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Negative Reviews of Vétiver by Creed

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The opening is very recognizable per Creed with that ambergris and bergamot. The ginger is very strong and mixes well with the cedarwood. Ironically the vetiver is the lightest note.
23rd November, 2014
Smells like a harsh, synthetic laundry detergent. Don't understand the suave appeal. Nowhere close to Guerlain Vetiver or Givenchy Vetyver. Even Creed's Original Vetiver smells so much better.
12th June, 2014
This Creed does nothing for me. The opening is very 1948 indeed - it smells like a postwar ramshackle barbershop - residues of spilled cologne, shaving cream, quinine, perm chemicals, dust - yuck. Thankfully it morphs into a soapy floral skinscent after a few minutes, with a touch of cedar and "grey stone" - not bad, but at this point it's already beginning its disappearing act, without any vetiver ever having come to the fore. Two years after this dreary affair came the bold and wonderfully technicolor Orange Spice. I'll stick with that for postwar Creeds, thank you.
30th May, 2008
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I wanted to like this as it is so popular with Basenote-ers. It struck me as very light and of a woody, caramel combination. It disappeared quickly on my skin. Not a distinguished vetiver by any means.
10th January, 2008