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Vintage stuff (Red box, made in france) is darker, woodier and sweeter. It's more connected with 80's and early 90's fragrances: a sweet dark woody fragrance.
Recent stuff (black boxes and black caps/red 'made in italy' boxes) is toned down, approaching 2000s casual style. No dark woods, just a inoffensive sweet (flerting with generic) smell.
02nd January, 2020
I'm going to give Ungaro III a thumbs's a deserving of it's praise. To get the nit-picking out the way expect to spray a little more due to transparency from the vodka note. This is also not a thick scent and more compressed because once again the vodka note...everything filters through it.

I get a base mixed with vodka, soapy lavender, and citrus giving a fresh and clean result. Tastes of vetiver but not permanent to the fragrance. This has a rose note that's mixed with black licorice and a dark fruit that's either cherry or black currant. It's spiced dark fruit floral may be a little gothic but it's not depressing...keeps you sniffing at the rose in a dark and delicious way. Some sandalwood, but not enough woody interference to rob the freshness. A hint of patchouli for a little green flavor but it's not oily or raw and's polished by the vodka/lavender/citrus blend. This fragrance runs on the spiced/dark fruit cased floral to be the seductive role in Ungaro III.

It's darker side says this is a fall, winter, or evening scent. Yet it's so fresh and clean and it's dark side doesn't push into cloying territory from the dark could wear this in warmer weather. It is stylish after all.

21st October, 2019 (last edited: 15th November, 2019)
This is a boozy masculine rose cologne. I detect mainly rose and vodka (two interesting and unusual notes in a masculine fragrance) on the opening, but with strong hints of sandalwood, lavender, and patchouli as well on the drydown (while the vodka somewhat disappears). This is definitely a 'night-out' fragrance, and leans masculine though could be used by women due to its sweetness. It reminds me a lot of Swiss Arabian's 'Sultan' attar, possibly due to the sweet sandalwood mixed with rose. The vodka is very sweet while the rose and lavender and woody accord from the sandalwood and patchouli are also quite prominent. Sillage is very good while longevity is also strong. Overall this is an ok masculine rose cologne for men with an air of mystique and good performance (and for only around $25 for 100 ml too). This is not that similar to Cartier Declaration d'un Soir (another one of my favourites) at all even though it has prominent rose and sandalwood notes. I would say it's very similar to Swiss Arabian's Sultan attar. I don't know of any other fragrances featuring vodka as a note though, so it's pretty unique. But overall I am not that impressed to be honest.


I am reviewing the "Gold is Bold" limited edition by the way (but I've heard it's identical to the regular version).
03rd May, 2018
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I actually received this years ago in a trade and didn’t like it. Too dense, too peppery..and that stinking rose! My, how the tide has turned and gone out.
Feeling adventurous, I ventured out of Ebay and picked up a vintage bottle for cheap. All the elements that I hated initially now smell wonderful. Complete 180 degree turnaround.

The opening foray of black pepper and lavender is rather simple. Slowly the rose and vodka emerge, like a Russian on Valentine’s Day. Very unique and I’m hard pressed to find anything like it. It’s dark, it’s floral and it’s dense. The base of cloves and sandalwood round this out. I have the think U3 has suffered from reformulation to due constraints on rose and sandalwood over the years.

That said, I think Zino and perhaps Montale Black Aoud do a better job as dark, floral and gothic. Still, vintage U3 is worthy to seek out.

23rd May, 2017
Today i am testing Ungaro III
This one has been on my list for some time now but never had the chance to try it.
And it didn't let me down.
It begins very fresh, citric but kind of sweet subtile citrus, maybe orange. At the same time something alcoholic. I didn't know what this was until i have read the ingredients and there it was: vodka! This phase doesn't last long.
Immediately after that there is a phase of "purity" due to sage. This phase lasted for about an hour on my skin and it made me pull the sleeves of my blouse and smell my arm again and again. Very comforting, very well done. A hint of Vetiver shares this phase with Lili of the Valley but NO ROSE.
After 2-3 hours the base comes to front. Mainly musk, a bit of patchouli here and there going hand in hand with an almost indistinguishable Sandalwood.
It has fulfilled my expectations mainly the middle phase of the evolution.
But where is the rose? I couldn't smell it for a second.

Medium sillage, lasted on me for good 6-7 hours.

