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Bought a small bottle of this on holidays in Maui as it was in the Sale bin. Beat all the Aquatic muck that was around. It is nice and light EDC Vetiver lemonade. No dirty soil or cut grassy scent. Simple and good!
19th February, 2016
They are all ready to go now and whoosh they're away with a spurt of hard dry bergamot with a woody undertone, and sour lemon quickly followed by brown spice. Brown spice soon overtakes lemon and a dry woody note. Harsh synthetics and sharp note take up the pace in a dash for freshness at the first fence.

Steady as they go into the bend, with crystalline lemon sugar in the lead, that's crystalline sugar, sour lemon and bergamot close behind, with brown spice and... I think that may be angelica bringing up the rear, with vetyver a distant last and benjoin is nowhere to be seen.

It's a sharp thing now with sour lemon and crystalline sugar in front as brown spice hides behind vetyver who is cutting up rough at the back, and bergamot is there or thereabouts, along with dry wood. Dry wood making a surge now...

The field enters a smooth passage as they fall into their stride. Sharp note seems to have lost some ground as brown spice and ionones recede, and the field approaches the far straight...

That's hard lemon in yellow, and I can see the flash of terpenes, bitter vetyver with a greenish coat, yes - and sharp note is still there...

Rosemary lavender is anonymous in the pack alongside also-rans neroli orange and amber fir, and benjoin seems to have stumbled at the back...

It's between hard lemon and green vetyver as they take the second fence with spiky note pressing hard, followed by brown spice and dry wood.

Lemon has lost its zest now as the pace slackens off. Vetyver looks grimly determined, keeping a hard countenance. Brown spice doesn't seem to be in contention anymore, the going isn't really suited to spices here, and dry wood at the back, but... benjoin is making a late showing now, in the far distance that looks like benjoin...

Coming into the home straight its bland woody and spiky note making the running now, with old lemon, and vetyver...

Old lemon on the inside next to bland woody and spiky note, with bland woody and vetyver bunching on the rails...
they've squeezed every last drop from old lemon now...
spiky note still attacking on the inside...

Bland woody neck and neck with old lemon...
and as they cross the line its poor persistence who's been gaining ground and who wins the 5000 Seconds Roger & Gallet Spritz event by a nose.
29th July, 2015
Yes, of course this is an easy take on citrus and vetiver but there is something incredibly exotic and fascinating in this old school cologne, probably just set in our arcane memory about left back ages and daring men of the past. It conjures at me sunny cool mornings with those tall charming men coming to me in order to caress or cuddle. The juice is sharp, sunny, lemony, balanced, optimistic, fresh, clean and airy. The green aromatic elements and the note of tobacco-tonka are incredibly balanced and modulated, the vetiver is fluidy and lemony and a touch of amber and cedary soft powder close the round at the end. I detect some orange and some culinary herbs (may be mint, oregano, rosemary, thyme etc). Probably some restrained floral elements (geranium, carnation?) flank the central vetiver soul of the juice. The final touch of mildness is moderate, herbal and just a bit soapy. The duration is obviously faint as common to an eau de cologne.
15th November, 2012 (last edited: 19th December, 2013)
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Simple and flat citrus vetiver. As bright as a welldone cheeseburger. No one will ever tell you that it is no good but do not wait for compliments when wearing it.
10th February, 2010
I'm not generally a fan of vetyver. Like odysseum, it's that deep soap note that doesn't agree with me - in both its original and re-done formulations Guerlain's vetyver, held high as one of THE all time classics by many, makes me turn my nose up in disgust. R&G's vetyver is much fresher and the accompanying strong citrus notes add something different and make it less stuffy than the competition. Unfortunately, as with most R&G releases, the longevity is very disappointing and on my skin it's gone completely within two hours. So, very nice juice, but doesn't last.
07th January, 2010
Simple, yet lovely vetyver. Each time I get out of the shower I spray it all over me. It is clean, pleasant, well composed and refined. Makes me feel good and refreshed each time I apply it. My kids love it too. Longevity is short but I don't care, its main purpose is to make you feel good about yourself.
11th July, 2009
A simple and unsullied fragrance, that despite its brevity, provides a version of vetiver that is clean and crisp. There is a cogent argument for picking R&Gs version of vetiver ahead of more famous and popular brands. Where many vetivers contain additional notes to enhance the sense of earthiness, this version simply maintains its one glorious note. None of the additional ingredients shove the vetiver from the spotlight, they merely add a light distraction to the proceedings, never intruding, just harmonizing. Everything about this is gossamer light, from the citrus opening, to the floral and cedar notes later on. If you are a fan of vetivers, and you like your fragrances to be uncomplicated and subtle, this may very well be the one for you.
28th May, 2009
The best citrus and vetiver ever made (and I've so far smelled). If the tobacco note in Guerlain Vetiver is offputting, look no further and R&G's version, miles better. The haunting vetiver drydown is fleeting albiet a good one. Unfortunately lacks strength in EdC form but wonderful none the less. Get a bottle, get a small atomizer and refresh yourself all day. So good!
14th November, 2008
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United States
If you're looking for a citrus/vetiver look no further. R&G Vetyver isn't a complicated fragrances, and there's not much to add that hasn't been said in the reviews below. I will add only that this is a very vibrant, clean vetiver fragrance that sits lightly on the skin. Once the citrus notes fade, a light but earthy vetiver note/accord remains. By the time a light amberish base emerges what's left is a mild skin scent. As an EdC it only lasts a couple hours, but with a large, inexpensive bottle you can reapply as needed. I like vetiver but find heavy vetivers to be unpleasant in the heat, so when I came across this in a niche shop I bought it on first spray.
30th October, 2008
A wonderful light vetiver – fresh, bright, clean and green. This is what cologne splashes are all about: A graceful and full citrusy opening – short lived, and beautifully balanced with the nimble, clean, light vetiver that forms the basis of the fragrance. Then the florals of the middle, assisted by cedar, takes over the balancing act with the vetiver. Finally a super-quiet semi-sweet base with a little vetiver, a bit of tonka and touch of amber is formed; I would guess that there’s a very small touch of incense in there, too. All the accords of the fragrance are subtly presented with clean, interesting, lively notes… As a sillage producer, the fragrance settles down extremely quickly, but it becomes a lively but discreet skin scent that holds on the skin for a couple of excellent hours.
23rd August, 2008
revised review
Notes from R&G's website:
Top - mandarin orange, artemesia
Mid - cedar, laurel
Base - vetiver
This is a charming and inexpensive scent. With the citrus and herbs, it is in the EdC style and is labeled Eau de Cologne Vétyver.
The artemesia is recognizably dusky, minty and a bit bitter, the bay leaf (laurel) is suitably herbal. These notes are well done and balance the grassy, soft vetiver.
Excellent soap and shower gel in the line as well.

