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Smells like tea. Smells like sweet, pipe tobacco. Once again I don't get any cinnamon but, something spicy is here. I get some honey, ginger, starchy ginger, muted vanilla, and a hint of leather on the bottom. A gentle fragrance for spring or work environment. I consider this more art than perfume.
22nd March, 2018
Exotic, warm and spicy. L'Artisan created a tea based fragrance which I feel is one of the best ever made. Gingerbread, honey, bergamot, star anise, leather and some tobacco. No longer in production, so get a bottle now.
17th July, 2017
What is a tea one should never drink? T42! My first comment is the tea in question is not your Earl Grey, Lipton or Green tea variety. No, this is the smoky, gun-fired Lapsang Souchong from China. I’m somewhat surprised nobody had attempted a fragrance with Lapsang Souchong in it (maybe they have and I just don’t know it). Lapsang would seem an obvious choice due to its complex aroma. But there’s a lot more going on in T42 than the Lapsang.

T42 opens with guns blazing, quite literally, as the Lapsang Souchong fires away. The burning campfire in the tea fields of China enraptures your nose. Striking to say the least. The spice route through Asia begins as the cinnamon and ginger emerge to give the smoky tea some spice. Both work as a great bridge to the base of vanilla and tobacco. The vanilla and tobacco combine into a powerful force that takes no prisoners. Very Intense and seems to grow stronger by the hour. On paper, T42 seems like a no brainer, but to actually put this together and smell great all along the journey is a grand achievement.

02nd September, 2016
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After your office work walk on the silent sreet as you go home a kiss and a cup of is not typical of tea fragrance at all.this is peppery and warm and sweet without being cloying and has a smokiness feel to it that I really love.great for both sexes. Comforting,Sweet,Spicy,Aromatic,Cute,Earthy,Subtle and Harmonious.

The gorgeous beginnings of star anise and spices give way to a lush and delicious green tea.the honey, vanilla adds the comfort while the ginger keeps the scent alive and cinnamon give the fragrance a nice exotic smell and all these aspects working together make for a very lovely and perfectly balanced is best for everyday/office wear.

Sillage?Moderate to Good.

Longevity?About 5 hours on my skin.


30th August, 2016
An awesome entry in the category of tea based fragrances...Perfect for hot summer days...slightly smoky and spicy tea with a little honey sweetness...the spiciness gives me the slightest hint of chai...i can see why so many seem to enjoy this fragrance...what i'm smelling is from a several year old decant , so i can't speak for the current version
Aromatic Spicy Smoky Tea
10th June, 2016
It's no secret the house of L'Artisan has gone through some big changes in recent years. What that has meant to the formula of T42 is anybody's guess but recent reviews obviously don't bode well in this regard. SoS.

I date my bottle to 2010. To me, most all tea scents are high-pitched and come off too fem for my taste [I'm a BelAmi, Equipage, Polo, Yatagan, Azzaro, etc., kind of guy]. T42's smoke / rubber / leather / tobac character makes all the difference, crowding out the lemon / honey / ginger in a satisfying manner that tempers its high pitch.

All in all, a 5/5, yet I consider it a novelty scent. Make sense? Perhaps not to some... but a solid collection has its good ole stalwarts ('bricks') as well as those contributing variety ('mortar'). Today it's my SotD, first wear in 16 months. No matter. Except for searing heat, I like it year round.

One direction my nose goes with this that I don't see often, if at all: Tribute Attar; I find the ashy tobac of Tribute to be very dense and pungent by comparison but an overlap with T42 just the same. I'll often pair 'em up for a wear. Go figure.

p.s. Slumberhouse Jeke is a roided-up SL-tea type, like T42, without the ginger and at extrait density.
23rd May, 2016 (last edited: 03rd December, 2016)
I had some expectations about this, as I really love tea, but as for tobacco (which I love, too), this is just another disappointment. I may be wrong or used to the wrong kind of teas, but I really don’t see how one could buy this cheap, synthetic, subtly (but I admit, pleasantly) zesty musky-spicy blend with a massive synthetic tobacco base for a “lapsang blend”. Or a tea blend of any kind, unless you reference tea is in your office’s vending machine. It isn’t dramatically bad, but it’s just a fairly cheap, extremely linear and massively uninspired sort of sweetish mish-mash between Gucci pour Homme II, Tobacco Vanille and Bvlgari Black and/or Céline pour Homme, in a clumsy attempt to rip-off Annick Menardo’s style and fondness for dry, smoky, elusively Oriental “weightless” textures (not the first time I notice this “talent” of the Queen of hipster parfumistas – Olivia Giacobetti). Again, just to be clear, it smells decent, but it’s really a depressing department store kind of decent. If you want a sweet tobacco, then stick to the plethora of cheap clones of Tobacco Vanille; if you want some versatile masculine tea-infused scent, the immensely richer, more compelling and more quality Gucci pour Homme II is there for you, and it’s still the nicest “tea-inspired” scent I’ve ever tried.

