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I really don't get much tobacco, but a herbal vibe - yes. I was startled by the opening but after it pretty much becomes what you would expect minus the tobacco. To my nose, The Dreamer is a lavender based floral. Notes of lavender, rose, and sage are dominant with a hint of geranium. It comes off as a clean, yet dated bar of soap. It is not very modern, but then again the scent is 20 years old. The opening is harsh, loud, and slightly bitter. Quite some time later the scent becomes sweeter. The Dreamer is definitely in the same neighborhood as JPG Le Male and Prada Luna Rosa. My preference is still for Le Male. Versace's The Dreamer can be purchased for under $30 at a local discount retailer, but I would definitely recommend trying first as this scent is not for everyone.
13th June, 2016
picked this one up at Marshalls for $16. its pretty good nothing special though. I also think that this one is best for the fall/winter months. very soft and subtle. someone would have to be right up against you to smell it.
01st June, 2016
Tested from a 5ml sample in a plastic bottle (part of a multi pack of men's fragrances).
Soft and sweet. I thought I got vanilla, but it's not listed so I must be wrong. I'm a bit confused by the listed notes in general : the ones here are quite different from the other site. The tonka bean is probably what I detect (not listed here) which can be a bit in the direction of vanilla and almond. I can smell rose and geranium and a dark, earthy tobacco. So little lavender that if I hadn't seen the list of ingredients I would have missed it. I must confess I don't really get it. It's not unpleasant but it doesn't do it for me. I like rose, geranium, lavender (in small doses) and tobacco, so I guess it's the sweet, gourmand note in there that kills it for me. Pass.
Sillage and longevity fairly weak.
April 2016
24th April, 2016
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I'm unsure of what Versace's The Dreamer aims to do. It's tobacco, yes, but the clary sage sort of ruins any refinement of the tobacco with its (the clary sage's) dirty, sweaty identity. I really don't get much sweetness from the tonka in the base. It's a riddle: partly dirty, partly earthy and green, partly sweet. I'm not really sure when I'd wear this; it's not especially comforting in order to consider it a casual scent, and it's not refined enough to make it a night/formal scent, nor fun enough to be a "going out" / "clubbing" scent. Perhaps its allure is derived from its mystery, its place at the intersection of a variety of interesting notes. Still, I don't find this especially easy to wear. I might try it again in time, but it doesn't seem like a reliable option.

On the slightly more objective side, it seems more ideal for cold weather, and came at a good price, at only $20 for 50ml at TJ Maxx, so buy away if it's your cup of tea. I'm afraid it just isn't mine, though.

5 out of 10
14th March, 2016
Oriental spice fragrance.evening winter type use. If you like jpg le male or Bogart pour homme then you should like the dreamer.
23rd January, 2016
A hard time evaluating this one. It seemed to develop into a sort of hand soap scent that while not unpleasing, was not something I wanted to wear. Dreamer seems to be heavy scent also, something that I don't particularly care for, but perhaps I over sprayed and it would tone down with appropriate applications.

Either way, the soapy floral middle wasn't something I would wear. The tobacco note is of the cigarette variety, which leaves me feeling sick. Not for me.
23rd March, 2015 (last edited: 27th August, 2015)
At first, Versace Dreamer was a bit strong and I detected the lavender and a bit of citrus. The first several minutes were pleasant, then morphed into something that I can only describe as a “stench.” I cannot identify what it is, but it’s about halfway in. After about 10 minutes, the base mercifully steps up and it becomes a great fragrance on me with a warm, sweet tobacco and that funky smell goes away. Never really got much floral throughout, but maybe that’s what I don’t like in the middle and it just doesn’t present to my nose as “floral”.

On my skin this disappoints since it really stays close without much projection at all, and I could even tolerate that (since it would be a good office fragrance) but the longevity on me is dismal; I can get 2 – 3 hours of slight projection and by the fourth hour if not before it’s simply a skin scent on me. I’ve read there was a reformulation of this and perhaps the original was better, but what I now have access to is very weak on me. I’ve worn this several times without any notice from others, and recently asked a friend if they liked my scent about an hour after I applied four sprays (both wrists, neck and chest), and they said they didn’t smell anything until they were almost on top of me (perhaps that’s the purpose of this scent, to reel him or her in closer?).

