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Neutral Reviews of Vétiver by Creed

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The unsung vetiver: everyone mourns its passing but it always seems strange to me. Initially it makes me think of Mugler Cologne or Original Vetiver with added soft florals and a cold slab of stone underneath. The florals (rose?) soon start to compete more seriously with the granite slab, and I feel like the green component from that south Indian grassy plant (what's that stuff called again?) gets forgotten about in the fray. It doesn't have the smoothness or moistness of a Gendarme scent, but the inclusion of very clean florals reminds me a bit of that line. I'm not sure what it's trying to accomplish at this point, but being vetivery doesn't seem high on the list. By the late mid notes, the florals have somehow been replaced with leafy herbs, so at least we've returned to the green territory that I was expecting, but it's just too resinous and not grassy enough. Still, it's a perfectly usable green scent as long as you don't need it to smell like the legions of vetiver-specific fragrances.
04th February, 2012
Very soapy vetiver which is nice till the middle and it falls apart mustily. OV is by far fresher and a better vetiver from Creed.
17th July, 2010
Refreshing vetiver and is a conglomerate of everything masculine. It's still slightly grassy and has a fruity citrus vibe to it. Also a little creamy. Then it gets mineralic and boring but it was nice when the top lasted.
20th June, 2009
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Beautiful scent, kinda reminds me a little of Irish Spring. Most vetivers are pungent but Creed has really got this right.

The problem however is longevity. I sprayed my wrist 45 minutes ago and I can just barely detect it.

This would be a home run if it lasted.

14th January, 2008
first I thought -wow what a scent but unfortunately I have to revise my opinion about this fragrance.
It opens quite delightful : fresh,fruity-elegant , classy and sophisiticated.old school´s scent.1948!
The problem for me was and is the drydown.It ends as a soapy,sweet, very soft and creamy scent.Somehow floral and what I personally miss is the smell of vetiver.
I had tested the wonderful and outstanding vetiver by guerlain, the good vetiver by annik goutal, the interesting (smoky!)vetiver by etro and the fascinating vetiver by givenchy.These were and are the benchmarks.
But Vetiver by Creed is not a vetiver in the proper meaning of the word- you don´t smell it and what is offered is a good scent lacking the character and personalitiy.
This fragrance is a nice and lovely - you can wear it everyday, at any time but it´s faceless and boring- there is nothing exciting , alluring or challenging about it- it´s impersonal but on a high level!I prefer scents with rough edges- all the mentionned vetivers are edgy and have a high recognition value, specially the vetiver by guerlain which is a real vetiver.
As it has been said :this fragrance is loved by young congressmen of the white house.....any questions?!

09th January, 2008 (last edited: 19th June, 2011)
Very soft, very classy, almost feminine Vetiver scent.

Also very soapy.

I may be alone, but as far as being a man's cologne, I prefer Creed's Original Vetiver by a vary large margin.

I think this Vetiver would be better with Iris, Rose, Marigold, and some very soft florals, flipped into a feminine scent.

Still, it is very classy and well done.
13th December, 2007
My first thought: the greatest, loveliest sweet/sharp vetiver ever! An absolute must have...Then I checked back with it in about an hour and...and....there's nothing there. Not a trace, not even a memory. Too ephemeral for me. But out of this world while it lasted. Oh well.
16th February, 2007