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Positive Reviews of Vétiver by Piver

A very fresh vetiver with a nice citrus-green apple mix in the opening mixed with pepper. Very refreshing and modern smelling combo. The drydown is a bit smokey, which makes it very masculine with a nice vetiver-woody base surrounded by flowery and spicy elements. It lasts and projects at least average. Recommended if you can find it! Could have been, to my imagination, a (more modern) flanker of the Guerlain one, next to the 'Sport' and 'Frozen' versions! Rating: 9/10
17th April, 2015
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United Kingdom
Elegant and exquisitely refined. The perfect fragrance to leave a subtle yet distinguished impression.
22nd August, 2012
A vetiver where freshness is achived with an unripe green apple note in the opneing. It dries down to a retrò woody-fragrance that's still pretty likeable but, maybe, not as interesting as it is during the opening. Nice and inexpensive.
17th September, 2011
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Starts a bit like anise == apple + vetiver? Spicy! After 5 minutes the soft and gentle smokey vetiver rules. For my nose the further development doesn't change much. The fragrance relies on the arousing, exotic smell of the natural vetiver - well, what else? If You're after spooky "notes" why not mention dusty bone dry tube electronics, ozone, high voltage, supernatural phenolic sweetness, oil, tar? It's all in here, as far as You might imagine it. I could nearly smell my soldering iron, if that wasn't to poetic. It's definitely a mans scent, powerful, austere. Worth a try, if You dare.
02nd February, 2010
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United Kingdom
A wonderful rendition of vetiver. The top notes are beautifully fresh and it moves majestically to a woody drydown. This scent just oozes class. You will have to spary liberally though for it to last all day. The value for money is tremendous, but Piver products are probably a little hard to find --- if you see a bottle, buy it.
13th January, 2009
Fragrance notes: apple, citrus, lavender, nutmeg, vetiver, sandalwood, patchouli.
This is in two phases. The first is a lovely green-citrus one, with a hint of woody spice. This is well done with a sporty, green character. It reminds me of Greenergy or Trophée Lancome. The scond phase is the dry-down, which is woody. First vetiver and then sandalwood appear. Each is done in an attractive and classy style Longevity is medium, fading after 4-5 hours. This is a relatively inexpensive scent, and I like it.
12th September, 2008
A recent serendipitous find at Winners.It is the most wonderful clean and sexy scent I have ever owned.
02nd March, 2006