sweet Lapsang Souchong tea with a dense slab of moist gingerbread leaning against the cup, inhaling the vapors of it all. It smells entirely pleasant but it's not something I'd really want to wear. It is a bit straightforward and lacking the complexity that turns good fragrances into wardrobe staples, yet the simplicity is what makes this a cozy and comfortable scent. It requires no dissection or analysis, it simply cradles your sense of smell. Ideal for cooler weather.

Neutral but leaning toward a thumbs up.
10th October, 2009
Gblue Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Smoky lapsang souchong and a burning roll up cigarette, with hints of vanilla and amber in the background. Really liked the opening but got bored quickly.
19th July, 2009
Does smell a lot like tea -- milky and very sweet tea, at that. But I find I don't really want to smell this much like tea, so can't enjoy it as a perfume. Moreover, many L'Artisan perfumes seem to have some element in the base that refuses to blend with my skin, so that the dry-downs never become the sweet skin scents I love in my favorite perfumes. This one just sits there on my skin smelling like tea, tea, tea.
23rd June, 2009
Phew! What a gourmand scent this is! If it were food, I would eat it but alas it is a fragrance and I think it is simply too overpowering and too gourmand-ish for a fragrance. It certainly is inappropriate in the hot and humid conditions of Singapore where I live.

I have to give props to its uniqueness though.
11th February, 2009
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I am an avid tea lover, have teas from the world over, this however dois not tickle my 'taste' buds. It definitely has an aura of nice quality Lapsang Souchong, but the smoky quality is sometimes so overpowering it is disreptive to the overall impression; as if I had enjoyed a cup of tea in a burning tea house, not my favorite way to enjoy a cup of tea;).
22nd January, 2009
Ginger bread and smoky tea, with milk and honey. Sounds great - doesn't smell so great. I'm an avid tea drinker, with a cupboard full of organic teas from all around the world; yet Tea for Two doesn't do much for me. It's a little too sweet on the honey, and I don't enjoy walking around smelling like ginger bread cookies either. If you've never smelled Lapsang Souchong tea (like in T42), I might help you guess how T42 smells by telling you that T42 is reminiscent of a very sweet Chai Latte with honey.

Although the tea note is nice, it goes off into the background pretty fast as the honey and ginger bread notes take over into the dry-down, ironically making me lose my appetite. If you love tea, you should try this, but don't bother if you don't like lots of honey in your black tea.

08th December, 2008
Nukapai Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The first 15-20 minutes are a very accurate olfactory representation of loose roll-up tobacco (specifically: Golden Virginia, which is slightly honeyed).

It then dries to more of a gingery/sweet/perfume scent, which is very pleasant.

However, I find the roll-up tobacco element interesting and unsettling at the same time, so I have to say that Tea for Two is not "my cup of tea". (Haha).
15th November, 2008
An astoundingly good recreation of smoky, spiced tea. This was designed to smell like tea and it absolutely delivers in that regard. I guess this could be considered the British version of Mugler's Pure Coffee. It also has surprisingly good longevity. It's really a lovely scent.


Do you really want to walk around smelling like a fresh cup of tea? I'm not so sure I do. I feel as though the standard reaction people would give you is not "oh, you smell nice", but rather "who's making tea?" This could smell amazing on the right person, but I think it would be better off as a scent for the room (L'Artisan actually makes something close to this as a candle/room scent called The Et Pain D'Epices).
06th July, 2008
dagmar Show all reviews
United States
I really really wanted to love this, as I, like the heroine of a Barbara Pym novel, believe that no problem life cannot be solved with hot milky drinks. Namely, tea! I favor the Yorkshire Gold with a good splash of whole milk, but I also love chai, green tea with honey, Laspsang Suchon, Oolong, you name it -- I love tea. And I would love to have a good tea scent be my "signature." Tommy Girl is more fruit and flower than tea to me but still very good. As I said I thought this would be better, but I just didn't care for it much. It is quite strong and pipe tobacco/smoky in the beginning, and after a while it turns into a soapy smell, like the little strong-smelling soaps you find in good hotel rooms. Something like that and quite harsh to my nose. However, I may try it again and let it dry down more to see. Hopefully, more perfumers will try to get tea right. Serge Lutens 5 O'Clock Au Gingembre is sort of tea with gingerbread-ish and nicer than this, I think. Still, not negative, just neutral now.
04th July, 2008
As others have noted, this is a remarkably accurate rendering of Lapsang suochong tea. Unfortunately for me, Lapsang suochong (along with Vietnamese lotus tea, which tastes like postage stamp glue) is one of the rare tea varieties that I don't care for that much. I'm still waiting for the perfect recreation of a great Earl Gray (please PM me if you know of one!).

It takes a couple of hours for the lapsang to settle down enough for this to become enjoyable to my nose. The base is quite nice, a bit like Burberry London for men but richer, smokier, and less synthetic. If I could just get the base I'd probably buy a bottle of this, but at this point I don't think it's worth enduring the opening for. This is one of those fragrances, though, that I can imagine myself changing my opinion about over the course of a few years.
01st July, 2008
Reed Show all reviews
United States
First off, I am a tea fanatic. I drink a lot of it, and I order the fancy imported stuff online. So naturally I love the smell of this fragrance. I would rarely want to smell like it though. I would never wear it to work or even out of the house. This would be a good fragrance for a nice lazy Sunday at home with a warm sweater on, a fire going, a comfortable chair, and a nice book. Sideways thumb because the longevity is horrible on me. Seriously, I just pour it on and in 30 minutes it is mostly gone. As nice as it smells, I can't recommend a fragrance with such poor longevity.
11th March, 2007