You know that joke: “when I went to parties and then people said things like «there was two or three people», I always was «or three»” - that’s Tea for Two. A flat bit of this, a bit of that, mediocrely diluted with zero inspiration and zero creativity. Last but not least, with a crap longevity. Meh.

30th January, 2016
OK, yes, it smells like a tea and you can note woody character in it. Close your eyes and imagine black Ceylon teabag hanging on the cedar tree. Yep, that's it. And that's pretty much all it is, to be honest, this smell is bland, boring and just smelling like a newly opened can of tea. Unfortunately, I'm not a big fan of perfumes smelling like groceries.
Also, too feminine for a man and too masculine for a woman.
Was going to purchase this after reading some of the reviews here, but im happy I tested it first and did not blindly purchase it.
In the end I walked away empty handed with a bit of disappointment.
On a plus note, longevity is very good.
21st November, 2015
This starts with an intense mix of spices with a woddy background. I could smell strong black tea, but also anise seed, and cloves with a vague smokey note. Unfortunately, the dry down matches pipe tobacco to my nose. Pure, simple pipe tobacco :(
27th March, 2015
Wonderful stuff! A classic!

Tea for Two is a wonderfully fresh and spicy smoky tea fragrance. Very beautiful smoked tea with honey, vanilla, spices (including star anise, cinnamon & ginger), leather, a hint of bergamot... and even a little gingerbread! it's a wonderfully warm, cosy fragrance which I like very much.

It as a spicy aromatic opening of fresh bergamot & zingy star anise... before the spicy, smoky tea with honey gets there, and stays like that throughout the rest of the fragrance, before finally drying down to a leather and spiced vanilla tobacco with honey at the end. Just beautiful!

It's like drinking your favourite black tea (or spiced tea, like chai) with honey and gingerbread biscuits, on a warm sofa by the fire. A really warm & lovely feeling. The good news is that it's back (after it was discontinued for a couple of years), and it's easily one of the nicest fragrances out there! A perfect for the colder months. Love it!
11th December, 2014
Decent fragrance. Just expected a lot more from all the hype. Tea, honey, cinnamon and vanilla are the main notes I get with T4T. I would purchase if I could find for a reasonable price. Would like to wear this one in the spring and fall months. Reminds me of something I smelled before (not GPH II though). 7/10
14th October, 2014
Genre: Oriental

My thoughts on Tea for Two have evolved significantly since I first tried it. In 2007 I wrote:

“Wow! The smoky Lapsang Souchong tea is remarkably real here! Maybe too real. I love Lapsang Souchong tea, but I want to drink it, not wear it. Would be great as a room scent.”

Now I’m more than willing to wear it. The smoky tea is potable without a doubt, but it’s the brilliantly translucent oriental structure underneath that makes this scent so special. It is a particularly fine example of Olivia Giacobetti’s talent for illuminating olfactory spaces normally shrouded in darkness. (See her Idole de Lubin for another telling instance.) Try Tea for Two if your idea of oriental mystery includes both smoke and golden light.
05th July, 2014
This one compares to Gucii Pour Homme II!
To be honest with you, at the opening they don't smell the same but dry down and base of the fragrance smell almost the same!
The opening of this fragrance is a warm and sweet honey smell with tea and tobacco hand to hand plus spices and floral note!
The tea leaves is there and the tobacco makes it dark and almost smoky.
There is a strong smell of floral note too.
It's not in the list but definitely it's there and smell like mary flower to my nose!
As time goes by the floral note disappears and tobacco note goes completely in the background.
Something interesting happens here and that's about the honey sweetness! while most of the fragrances start citrusy or woody or spicy and .... they become sweeter in dry down and base, but this one goes completely at the opposite side and it's becoming less sweet in dry down and base!
In the dry down you can easily smell tea leaves but as I said on my Gucci Pour Homme II review, it's not that dried black tea smell that mostly people use in Asia! smell green like fresh and green tea leaves instead of dried black tea that smell dark and bitter!
Beside that green smell of tea leaves, there are some sweetness and small amount of spices too.
You will have this scent to the end and there will be no changes.
Both projection and longevity is above average.
I'm not a fan of tea based fragrances but this one is OK and I like it but I wouldn't buy a full bottle of this!
16th February, 2014
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United Kingdom
It starts with a cinnamon tone that is soon developing into a delicious tea note; bit like a milder version of a Ruhuna that adopts a gently smoky character later in the drydown.  A bit of ginger and honey emanate in the base notes, with an underlying soft spiciness. Silage is poor and it is always  very close to my skin, but the longevity is a good five hours. A delicious scent. There are rumours of its discontinuation.
31st October, 2013
Not my cup of tea

Ok, I admit I should have read other reviews first before sampling, as this really does smell an awful lot like Gucci PH2, which unfortunately is not a favourite of mine. T42 increases the sweetness to a warm cloud of honey and chai tea. It's a pleasant smell but not striking, and far too sweet and cloying to me.