16th May, 2017
Stardate 20170226:

A fresh male inoffensive generic scent. Avoidable.

Edit (20170919):
The above review is for the current version.

Now on to the vintage version:

I got myself some vintage version of this and it is certainly much better than current version.
The rose is very similar to Ungaro I rose which is probably the best masculine rose.
Unfortunately the Dihydromyrcenol / Calone they added to make it more relevant to the market destroyed it for me.
Still one of the better "freshies" out there in vintage version and this gets mild Thumbs up to neutral.

The current version is thumbs down
27th February, 2017 (last edited: 19th September, 2017)
I love this cologne. It's become my signature cologne, as it's more versatile than any other cologne I've ever worn.

By itself, it's not very commanding. Subtle. Refined. A bit reserved, despite being a floral booze waltz.

So no, it's not explosively loud; you're looking at 8 sprays in key points to have it noticed, and even then it's in waves (as a fragrance ought to be.)

But layering this stuff with Pinaud afershave? You're talking about Errol Flynn. Clark Gable. Charles Chaplin.

This is truely a timeless fragrance, and it's the only "mature" scent that doesn't head beyond "mature" and into senility. You'll remember it, for sure.


10th November, 2015
This is a truly wonderful fragrance and follows a lesser Ungaro II which i believe does not stand up to "One or Three". The cast of characters are aromatic flowers, subtle rose with a wave of lavender at the open,,, mixed with vodka; where I agree with our other reviewers brings us to that dark and late night alley way of intrigue. The drydown is really 'classy' and deeply complex with a touch of wood and asian / middle eastern spices.
This is quite bold and a little goes a long way especially for the office. This is a fragrance for those who want to be noticed and want to say 'I've arrived', but are way too cool to even have to "go there". I find this to great for casual office, and equally complex for an evening with the ladies or even out to a ball game. The longevity settles into a nice spicy-woody toasty glow. Clearly, this is a "Can't go wrong" fragrance that is timeless.
12th October, 2015
UNGARO III, it's listed as an AROMATIC, I guess what puts it in this category is the vodka.

I'm surprised that some people think of it as a cooler weather scent. It's airy, light, vodka-esque with a light rose in the background.

I can see why some might think of "bug spray" upon initial application. It eventually smooths out though and just stays airy and, to me, seems close to the skin.

I get a soft-pink-rose note in that background. Not feminine though, at least to me.

Summer or Spring, I will definitely be wearing this.
29th March, 2015
I bought this fragrance again after many, many years of not using it. I am thrilled that Ungaro III has maintained it's masculine and elegant formula. The rose, vodka and lavender are a masterpiece in this fragrance. I find it totally elegant.
09th December, 2014
Dark, flowery (without the sweetness) -in fact a good blend of spirits and aromatic flowers. The main notes are (bitter) rose with a whiff of lavender at the start mixed with vodka creating an interesting blend referred by some on here as "mysterious". Drydown is "mysterious" as well with a complex blend of flowers and a hint of wood and mild traces of spices.

Interesting but not unique. Excessively eulogised by some fellow reviewers. I'd suggest that you try it on first- avoid blind buying this one.

Longevity is a major issue on my skin and I note that I'm not the only one complaining.

Anything I loved? Yes, the bottle!
10th July, 2014
This is the scent of a handsome french soldier from WWII. this is what a avant-garde 20th century composer smells like. this is what a noir detective smells like. It is the scent of logic and strategy, maturity. Dark and mysterious, compelling.
11th January, 2014
transcends fad and trends. timeless.

I blind-bought this based on reviews. One of my best blind-buys. It delivers and then some. Absolutely delighted with the complexity and contrasts of this. This makes the tone deaf aquatics and the audibly spicy syrups seem even more adolescent. This is not old-fashioned; it is timeless in the way that Eau Sauvage and Yatagan are timeless. I'm usually skeptical of designer fragrances because they're not about smell; they're low cost entry points into a brand's universe for Brittany and Bubba Spraycheese. The smell-as-brand-experience is invariably a colorful swill wrapped in the lust and luster of backstory and implausible nudity (I'm looking at you, Versace). There's certainly nothing wrong with wanting to make a buck off your perfume, even with naked people on cars, rocks, yachts, sun decks, rocks on yachts, sun decks on cars, etc. Duh, it's a business. But Just look at the latest string of embarrassingly cynical and childish releases from Fendi, Gucci, Ferragamo and Versace (weird that they're all Italian). None compare to Ungaro III in attention to layering, blending and sheer range of notes. Ungaro III reflects a commitment to a particular type of experience, not a faddish, brand-resident identity. Many frags have disappeared because they were selling a form of personhood, not a smell. That Ungaro III is still in production and stubbornly popular today is clear evidence of its ability to transcend fashion. This is one of the reasons why Demachy and Polge are the respected figures they are in contemporary perfumery -- because they produce stunners like Ungaro III.

