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Ok, I'll be short about this one. Black? What's "Black" about this unimaginative citrusy with tad bit coffee junk of a perfume? "Black" is its name and the bottle. The scent itself is bland and forgettable.
02nd August, 2012
Black by Kenneth Cole - one is pleasantly treated to a very nice, spicy, mandarin orange opening, which spirals into the smoky, floral and green heart, thence the musky base smothers all ... I was disappointed since, given the moniker "Black", I was awaiting the appearance of heavy woods and leather, but none was to be had ... a ho-hum fragrance ... why choose a ragtag composition when a symphony of better made fragrances can be relished ... sillage is decent, but longevity is deplorable ...
10th November, 2011
Good Ol' Kenneth Coty Blah...

Really, I can see how this mix gives "permission" but I've already brushed my teeth and took a shower...and too much/extra Blah is a migraine.

There are actually better Coty fragrances...and better smelling deodorants.
13th December, 2009
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I received a bottle of this free from my mother. I normally wouldn't buy anything like this. I agree with the other reviewers that it is very synthetic smelling. I really don't mind synthetic's all that much, but this is a bit over the top, I like the minty gingery opening. But the dry down was too much for me. It was a scrubber. But even after I scrubbed it, I could still smell it.
29th June, 2009
In my opinion, this is the worst KC's fragrance. I own Reaction and New York and although they're both simple scents, they smell nice while they last. With this one, I can't feel the same. It's also quite simple, but I can't see any beauty in this
vulgar formula. Mint, mint and mint. The same smell of a minty bubble gum.
Looking at the pyramid I see so many notes...And the combination results in a common sweet and slightly floral smell. All hidden under a powerful synthetic
minty cloud... A minty bubble gum with a sweet note. And It's called "Black"...
I just wonder why it was necessary to allocate 2 perfumers to produce such an uninspiring fragrance.
30th December, 2008
Synthetic to the core and I mean this in the worst possible way. No redeeming features. In a word - vile.
29th September, 2008
Some guy on some blog told me about this cologne.
I went to Macy's to check it out.
I don't like it. It tooooo spicey in that tobbacooey flavor.

I mean, you shouldn't spicey with tobacco cause it's NOT a good idea.
They claim it's not tobacco but suede and the spice I'm smelling is "incense" but whatever, it's still not a good idea to mix the too.

19th June, 2008
Black? Well if fruity, sweet spicy, and minty is black…then this could be called black…but “black” is certainly a stretch under real world definitions and expectations. Kenneth Cole Black hardly merits discussion because it is such a lightweight fragrance: synthetic, shallow, copycat, and short lived. Also, the use of script capital letters to label the bottle exhibits a basic lack of taste. If they can’t get something as simple not using capital script letters right, how can they create a decent fragrance? Kenneth Cole Black smells like three dozen other mediocre offerings from the lower tier designers. Black? Give me a break — it’s just plain boring and unoriginal.
02nd November, 2007
Soapy flowers and black licorice. Just not for me.
14th May, 2007
i was at macys and i thought lets give black another try. sprayed it on the card, remembered then why i never liked it. it smells like nothing. like paper. i dont understand!
26th March, 2007
First few minutes are wonderful: the top is a medley of notes including incense, leaves, ginger, mint married together to give a an aromatic uplifting pleasure. Then the the middle notes are amber and very forgetable. The fragrance lasts less than 3 hours on me and the good part 30 minutes! What a ripoff! I have given this to someone else! 1/10
21st January, 2007
i must say that it should be forbidden that evry fashion designer launches his perfume-again a very sad and average perfume.....Black?!You don´t know what BLACK is!?Black is Bandit by Robert Piguet-there is this black mystique and dark odeur!But Black of Kenneth cole is a bit Happy of Clinique mixed with a bit 212 etc.Nothing special- as it has been said:mediocre!Why does noone dare to launch a personal and individual perfume he is convinced of and stands befind???Instead we get cheap,simple scents that meet the expectations of the market!Has Mr.Cole ever tasted the perfumes of Balmain,Lucien Lelong,Chanel-these are great scents!Or the unforgettable Schiaprelly or Nina Ricci?Please, be more risky !
07th October, 2006
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United States
I recently picked up a bottle of Black by Kenneth Cole. The first thing which struck me about it was the similarities it had with another fragrance in my collection, Roots for Him. I checked and sure enough, both done by the same guy. Definitely not the same scent but a strong family resemblance. Black is more a pure effervescent fresh/clean scent where as Roots for Him has more of an evergreen forest take on the effervescent fresh/clean scent. The two are different enough that I could easily see both co-existing in the same wardrobe, especially if the effervescent fresh/clean scent is your style. Neither has great longevity and both smell a rather synthetic and simplistic fragrance.
29th August, 2006 (last edited: 12th April, 2008)
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In a way, it continues the fine job started by Aqua di Gio: killing of any imagination and creativity in perfumes. The most interesting thing? Possibly that mint in top note. It's gone before you know it. Insense smoke? Sounds interesting, but it's not there. Rather cheesy bottle with cheesy "artistique" script. As fake as any pretentious 'fusion' restaurant in London with 'contemporary' cuisine, designer interior and no soul.
05th October, 2005
The only distinctive thing about this cologne is the Black bottle. It's not a bad thing but this scent has NO distinction whatsoever. I wear this when I want to blend in and smell like everyone else. Too many scents have these exact same notes perhaps in the same formulation. Will not have market longevity. Get with the program Kenneth Cole.
08th September, 2003