I like R&G Vétyver. As others have noted, R&G remains bright, fresh and green throughout; and this is exactly what I appreciate in this sort of scent. A crisp citrus opening quickly gives way to a new-mown hay scent. The outdoorsy feel of this, and the fact that it is not floral or sweet, make it masculine in my estimation. I will concede that it can be unisex to the extent that it is fresh and bright. Others find it to be short-lived; I disagree. While it gets very subtle and stays close to the skin after about 45 minutes, I keep getting whiffs of it several hours later. The crisp and subtle qualities make it a good candidate for day/professional wear.
03rd May, 2007 (last edited: 10th January, 2016)
This scent is a very uncomplicated, honest, clean, unisex vetiver that’s very green but never biting. This one has top notes that are fresh and just a bit sharp, with a cirtus blast on top, that changes towards the spicier mid to end in the woodsy, soft yet still very green base. Almost like fresh cut grass that has been laying on the sun for a couple of hours (roots included!).
It’s more masculine than Eau de lotus Bleu and Bouquet Impérial, but as unisex as Eau de Gingembre, or even Eau de thé Vert (all from R&G).
For comparison, this one is not as complicated as Guerlain’s Vetiver for men, because that one has a darker base with tobacco notes among others (R&G’s vetyver remains bright till the end) ; R&G’s vetyver is not as boozy (or metallic) as Lanvin’s Vetiver L’Homme either. Another thing that might be of importance is that this one is not an eau parfumante, but an Eau de Cologne.
So, in short, this is a very straightforward Vetiver scent.

16th February, 2007
Retreating to the comfort of your trusty Imperial this morning, Sir?, my equally trusty assistant inquired. "You'd think so, wouldn't you?," I replied, having thought the same only moments before.

[b]Vetyver EDC[/b] from Roger & Gallet, bursts forth from the bottle with citrus, citrus, and more citrus, with very little perceptible vetiver. It's nice and fresh and clean, to be sure, it's just not much of a vetiver scent. Indeed, after 15 minutes it smells just like a slightly weaker Guerlain Imperial EDC. Between the two, I'd take the Guerlain for it lasts longer, but what you can smell of the R&G is certainly pleasant enough. In sum, this is pleasant citrus fragrance of short duration with little perceptible vetiver.

02nd September, 2005
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A Very light and fruity Vetiver fragrance.
Opens with fruity / citrus notes followed on dry down by the heaver base of vetiver / spice.
A nice refreshing scent perfect for hot weather. Short in olfactory duration.
17th August, 2005 (last edited: 18th August, 2005)