Pros: very sophisticated and cerebral, beautiful, complex
Cons: none"

18th September, 2013
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Gentle sophistication at his best

A great composed fragrance! one of my alltime favourites till date.

Boozy and fresh opening turns around in 5 minutes into a soft blend of Lavender and

The rose is in a far distance dont expect a rose type of scent its minimal the vodka vibe is truly there and i must confess this makes Ungaro 3 (III) timeless.

Not a floral green scent as it is marketed.

The drydown is awesome!!! very close to the skin but very nice very classy.
It evolves into a super warm and luxerous frag! My first thought when i smell this : Pure sophistication.

I think it has similarities in the drydown with dolce and gabanna pour homme they are not a like but they both have that soft,creamy and gentle vibe.

One of my favourites for a formal dinner or wedding.

Very mature, a very wise choice if you buy it: -)

Pros: Unbelievable subtle and classy

03rd September, 2013
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The vintage formulation:
An very nice imitial blast of citrus with herbs and spice is developing into more flowery notes that never really show any sweetness. A dark rose comes to the fore, and then dusky mossy and woody aromas take over after the first hour, but at that stage the fragrance retreats to remain very close to my skin and quite faint after a further hour. Not a powerhouse drydown then, not really special but interesting enough and pleasant, with a good longevity between four to five hours on my skin. Overall just a thumbs up.
14th May, 2013
Way too old school and old man smelling. Strong, pungent stuff that is only suitable for uber-masculine enthusiasts.
12th May, 2013
This was a blind purchase for a friend who wore it several years ago. I decided to purchase for him for Christmas. When the bottle arrived, I realized I couldn't do without at least smelling I did.
Wow! I like! It is interesting reading the reviews. There is a slight rose in the background yes, but there is so much more going on with this. I tender it as a gourmand, in the non-effeminate, non-food ingredient way. It is sweet, yummy actually, like some exotic dessert from the Mediterranean.
Big, beautiful, in your face yet warm, confident, stylish, dark, unquestionable quality. It is worth a sniff at the barest minimum. Now I will purchase a bottle for my collection.
A brighter, sharper doppelganger to this is Iceberg Homme which interestingly came out 3 years prior to this and has a stronger pepper note, though it contains no pepper.

PS: this review is for the original formulation.
16th December, 2012
For me it smells like a mix of Montale's Moon Aoud and Chanel's Egoiste Platinum. Very pleasant to wear with average lasting power, sillage and projection. Fits better to older men.
19th November, 2012
The review is of the original "made in france" vintage version. I found a full tester bottle at eBay that was from the stock of an ancient perfume shop in France. - Never smelled the reformulated version so i can't compare. This was a blind buy and I'm very happy it was successful.

On the back of the bottle is listed the notes triangle: From up to down: Lemon, orange, pepper, geranium, patchouli, galbanum, sandalwood, vetiver, sensual note.

Simply beautiful fragrance with floral heart - still masculine. Floral, rich, full-bodied, soft, dark, beautifully melancholic/poetic, big, captivating, demanding, somehow menacing or sinister (strange! but not bad though), introspective, romantic, best at evening or night wear. If i had to associate a color to this fragrance, it would be dark brown- not black like the bottle is. It's said there is no rose in here, but surely there's a rose kind of accord present though! I especially like the way and timing this develops: the woody accords are increasing very nice and slowly. Not suitable as a work scent - this is so informal, dreaming and romantic type of fragrance. In this fragrance i can't find anything casual, common day-to-day feeling or practical.

