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Upon application the opening had a bright and refreshing feel to it likely coming from both the citrus and ginger notes. This invigorating opening lasts for a short period of time before the notes of vetiver and cedar begin becoming more apparent. At the heart, the vetiver becomes the main focus of the scent. The vetiver present has a mineralistic feel to it, clean and classy. What the vetiver doesn’t have is the greenness that Original Vetiver has or the dryness seen in quite a few vetiver fragrances. There’s a little trace of cedar and ambergris which help support the vetiver giving it a little more backbone.

Versatility for the scent is good. In my opinion, Vetiver can be worn all year round although projection might be slightly better during the warmer months. On me the longevity ranged from 4-6 hours. This can work for both casual and formal settings as the silage isn’t overpowering. Vetiver has become one of my personal favorites from Creed. Vetiver is a very classy scent indeed and is one that any individual who enjoys Creed should try.
24th December, 2015
I kid you not. I wore this today for the first time in many years. A female coworker at the office referred to me as the one who smells like a million bucks.
It's crisp and comforting. I applied 4 sprays at 9am and here it is 6pm and still wafting....
15th July, 2014
Excellent. I missed out on this one, but managed to obtain a bottle from the perfumed court.

It is very mossy and green. A carbonated mahogany-like wood with moss and carbonated water. It's really too bad it is discontinued.
05th July, 2014
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Vetiver from the old school

Unlike the more gender-neutral and contemporary-styled Original Vetiver, Creed's 1948 Vétiver's drier take puts it closer to old school masculine territory with its fresh almost soapy grassy-green vetiver over a lightly mossy base. No amber, cedar or ginger as far as my nose can tell so if anyone care to sample it do feel free to ignore the listed notes. I think it is perfect for a gentleman, but can be a little unforgiving for youngsters especially with its slightly musty vibe.

Pros: Mature and gentlemanly
Cons: Not as versatile as OV"

26th September, 2013
bejahu Show all reviews
United States
An high-quality, very mature, smooth, creamy vetiver. The scent projects an aura of confidence and elegance. Vetiver (1948) is masculine, refined, and extremely well blended. All the notes work perfectly together - there are no rough edges. The longevity is about 4 hours on skin and much longer on clothing. The beauty of this fragrance is its subtleness and restraint. Its limited projection makes it perfect for an important business meeting.

It is light years away from Creed's Original Vetiver, which, although also excellent, is fresh, citrusy, clean, and very soapy. The soapiness of Vetiver (1948) is of the traditional, barbershop variety.

Vetiver (1948) has a very classic vibe: one that I would associate with a suave and exceptionally well-groomed gentleman. If you can find it, buy it. Two thumbs up.
03rd August, 2012 (last edited: 06th August, 2012)
Marais Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A natural-smelling, grassy vetiver, well-blended with citrus and bergamot, giving it a classical barbershop flavour. No trace of nose-wrinkling rootiness here. The lightly-applied ginger adds a touch of fizz and sparkle. Very clean-shaven & 'Mad Men'-esque; some might find it a little dated in style. I love it. Longevity: it behaves much like an EdC; 4 hours on skin, considerably longer on cloth.
18th July, 2012
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Immediately a clean and green vetiver is noticeable, that is virtually immediately joined by ginger and floral notes, the latter gaining prominence over time, admixed with a soapy tone that on me stays well in the background. A straightforward scent, that impresses by its fresh directness whilst always subtle and restrained. Is stays close to my skin, with a longevity of about two hours, longer on clothes. A shame it has been discontinued, as its rarity precludes the reapplications that would be needed to enjoy it throughout the day. Overall a very nice creation, that I find preferable to the newer OV.
13th March, 2012
This is definitely one of the most 'off the beaten path' Creeds (in the sense that very few people own it or discuss it), but make no mistake...Vetiver is one of the most versatile, masculine, classic, and refined of all Creeds. In my opinion, it is not as soapy as the much newer Original Vetiver, and definitely this one is a different fragrance altogether. While the popular Original Vetiver is a very green-oriented fragrance, this Vetiver is much less green, but extremely well-blended and rounded. Perhaps more interestingly, it is firmly rooted in the style of a mossy/chypre fragrance, although from the listed notes this may come as a surprise. As others have mentioned, neither of Creed's vetiver fragrances are heavily reliant on the ingredient of vetiver itself. This makes the names somewhat misleading. Nonetheless, this is a wonderfully clean and uplifting scent, with a barbershop-esque quality to it. It hearkens back to a time long past, and it is certainly one of the most versatile Creeds in terms of the number of different occasions it could be utilized for. In fact, it could be argued that this Vetiver ties with GIT as being perhaps the most versatile of all Creeds. Never overbearing, and classically debonair in a subtle and unassuming way. It is no wonder that this was a favorite of JFK!
30th May, 2011 (last edited: 05th June, 2011)
I bought Vetiver 2 weeks ago.......what can I say!?! The best Vetiver ever!!
Love this scent! Very fresh and clean!
In my top five!
04th April, 2011
This one is superior to the new vetiver Creed has and it is cheaper. What more can you ask for. This is the vetiver to end all vetivers. Very fresh, clean and mature scent. Cannot go wrong for everyday wear.
25th April, 2010 (last edited: 20th May, 2010)
JaimeB Show all reviews
United States
One of the classic male Creeds. Vastly better than the soi-disant Original Vetiver of more recent days. There is a chypre aspect to this that makes me suspect some mossy stuff in the base note that doesn't get listed in the usual pyramids one sees. I like to wear this in bright weather, even if it's cool out. It's the kind of coldish scent that seems to thrive in its own element. Smooth, debonair, yet rather unassuming — no need to try to impress, and no worries that one isn't making a good impression, if you know what I mean...
11th March, 2010
shamu1 Show all reviews
United States
A vetiver for people who don't like vetiver. Although I really do like Creed's Vetiver, for the life of me I cannot detect the presence of any vetiver in this. Maybe it's blended so well with some of the other notes that I just can't smell it, but aren't fragrances with the word "Vetiver" in their titles supposed to have a prominent vetiver note?

