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Just tried a 11 years old sample. This is one of the best vetiver ever produced. Very Dry, intense, with at least 6 hour-longevity, on par with long-acclaimed Guerlain counterpart. It's a pity it was discontinued.
29th October, 2012
Penhaligon's Opus 1870 meets Vetiver... This fragrance opens with a lot of cedar. a clean woody scent reminiscent of a warmer brighter Opus 1870. There is a note of Bergamot like Earl Grey Tea. Well made, but I don't know if I can wear it.. there is something in the warm background that rubs me the wrong way. I find myself sniffing around the Bergamot looking for the cedar.
13th September, 2012
A cedary and resinous vetiver of the forest. Silvan and natural, dark and botanic, cool and warm at once. You  are soon teleported in the middle of the  thick greenness of the wood and can inhale the smells of leaves and resins, musks and barks, pine needles and earth. The smell is just grey-green, mossy and earthy, nothing spicy, watery, fruity or mellifluous at least under my nose. This is a straightforward woodsy fragrance based on an earthy-rooty backbone of vetiver-patchouli fixed over a woody and mossy ground. The smell is resinous and aromatic because of the herbs,  the coniferous essential oils and resins all implemented  in the mix. This fragrance owns texture and temperament, is aromatic but even endly enveloping and comforting, an absolute winner among the vetivers.
25th January, 2012 (last edited: 05th September, 2012)
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Great one . very pleasant to wear for fans of vetiver and for people who doesn't know this particular scent, it' s always the same question : what is this parfume? Very particular , very nice smell. I leave in France and we can't find it any more ...
They stopped the production . We have the Frederic Malle 's one .It's very nice too.
31st July, 2008
This was my introduction to Vetiver and I would have to say that it was a baptism of fire for me.

I wish I could agree with the previous reviews here but I found this fragrance to be dark, heavy, clying, acrid and generally unpleasent.

In fact it was a blind buy for me and perhaps the only blind buy to date I've ever truly regretted. I do however acknowledge that it didn't work for me due to it not being my taste and perhaps not great on my skin type. I would suggest that you get a sample before purchase as this is Vetiver in a very raw form.

I'll give it a neutral as it's hardly the worse thing I've ever smelt, I save that honour for Insense by Givenchy.
31st May, 2008
The more I smell of vetiver, the more I learn abou this faascinating note. Just when I think Iknow what it smells like, I sample a different version and marvel at the contrast. This one threw me the most, because it was the simplest. For example, how much citrus aroma is due to the vetiver, and how much is added as supporting notes by the perfumer? How much harshness, smokiness, or spiciness for that matter? LIke all good L'Artisan fragrances, this one is clear, stripped of unnecessary flourishes. And the vetiver is clear, only mildly lemony, and without a trace of harshness. It is clean but not at all soapy. It is grassy but not even woody. This simple frangrance has taught me alot about what vetiver is, and even more about what it is not. Chances are, if you think you don't like vetiver, you just might be reacting to the supporting notes. Try this one--it could change your mind.

08th March, 2007
Now THIS is an excellent vetiver fragrance—a rich and earthy vetiver stripped naked then given a gossamer covering of a sheer patchouli. This is vetiver as nature made it...who needs citrus to make those wonderful earthy notes palatable? Vetiver can get along very well without it. A few herbs and a little package of conifer for mirroring and supporting the aromatic capabilities of vetiver, and we’re all set. Who needs refinement? Those aromatic notes are natural, earthy, full-bodied and properly complementary. And there’s very little that can compete with the rich raw notes of Bourbon vetiver for just plain guttural sensuality. This one feeds the lower chakras.
09th December, 2006
I'll begin by stating that usually, I HATE VETIVER...and follow with, BUT THE ONLY ONE I REALLY you guessed it, L'Artisan. Both woodsy and green, fresh and yet aromatic, this is one of my favorites of the entire line. Wonderful when mixed with L'Artisan Patchouli.
15th January, 2006
The best vetiver! Such a stong woody (cedar?) top note with some spicy greens, resins, patchouli, and herbs just underneath. Imagine opening a cedar closet and finding a the ancient treasure trove of an eccentric old gentleman/spriritualist.... among luxurious clothing and items, one finds exotic and rare incenses along side apothecary essential oils. Transporting. The best.
23rd November, 2005
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United States
Reminds me of Guerlain's Herba Fresca, but I like this better. If I had to compose a marketing name for L'Artisan's Vetiver, it might be "Mountain Grass." As a woman, I feel compelled to add a touch of sweetening, perhaps just dab of a fruit or floral--or this would be good for cutting the sweetness of an overly sweet frag. Although refreshing and soothing, I would not grab this on a daily basis (or maybe I'll feel differently when it's not autumn).
24th September, 2005
Now that's the old spirit, Doctor!, my valet enthusiastically burst forth. "That's more like it!", he added. Yes, there have been some scoundrels and disappointments among the many vetiver scents I've tried recently, but he really seemed to connect with this one.

Vetiver from L’Artisan Parfumeurs is great straight out of the bottle, with a strong, earthy vetiver note; very pure, though not as sharp as Route du Vetiver (which is a good thing in my book). The bourbon vetiver, derived from the roots, is joined by oakmoss and patchouli. In other words, there is no citrus here to speak of. The liquid is also quite dark compared to other vetiver scents. I would compare it most similarly to Vétyver Haiti from Comptoir Sud Pacifique or Carlo Corinto Vetyver. L’Artisan Vetiver also has a good, though not great duration. In sum, this is one of the better vetiver-based scents I've tried, and more extensive wearing is warranted.
29th August, 2005
An absolute winner. not quite like anything else. extremely sophisticated, manages to be rich yet not overpowering, light but potent. everytime i wear it, i receive constant complements.
19th January, 2005