This goes before Zino Davidoff in my wardrobe - i prefer this to Zino. As well i prefer this to Salvador Dali PH. This simply gives me more than those two. Ungaro III is quite unique. Now I'm curious to find out what the Ungaro I and II smell like. Longevity on my skin: moderate. Sillage: moderate-heavy.
25th August, 2012 (last edited: 12th November, 2012)
The Sick Rose (aka "Ungaro III")
By William Blake

O Rose, thou art sick!
The invisible worm
That flies in the night,
In the howling storm,

Has found out thy bed
Of crimson joy:
And his dark secret love
Does thy life destroy.

This is one of the strangest fragrances I have tried recently. A volcanic blast of booze detectable two rooms away opens the show, then suddenly shuts down and resolves to a sinister, rather gentle medicated-flower smell: sick-room rose, if not exactly Sick Rose. This in turn fades down to a weakish woody/humidor experience with floral overtones.

The elements of something really interesting are here--"gothic" is a word that's been tossed around, and I agree that the makings of such an atmosphere are in place. But the parts don't add up. Ungaro III is like a roller-coaster that has one really exciting plunge (the first), and then a bunch of nondescript little bumps and turns, and is over altogether too soon. Or like Blake's rose, subverted suddenly by something bad, but not in a way that's much fun.

I'd like to see if the earlier red-cap French versions are any better than the current blend I have. I want to believe in this frag, but it's kind of a mess.

17th August, 2012
If Ungaro III could have matched the longevity to the quality of the smell, this would easily rise to the top as the ultimate night fragrance. Unfortunately very little staying power, I don't mind close to the skin, but it simple just disappears into the night. Nevertheless, huge thumps up for this beautiful masculine dark rose. Maybe Rive Gauche and Ungaro could have a love child, where it inherits the staying power gene only. I also don't see a problem with the younger crowd wearing it, but maybe I'm not the right guy to ask, since my favorite on a rainy day is Yatagan.
23rd June, 2012
There are fragrances that are okay.
There are fragrances that are mediocre.
There are fragrances that are bad.
There are fragrances that are [literally] vomit inducing, such as Ungaro III.

There is a sweet floral scent, superficially similar to Cool Water, that was enjoyable, but there is a strong scent of Vodka (and I am 100% sure it is Vodka) in this scent that makes it pungent and appalling.
21st March, 2012
I didn't try out Le Labo's Rose 31 until a year ago and by that time my bottle of Ungaro III was long finished. Although of course Ungaro III is much much older than Rose 31, I mention Rose 31 though because after trying it I think that Ungaro III smells like someone did a mashup of Rose 31 with Creed Himalaya. It has the sweet but dirty rose of Rose 31 and the Musky base evokative of Himalaya. That pretty much sums it all up to me. Ungaro III is a rose cyphre scent: you have the rose elements with the oakmoss/vetiver notes. And it's a rose cyphre with a musk base. The musk dirties and disguises everything (in a good way). If that's your thing you will like Ungaro III. I enjoyed the bottle while i had it and I recall that I received lots of compliments while wearing it. Longevity issues weren't a deal-breaker in my case. My solution was to overapply a little bit. Two or three solid extra sprays didn't increase the projection strength but it did increase the duration. I got decent/average duration with that approach.
22nd December, 2011 (last edited: 07th January, 2012)
Ungaro III is a fresh aromatic fougere that opens with a citrus-lavender-vodka blend that evokes a nose-stinging gasoline vibe. As Ungaro III develops, a wood note peaks through the opening. At first sniff, I'm ready to dismiss Ungaro III. However, as the mid notes emerge, I find Ungaro III more attractive. The floral heart presents a beautiful rose note that is what Ungaro III is all about. The dry down is patchouli, oakmoss and plenty of vetiver. I enjoy Ungaro III, but the opening is shaky. It literally makes my nose sting. I love fougere fragrances, but Ungaro III is not at the top of my list. I prefer Tsar, Azzaro, and Jazz among others. Ungaro III isn't bad. I don't feel the whole gothic vibe, just a nice rose scent that is wearable but unremarkable.
18th December, 2011
Expected to like this a lot: ticks a lot of the boxes of the type of fragrances I go for. And yet, and yet......does nothing for me at all. Smells good in the bottle, I get the spice underlying the fresh lavendar, and then it hits my skin and..........nothing. Vanishes like morning mist in the sun. Others pick up on it when I'm wearing it, and most comment has been favourable, but I lose awareness of its presence within minutes. My loss I fear, especially as the price is very competitive, but for that reason this first bottle will be my last.
12th September, 2011
I did not like this cologne when I sprayed it the first time. I got a strong, sharp smell that was nose-piercing. I sprayed this on one hand and Silver Scent Intense on the other.With the passage of time, I started appreciating this as a true masterpiece. I like the way the notes change. This is truly an elegant cologne that distinguishes itself from all the "moderns". I like it.
27th July, 2011 (last edited: 11th August, 2011)
I have to give this a neutral, for the new (and current) Ungaro III which has been reformulated. There are two versions of this. The new one has a black bottle and black cap top. Kudos to Ungaro for a beautiful, classy bottle design. However, with regards to the fragrance itself: It is mild, fresh, nothing special on my skin, and unlike some other reviewers I did not notice exceptional sillage. Longetivity appears average or even less than average. It will work for some and the price is not outrageous at all, but this is not a fragrance which I would buy again if or when the juice in my current 100ml bottle finally gets used up.
25th July, 2011
Bigsly Show all reviews
United States
Well, I was finally able to obtain a little of the Made in France version, and it's very different from the new formulation, that's for sure, much more "rounded" and natural smelling, overall. The lavender doesn't seem as strong either. This is a quality fragrance, and much subtler than the reformulation. You can detect the similarities but they are very different, at least when you get to the drydown, which is what I focus on. I'll change my rating to positive but that's for the original. The new formulation is for a "cologne guy," and thus I would likely give it a negative, though I don't have any of that, so I'm going by memory.