Anyway, vetiver void aside, I think this is a very interesting scent, one which takes me back in time. Although The_Good_Life did not like this scent, I do find his descriptions very much in line with what I smell in Creed's Vetiver. Yes, this does have a very old-fashioned vibe to it, with a smell that reminds me of a barbershop from a very long time ago, where the leather on the chairs is so old it's started to crack, and the spilled talcum powder and aftershave over the years has soaked into and become ingrained into the wooden floorboards in the shop. There is a sort of old mustiness that pervades this fragrance, which I hated in Knize Ten, but which intrigues me in Vetiver and draws me to it.

Creed's Vetiver is not a scent I would wear very often, but it is one I could see purchasing simply to savor every once in a while, so that I can take a quick blast back to the old days when personal grooming was a hallmark of a gentleman.
01st February, 2010
brrrry Show all reviews
United States
REALLY good juice here. I had a bottle and sold it to a fellow BNoter almost a year ago, not really understanding what I had. I decanted 1.5 ml for old times sake before I sent the bottle away. I recently won another on ebay and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it is as good as my previous bottle. I haven't wore it since I sold it and decided to spray a few squirts of my decanted juice to hold me over til the full bottle arrives. This fits so many categories for me. Classy, elegant, leisure, yard work, at the bar, at the office, etc. The list could go on as far as where this will work. It does smell very "fresh" but not in the trendy way that comprises most of today's newly released crap. I feel this is a nice segue into vetiver frags for somone who isn't familiar with the note or genre. Not too heavy on the vetiver as some of the other go-tos that get mentioned when vetiver is brought up. I'm sure it's not raw enough for some but it works for me as a change of pace, when I want vetiver to ride shotgun and not man the steering wheel. IMO this, among a few others, is why I hold Creed in high regard. They get knocked around for some of their latest offerings. But they have got some real gems in their stable if you look a little further than the well known. Big thumbs up.
19th November, 2009
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I think this is kind of a "mature" man scent, but I like it a lot (and I am a sort of mature man after all). Evokes an earlier time that's for sure.

Fresh and a little sharp. A little more heaviness than a green scent would usually have. I do notice the soapiness others mention here. It does conjure up an old barber shop but I don't think that's a bad thing.

Edit: Flash forward to 2015 and this has become one of my top favorites. Sadly discontinued and I should have pounced on a flacon before they were depleted. One of my few "flacon worthy" scents.

09th August, 2009 (last edited: 03rd November, 2015)
After a very outdoors-y opening, this one dries down to a lovely soapy base. I don't find this one particularly masculine, but it is nice to be certain. A very safe scent, with good sillage and longevity.
29th June, 2009
One of the softest, smoothest most subtle vetivers I've ever experienced.

Much is often said of the craggy "mineral" note of this one, and I agree that this scent does conjure images of digging into damp clean earth. Still, it's very subtle. What I also get is a substantial alpha-isomethyl ionone note and it's got that quality of being somewhere between "buttery" and "ashen". This may be what gives it that wet, rocky, grey feel. Some have said there is little vetiver in this, and I'll concede, this is not a mega-vetiver for the bean counters. I do, however, easily detect vetiver here. The ginger gives it a spark and there's a slight kiss of sweetness in the base.

The longevity/strength can be deceptive with this one. I can sit at home and spray several times on my arms and it seems like the stuff vanishes in minutes. However a few days ago, I wore two sprays under my t-shirt and dress shirt at work. It lasted at least 10 hours and actually generated some sillage. I was pleasantly surprised. It seems to lack oomph, but I think the more you wear it, the more you notice it.