Regardless, I love the fragrance and just wish it worked better on my skin. I have it as a low priority wish list item, since I do love the drydown and it might be nice to just wear into the office for a half-day or if I’m just out putzing around on the weekend, but there’s just not enough stamina in this one for me to take it seriously. It’s something I’d feel very comfortable using 4-5 sprays and going to work, on me it’s very tame and almost boring. This would definitely not make it as an evening scent for me, way to puny….and such a shame, as I love the fragrance (not to mention the bottle), but I need something that lasts more than a few hours. If I come across an original bottle perhaps my opinion will change in that regard. Until then, about 3 stars is all it gets for me.

As always, your results may vary!
26th December, 2014
Got this as a sample

The floral comes out plays around for an hour or so then retreats back to the skin.

The tobacco, .............didn't see it, ..........anywhere.

Also, I wouldn't really put this in an "original" category as it is very much like Joop! Homme.
14th February, 2014 (last edited: 24th February, 2014)
I'm one of those guys that likes to check something out based on a bad review. I see The Dreamer getting the crap kicked out of it in many places. I thought: "With a name like The Dreamer, this poor guy is getting the wrong reputation... apparently he's some kind of pushover." So I gave it a sniff.

I don't hate this. I really don't care for it much either. This is supposed to be a sweet tobacco fragrance, and I don't get tobacco. I DO get florals, and juniper. Floral and juniper sounds pretty great to me, actually. In this case, it just does not deliver the full effect. If we were using actual essential oils of these notes, and blended them, this would not smell like it does. I'm getting somewhat of an artificial vibe in there.

Does it smell good? I suppose it does, but it's certainly not going to work for everybody all of the time... it's another one of those hit-and-miss scents on certain days. Another multiple personality disorder fragrance, if you ask me.

Okay, strength. This is strong. People WILL smell you. You will most likely repel some. This is one of those designer fragrance monsters, for sure, in league with the power of Fahrenheit. And, like Fahrenheit, repeated wears will make your entire house smell like you. It's strong stuff. It lasts a super long time, and if you put it on in the afternoon of one day, the next afternoon, you will still have that Dreamer vibe (plus it will be in your bed).

I only have some samples of this, thank god. I would never buy an entire bottle of it. It just does not scream out to me for any reason. I never "get the urge" to wear it. I gave it a go, and that's that.
04th April, 2013
What no one seems to realize in all these reviews is that this is a copy of Guerlain's classic SHALIMAR.

Identical to my nose.

It's a question of preference to packaging and price as to which of the two one prefers.

I find it amusing that there are so many positive reviews for this, seemingly from men, who would not otherwise have even considered trying SHALIMAR.

