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Negative Reviews of Van Cleef & Arpels pour Homme by Van Cleef & Arpels

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Another old-school classic that checks all the ultra-masculine marks for the overall scent. This one isn't as "stinky" though, has a certain cool, freshness to it. I also find it quite soapy.

Strong performance in projection and longevity.
16th February, 2018
Is there something wrong with my bottle? I'm really trying to like this since there should be leather and all kinds of interesting stuff in this juice. However, I get nothing but roses here. To me this smells like a really old ladys handbag. Totally feminine and useless I'm afraid.
13th August, 2017 (last edited: 14th August, 2017)
A true inexpensive powerhouse with plenty of notes, all along the scale. To my nose it seems to be of good quality. I am not fond of its uber masculine, heavy, dark and incense like character. The complete opposite of the common aqua juice we find everywhere these days. If you like all of that I'd say its worthy of a try.
18th December, 2016 (last edited: 03rd March, 2017)
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NOT dark , NOT vampirical, NOT obscure, NOT powerhouse ....This is another soappy fragrance mixed with rose .
It smells like an old lady parfum , too much rose ; nothing manly here .I do not smell leather neither castoreum here .
Rdiculous longevity and proyection .
27th March, 2012
HAZMAT stuff, with a horribly long-lasting longevity that tortures for hours. Brillo pad needed for scrubbing off.
17th September, 2009 (last edited: 02nd February, 2014)
I can just see the forum thread title now: "What would the Masque of the Red Death wear?" It's so sweet and heavy. Old Victorian lady heavy. Dead wilting flowers heavy: black, brown, and brownish oranges and yellows. Honey combined with the strongest-smelling detergent ever made, whose fetid vapors seep into your lungs and suffocate you. It isn't a sugary dessert sweetness like many recent scents, but an army of menacing zombie flowers rising from the forest floor and lurching toward you. I sprayed one shot in my living room, and it felt sickly and stifling, transforming the room into a turn-of-the-century harlot's boudoir. Objectively, I'll grant that it's a fascinatingly rich scent, and I couldn't even begin to identify all of the ingredients. But it's just so terribly impractical for me...unwearable, and almost un-room-sprayable (which is unheard of) in case I just wanted to contemplate it. I could only wear it with a tuxedo while conversing with senior diplomats at the King of Sweden's ball, which means never (unless some idiot gives me a Nobel Prize)...even an ordinary suit would leave me feeling pretentious and overbearing with this scent.

I need to go dunk my head in a bucket of 4711 now.

P.S. I suspect that what I got was the reformulation, not the re-reformulation: no brown leafy pattern on the box. But my bottle/box combination didn't quite match any that I found pictures of, so I'm not positive.
02nd August, 2009
Nice, elegant scent which, to me, is quite totally ruined by awful accord that smells datedly powdery to my nose. Can`t help it, this really reminds me of the smell I remember from sniffing my moms make-up purse when I was a little boy.

It has kept time better and its overall blended more skilfully comparing to some of its 80`s companions. Its smooth and rich with classy balance.

But you what? At the end of the day I just hate the way it smells.....Powder, lipsticks, lotions and creams in a leather bag. *I think I`m gonna be sick right in this minute*

To me, absolutely awful.
18th November, 2008
Definitely a huge, mature and formal fragrance, nothing subtle about this one. I know VC&P are a reputable house and this must be "expertly blended" and all of that. That said, I understand the intimidation of writing the first negative review of this scent. Trust me, I tried on several occasions to like this one. It just evokes images of some pretentious fat-cat tycoon type who thinks cardio is the walk from the t-box to the golf cart, wears his shirt open with an expensive suit, and thinks monogrammed initials on his cuffs are prestigious. He "discretely" makes a show of his cigar smoking. You can detect slight remnants of gasoline spilled while filling his leather interiored Lincoln Continental despite the HUGE bouquet of carnations he brought to impress the lady. This may appeal to many. It kind of makes me vomit in my mouth a little bit.
03rd May, 2008