My original review, for the new formulation: I'll give this a neutral because I have yet to try the original. Apparently, I got the third formulation (red and black box, black cap). I found it to be unbalanced and "synthetic" or "chemical" smelling, with strong lavender up front and not much of a base. It was almost like a bar of soap dipped in chemicals. Recently, I acquired Molto Smalto, which seems to be along the same lines, with the exception that it lacks the rose note. Imagining what it might be like with a rose note, I can understand the positive reviews of the original Ungaro III. Molto Smalto has a light creamy orange (the floral notes apparently softening the citrus) and a dry, light sandalwood base. It's nice but not dark. If U3's rose added the "darkness" that many speak of here (in the original formulation), I can understand why it has received so many positive reviews. The new formulation is for novices, in my opinion, because it does not possess the naturalness nor the solid base that excellent fragrances must have, if the perfumer/company wants them taken seriously.
08th April, 2011 (last edited: 29th April, 2011)

I'm referring to the latest refomulation that you would typically purchase from an online retailer today...

Ungaro III opens as a sweet green floral and the sweetness intensifies over the next couple of hours. In fact, for me, it becomes too sweet, reminding me of a perhaps a fermented rose or some kind of fermented fruit. It's actually one of a few scents that nauseates me. It's fairly linear in the 'intensifyingly sweet floral' sense and I get little else from this fragrance. I would not be comfortable wearing it in public as I believe it can be cloying and possibly irritating to others.

Before entering the 'fermented nausea' stage, Ungaro III is a fairly 'bright' scent. I do not get the 'darkness' that others have referred to (though that's probably in reference to earlier formulations) in the opening...however, when I think about it, if you could imagine the life of a rose from its beginning to end, that is how this fragrance develops on me...from its green beginning to its fermented death.

Perhaps the sweet fermented note is what others are speaking about when they describe this scent as dark and gothic. There IS something a little creepy about the fragrance, thought it's hard to say what, exactly. Maybe I would enjoy it on a passerby, but as far as on myself, I do not like it and can not find an occasion to wear it.

Longevity is very good and the sillage is strong.


09th March, 2011
aromatic green fragrance.
the opening of this perfume is similar to Platinum Egoiste-fresh, green,you smell orange, citrus- quite nice but within the time it becomes harsh, synthetical and there is an unplesant dirty note in the drydown that in my case causes dizziness.What remains is an acid and bitter note (musk?amber?rose?)The scent is strong , powerful and longlasting.
All in all it is a remarkable , well done male scent but it will always remain a subjective decision if you like a scent or not- does it match well with you skin,etc.etc.Not to get crazy about .....sufficient but definitely nothing outstanding or unique!
review for the reformulated version!!!
24th February, 2011