Neutral only because it's a copy, not an original.
09th November, 2012
One of the most unique scents I own, floral and dreamy, yet can sometimes give me a headache. Slightly feminine. -AT
25th September, 2012
Just boring, blah, even if you get it at the discount store I'm not sure anyone would wear this one much. The florals and bit of citrus remind me of a room deodorizer spray. I didn't get the tobacco at all. On my skin it stayed with the floral/lemon scent.
11th August, 2012
I would say that Tim's review on YouTube had a lot to do with Dreamer's overhyped legend on the Internet. Dreamer by Vercace isn't a bad scent, but it's not a great scent either. It's just one of many examples in the fragrance world where the legend overshadows the fragrance itself. I'm not gonna bore you to death with talk of top notes to bottom notes, I just want to tell you to be careful with this one if you are thinking about making the money dive because The Dreamer is an acquired taste in my opinion. From the first spray, this Vercace legend is a rough ride and very old lady purfumey at first. Don't get me wrong, there is masculinity here, but this one could EASILY be unisex. I really do have mixed feelings about Dreamer, somedays I like it and others I regret buying it blindly. The scent is most certainly not very versatile. Dreamer will work best in more formal type events like church, weddings, funerals and romantic nights out with a lady. More of an evening and cooler weather scent. Not smooth at all and very dry. At the end of the day I have respect for this fragrance and still wear it, but do to the maturity of this fragrance I think this one is more in tune for the 30 and up crowd. Regardless there's still better stuff out there.
17th July, 2012
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I have a tester for this frag. Flowery at the opening, sweet tobbaco at the drydown. I really love this scent but it disappear about 3 hours on my skin. Base on BNers review here that said it had great longevity, I thought that mine is a fake. So I bought a legit bottle. Its smells totally different from my tester. No tobbaco at all, only dark vanilla from top to drydwn, very linear to my nose. I really disappointed with this version of Dreamer.
26th May, 2012
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United States
The Dreamer is often called an oriental, but I don't get that feeling from it. I find it not especially sweet but drier in the mold of Timberline, Byblos Uomo, or Jako. It opens with a sharpish juniper (I detect a bergamot note, though not listed) which is soon joined by a spicy-herbal mix. The tobacco is there but rather reticent. Dreamer is not as cacophonous as some of its ilk, with a better blend of spice, florals, and mild amber.
13th April, 2012 (last edited: 02nd July, 2016)
I blind bought this fragrance based on alot of good reviews I had seen on youtube and read on BN.
I bought it online at 29.99 for 100ml bottle which is a pretty good price. The package arrived this morning and I eagerly sprayed some on. As soon as I sprayed it I though this smells awful. The opening is a really clawing flowery scent which is a bit icky.
However after around 25mins it drys down into a creamy vanilla scent with a sweetness from the tobacco which is really nice but a little feminine.

This fragrance stays a bit close to my skin and the longevity isnt too great (its starting to fade now after 4 hours) but at 29.99 I cant really complain.
Iv heard this fragrance being compared to le male and to be honest le male beats this hands down.
IOverall it has a nice dry down after a horrible opening and im not sure why this fragrance has a reputation for attracting the ladies, looks like I will have to put it to the test and see.

Longevity: 5/10

Overall : 6.5/10
14th February, 2012 (last edited: 19th February, 2012)
I had high hopes from what I heard about this fragrance, but unfortunately it really doesn't smell too special on my skin. It smells very flowery and powdery, no tobacco at all, somewhat feminine. A lot of people seem to like it, I guess it just doesn't work with my skin. If anyone wants to swap, I've got a full bottle.
23rd December, 2011
this is a strange cologne. it doesn't really do anything well imo which is usually why a cologne is not good. maybe it was just no good for me.. let me try to describe it.. it opens for me with a strong mentholy synthetic sweet floral note, the menthol lasts about 20 minutes then its light floraly cigarette pack again. its heart notes are semi-sweet pungent flowers that almost smell llike they're rotting a bit but its not too noticeable. it gets kind of musky at this point and an in a couple hours some vanilla tobacco is introduced. its not terrible, but i think le male does this style much better.
13th December, 2011
i bought this after being recommended by many. But i found it just ordinary. i think it has outlived its novelty by now. Aroma is unique but uninteresting. Longevity is good but projection is not great atleast on my skin.

