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Reviews of Vétiver and Rum by Helan

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I was expecting a bay rum. It is not. As such, the first application was a disappointment. I came to see, after the second application, that this was like ordering an ice cream and being disappointed to receive Lobster Thermidor. Not what you fancied at that precise moment, but not without merit.

No pimenta racemosa, with its clove/eugenol whiff, which immediately identifies the wearer as a real man of a certain generation. Dad, string-vested in the galley of the boat. None of that...

Here, there is a sharp, muguet-infused vetiver, with an earthy, hummingbird note somewhat redolent of Aromatics Elixir. An enduring hesperidic grass. More enduring than a bay rum.

The feel is very natural, very un-synthetic, and very luxurious.

A sophisticated, educated pirate.
12th April, 2014
A great Vetiver fragrance with the rite amount of spice. Not a harsh Vetiver like Puig's,this one is really nicely blended. A favorite of mine since I smelled it in 2007.
15th October, 2012
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United States
This is wonderfully reliable and straightforward male fragrance. One could you use it everyday because it's not terribly expensive despite its Italian provenance.
08th May, 2008
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