There is also another scent I used to own that smells a lot like this and is much cheaper - Korres Vetiver Root Green Tea and Cedarwood

Pros: decent scent, strong aroma of tea
Cons: overpowering, cloying, sweet"

23rd July, 2013
Okay you cant deny Tea for Two a positive review, very simply put, it is a good fragrance.

Only a couple of remarks though:

1. I wish the initial smokey/tea notes would last a little longer before settling in the however beautiful and elegantly sweet drydown

2. What's in a name? When you read "Tea for Two" you naturally tend to focus on "Tea", and expect that to be the dominant character of the scent, to then possibly get disappointed if you dont find as much tea in the scent as you'd imagined. However the second part of the name here is just as important; what I guess "for Two" stands for in this case is an encouragement to share this intimate and delicate pleasure with a close partner; possibly also because the scent doesnt "radiate" hugely, so being closer than an arm's length does help appreciate this adorable little pearl.
24th March, 2013 (last edited: 03rd April, 2013)
This smells just like the Chai I can buy at my local cafe! Why are all of my favorite scents discontinued!!??
14th March, 2013
It opens with smoky milky black tea leaves and is quickly joined by tobacco and vanilla.

I got to say I think this scent is suffering from a identity crisis as it seems to morph from smelling like Gucci Pour Homme II and Tom Fords Tobacco Vanilla.

It smells nice but I just wish it had it's own character as I rather have the above two separately than a mish mash of them.
06th March, 2013
ups, not my cup of tea:)

to my nose this is leathery, spicy and overly honeid cup of tea, like some bacon fell into the cup of my tea, how i like my tea is that it has some lemon, and reminds me of chamomile :), my cup of tea would be simmilar to Timbuktu, and L eau de Tarocco

i gave this thumbs down because of too much everything in it, not so perfectly blended to my nose, and my expectations that it would be more like green lemon chamomile type of scent:)
26th October, 2012
Absolutelly not a fragrance in the way I knew fragrances before. English Teahouse.
Black tea, tobacco leaves (danish pipe tobacco) a strong incense / smoke start. At the end vanilla sweet black tea. No flowers or fruits, as much as my nose can detect. No idea why this should be for women also. Absolutelly masculine.
I think I like it very much.
31st July, 2012
Great tea scent. Glad I picked this up when I did, considering it's discontinued (you should still be able to find it on Amazon though). This is a spicey, a bit smokey, tea scent. Bought it blind expecting the same tea note as Creed's Silver Mountain Water - it's not similar at all, but I'm still very happy with my purchase.

I realized that longevity & sillage is all based on the number of sprays, what you're wearing, and the weather outside. This is more of a warm weather scent. If you are wearing a couple layers of clothing, a spray on each pulse points should be enough. However, if you're just wearing a t-shirt, you can go liberal on the sprayer.

Also be aware that this is an EDT, so don't expect killer projection with just a couple sprays.
24th June, 2012

It took me a while to get around to trying this one, cause I had read that it was "so smoky," etc. I get the smoke reference to a point, but this stuff doesn't smell like cigarette smoke to me.

Tea for Two has an awesome black tea note. I've drank thousands of cups of black tea in my life, so that note is very familiar. The rest of the fragrance to me, reminds me a lot of Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille, but smoother, and honestly, better than TV.

As far as being unisex, I could see that I suppose. That said, when I wear this stuff, I don't feel remotely like I'm wearing something feminine. I'm all man, lady!

17th May, 2012
Tea for Two, is thankfully not all about the tea. I had a great fear that it would turn out like Bvlgari's Eau Parfumee au The Rouge, which is the closest thing to rich, black tea that I've ever come across.

L'Artisan's Tea for Two opens quite spicy and leathery. I immediately detected a hint of steamy warmth, the sensual kind which suits both men and women. It was cozy, dark, intense and in some instances, a little tobacco-like.

I didn't sense the tea note until the heart, which takes on a less foody role and more aromatic when blended with the smokey spices. There's also a touch of sweetness in this composition, kind of like a drizzle of honey in a cup of chai tea.