01st September, 2011
It is a good smell and longevity. Very smooth and exactly what its describe. I would use this fragrance if im tired from work and want to sleep right away without your gf/wife disturbing you because she will too be entice by the scent.However if your asian, you should sample it before buying cause the Dreamer smells like the milder version of white flower oil
15th August, 2011
The Versace Couture's attempt of performing a dreamy, ethereal and romantic juice. The outcome is neutral cause, while being the fragrance evocative, quite unique and tasty ( although Iwould not talk about a gourmand juice), it pains some synthetic traits, the excess of sweetness, the lack of full distinction and a sort of anti-ethereal simil-laundry aromatic effect of hammam bath soap. The latter vibe mentioned, I mean the bath soap trait, is nevertheless at same time important cause its slight bitter effect (may be an effect from tobacco, cedar and tonka bean) tames in a good way the general sweetness. Many wearers find this fragrance off-limits at morning and I agree with them but who is looking for a daily confortable scent does certainly not stick to Versace The Dreamer. The opening is almost off- putting with its blast of grassy (sage and juniper) citrus, synthetic soap and lavender in notable amount. Twenty minutes later the crispy starting opens the door to an heart which combines the sweetness of balsams-flowers (as powdery iris, lily and rose) with the "sweet/bitter spiciness" from tobacco. The base is mellow and still laundry-watery (still the citrus lavender and fluidy soap effect combined at once with resins, vanilla, amber, tonka), introducing a new addition of spicy woodiness by cedar and terragon. Cedar, tonka and tobacco, whereof the link provides the scent with a soapy, slightly bitter, bath soap effect , create a contrast with floral and tasty elements in order to understate and "dissipate" a tad their sweetness. In the same vein as fragrances a la Remy Latour Cigar this Versace's scent is basically manly and not unisex in my opinion, longevity and sillage are notable on my skin.
20th January, 2011 (last edited: 04th December, 2016)
Hmmm well, I wanted to love this one since so many others are so passionate about it. For me however it is just a bit too feminine. The floral top notes are somewhat overpowering and it can come off as more of a ladies scent to be honest. Definitely a try before buy. Not for me but I can see the appeal for others. Thanks
29th July, 2010
I don't exactly know what to make of this fragrance. The top notes are quite cloying, yet they die down after a short while (15-20 minutes on me). So the top notes are not too much of an issue although they are markedly synthetic. I do enjoy the dry down as it sweetens and mellows but it too seems to disappear quickly (about 2 hours or so). Total this fragrance lasts about two and a half or three hours on me and it never even gets to the leather/tarragon base that the chart shows. Although I do enjoy the dry down, the fleeting nature of this fragrance on my skin makes this a bad investment and I'm glad I only bought the 10 dollar mini. I would say an even 5/10 for me.

PS...I really tried to like this fragrance
05th August, 2009
I believe the Dreamer is a highly exaggerated and overestimated edt. Not that it does not smell nice , it does. Not that it is not long lasting or powerful, it is. In the past two weeks i have been wearing it, and yes, got some compliments. But is highly "artificial", that's what it is. Its mighty in-the-nose synthetic mess is something i do not quite approve.
On my skin the first seconds bring citrus reminiscense which I cannot figure out. In fact it is little i can get from this cologne.What dominates through the long life of the dreamer and is obvious to my nose is the sweetened tobacco note in the base. This is a daytime wear and is a bit eccentric, but far away from classy style.

25th April, 2009
Repulsive up to 15 minutes after spraying, smells like south asian/arab spices. Then it dries down to a pretty smooth, creamy and unique sweetness.
21st April, 2009
nothing special, sweet and young.
17th February, 2009 (last edited: 18th March, 2009)
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United States
i have tried this.. as pure aroma experiment... the concept is gorgeous, but i cannot get past the chemical aftertaste. an organic reproduction would be a terrific challenge and might soften the top/middle notes.
11th February, 2009
I was disappointed with this. I expected the horrendous opening (and it is) and expected the pleasant drydown...... but that's all it is to me - pleasant.

I've had compliments wearing it but as nice as the drydown is, there's a really cheap and synthetic flavour to it that puts me off considering a further purchase.
18th December, 2008
Some of reviews compare The Dreamer and D and G for men. For me....absolutly different. With Le Male? Sure.

This sweet or floral experience is not bad if you like sweet or floral fragances (stupid conclusion, lol)
For me, is a little bit loud and deep for some ocasions. Is not bad, but I prefer other fragances....The market is huge, I prefer to spend money in others. Ahhh......The longevity is pretty good.....Thats important, but not all.
Conclusion: Not bad, but other options are better, including Le Male.
23rd November, 2008
The top notes are too harsh and the drydown is very long lasting and good , but I was expecting much more from this.
31st July, 2008