Understatement is the theme of Creed Vetiver, but it's totally refined and gentlemanly. I also find its quiet beauty to be calming and almost hypnotic at times. Perfection.
16th April, 2009
Unlike Creed’s Original Vetiver, which was for me an acquired taste, I liked the 1948 version instantly. It fresh and crisp, strongly supported by ginger and to a lesser extent cedar. Thus far, my favorite Vetiver fragrance (“high end vetiver ginger ale” if I may say so). I think it is one of the most underrated Creed fragrances. I tend to like ginger notes in fragrance and it is well integrated here. I realize a lot of people are less fond of ginger and if you are one of them, it may be best to look elsewhere.
17th February, 2009
Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I like it very much although calling it Vetiver is a bit misleading. It has a very fresh and expensive soap aroma to me and does recall old barbers shops -- not a bad thing though. Very late in the drydown something green and woody does show it's hand, but never dominates. I initially sprayed at night and could detect it in the morning, which is usually a good sign regarding longevity -- may need being quite liberal with the application. For a fresh, clean, elegant, spicy and occasionally woody fragrance, it takes some beating. Needs checking out at least.
18th September, 2008
Probably my favorite scent that I own. It's sophisticated, earthy, a little soapy, not overpowering but definately present. Lasts long lasting on me. Don't get this one mixed up with Creed's "Original" Vetiver, which is not nearly as good IMO.
14th December, 2007
rivers Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Had trouble tracking this one down but I'm glad i did. Original Vetiver was my first creed fragrance and while i enjoy it in the summer i dislike the soapy drydown. This one is much better, still fresh smelling but much more earthy. This scent works perfectly for the run up to spring.
05th December, 2007
This smell is incredible.
Very classy, and the dry down is addicting. I could literally smell it all day. I pick up the bottle in my room to smell it sometimes, and i find myself with the top near my nose for about 5 minutes each time!
25th October, 2007
zztopp Show all reviews
United States

Notes: Vetiver roots, ginger, spices, wood, cedar.

Smooth, suave and distinguished .. no not JFK, I am talking about Vetiver'48.

Vetiver'48 has fast jumped to the top of my favorite vetiver fragrances list. It smells clean, yet deep. This is not the well made but linear rendition of the vetiver like in Malle's Vetiver Extraordinaire. The vetiver is obvious to the nose, yet it isnt harsh or overly earthy..its extremely well balanced and is sieved through a mixture of citrus, ginger (+ possibly other spices) and cedar notes. A special note has to be made of the ginger in use here - it provides a zing! to the formula, yet is never overbearing and is mostly responsible for giving Vetiver'48 its arresting elevating accord. It is multifaceted yet has a calming and powerful effect on the senses. Sillage is perfect and longevity is over 7 hours.

Vetiver'48 is one of the best vetiver scents out there. Its not as "fresh" as Original Vetiver, as "earthy" as Route De Vetiver, or as "linear" as Vetiver Extraordinaire. It avoids all those classfications by being superbly balanced. Vetiver'48 has a signature aroma which is edifying and provides lots of confidence. With it on my wrist, I can have any woman on my arm.
21st April, 2007
Sharp rock /minerals gushing from a natural forest fountain and possessing a smooth drydown. An uplifting, unique fragrance, from which I suspect BdP borrowed much.

1948 is better to my nose, though. Go easy on the trigger and let the halo of light shine forth. Good Juice!
02nd October, 2006 (last edited: 03rd January, 2012)
One of my favorite vetiver scents. Mineralic, bright, crisp, sharp, with a strong but not overpowering vetiver note. A very good daytime, outdoor activity scent. To my nose much better than Original Vetiver, which seems to have a cleaning agent smell to me. Vetiver 1948 is just crisp, clear, clean, and refreshing. It makes me want to have a cookout!
03rd May, 2006
Paul G Show all reviews
United States
This one is wonderful and a prime example of why this house is held in such high regard. It's, as you would expect, Vetiver dominant but it's not the kind of Vetiver you'd find it Guerlain's or MPG's that radiates and overtakes the whole scent. It's the centerpiece, but doesn't overtake the other notes. To echo Mike, it runs circles around anything put out by the house in the past 20 years.
14th April, 2006
Dennis Show all reviews
United States
What a gem! A refreshing yet refined maculine fragrance with a hint of ginger and an attractive wet-mineral note. Highly versatile, classy and unique; a delight to wear. I've owned or sampled most of the Creed line over the years, and in my opinion the 1948 Vetiver is quite possibly the best Creed ever made.
29th March, 2006
My favorite Vetiver, prefer it over the "old" Guerlain...
27th December, 2004
Pity Creed doesn't make fragrances like this anymore. Vetiver is has a little mint, some ginger and possibly nutmeg, all of which take the edge off the strong, dry Vetiver grass. Creed's Vetiver also has a pleasant mineral quality - something in the composition reminds me of wet limestone. Subtle, distinguished, complex: It's not as good as Vetiver Extraordinaire (Frederic Malle) or Route du Vetiver (Maitre Parfumeur) but it is many times better than anything Creed has produced in its Millisime range.
09th September, 2003
I'm not a big fan of overly Vetiver-based scents, but this one has a smooth nature, that, to me, puts it above Guerlain's product (thought it is first rate for its quality and purpose) and certainly above any other Vetiver contenders.
24th September, 2002