The vanilla in the drydown, when blended with the spices, reminds me of a softer, more feminine version of Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille. It has that familiar rich and sensual aroma, that while unisex, makes me feel like a confident, sexy woman.

I kind of avoided this fragrance because of the tea reference. I can only stomach green tea, and even still it's not my drink of choice. People in the same vote should not disregard this fragrance. It's perfect for those who love bold, spicy, slightly masculine, smokey and exotic fragrances.

Tea for Two is romantic, a little old-fashioned and rather unique. I love how special this smells on my skin. It's just the scent to wear on a cold, rainy day as it gives me that feeling of being warm, regal and classy.
04th April, 2012
Tea for Two just smells good, and for once a purely good-smelling fragrance deserves to be recognized as a true masterpiece. (While I'm a fan of L'Artisan in general, only Tea For Two, Dzing! and Timbuktu deserve the gold star in my book).

Tea for Two opens with an intensely smoky, bitter black tea note, which is said to be the odor of Lapsang Souchong tea but others read as pipe tobacco. This is actually my favorite part of the fragrance, though some commentators here seem to find it offputting. Not to fear, though -- it quickly softens into a long-lasting spice/smoke/honey accord. There is far less ginger in this fragrance than in Lutens' Five O' Clock au Gingembre and also less vanilla and amber, so the overall effect is dry and warm rather than soft and plush.

As orientals go this one has decent longevity and sillage but won't knock people over if you spray three or four times. I like to wear it in the winter, when its comforting smells and the memories it conjures act like protection against the snow and damp.
20th January, 2012
While on the mouillette and on me t42 isn't nice and is unwearable, on my husband is gorgeous! It makes me hugging and sniffing him all the time. Perhaps it's my favourite scent for him. You don't have to stick to the smoky first notes, there is much more behind the smoke. There is tea, warm and tasty, served in a stylish porcelain cup (not in a mug!) and on the saucer there is a silver spoon. There are yellow and brown leaves outside the window, carried away by a chilly winter wind. But who cares? You are liying on a sofa in front of the fireplace, in the arms of a hansome man wearing a cachmire jumper. Could I ask for more?
02nd December, 2011
It starts off wonderfully complex, woody, spicey, and sweet. However, after a while all I was left was a pipe tobacco scent. It literally smelled like pipe tobacco, and while I enjoy the smell of pipe tobacco, its not something I want as the predominant scent.

Also, I can only see this being worn during the winter and at night, and you must really love tobacco.
07th October, 2011
I got a 15 ml sample of this several years ago off Ebay, mainly curious about the name, and was instantly besotted by the sweet spiciness, it reminded me of the Body Shop's Frankincense perfume oil i bought constantly in the 80's, yet i don't know whether either have any Frankincense in. The Body Shop stopped doing their Frankincense Perfume Oil, so i bought Tea for Two, at a considerably higher price.
But that comforting, cosy, warm feel that has been described by others, exists for me, and evokes memories of when life was easy.
I get the honey coming through strongly, and hints of the ginger, and that lovely smokiness.
Longevity, well i put some on yesterday afternoon, and was still getting aromatic smoky warm wafts well into the evening, but i agree, the sillage isn't good, and i have to stick my neck in peoples nose, to make them "fully appreciate" my lovely scent.

I'm onto my 3rd bottle of this, and feel i am somewhat boring by doing this, and need a new spicy perfume, so hint hint, if anyone knows a good spicy warm, and with Frankincense, i do have an empty inbox

Massive thumbs up from me
18th September, 2011
A smoky and spicy combo of dry tobacco and tea. Mr Turin compares this to Indian Chai tea but I've to firmly disagree with him considering that cardamom plays a quite important role in the Chai's original formula while it's completely inexistent in Tea For Two. Spices here, are mainly cinnamon and star anise that play an important role, with some ambery-vanilla, balancing the general dryness with a slight touch of sweetness. Not as complex as others of the Giacobetti's compositions but still an above the average "modern-oriental". Good work.
31st August, 2011
Tea for two opens with a dominant chord of black tea, such as Gucci Pour Homme II, but more intense, richer, along with some cinnamon and a floral chord (star anise?) That although not in the notes, I can feel.

And so it continues, giving more space for a smoky and dense chord in the course of time, but by no means overwhelming.

At the base notes then we have the emergence of honey which mixed with the aroma of black tea, gives a sensational chord to the fragrance.

Anyway, very nice! An adult version of the Gucci Pour Homme II.
21st August, 2011
Ginger cinnamon and spices...such a woody perfume...strong and different .then the stroll;the metamorphorsis ...warm smoky vanillia until it faints away..great sillage and longevity,too!
Cozy like you are sitting in front of a smoky fireplace in a cold ,dark winter night!

29th April, 2011