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Neutral Reviews of Vétyver by Roger & Gallet

I'm not generally a fan of vetyver. Like odysseum, it's that deep soap note that doesn't agree with me - in both its original and re-done formulations Guerlain's vetyver, held high as one of THE all time classics by many, makes me turn my nose up in disgust. R&G's vetyver is much fresher and the accompanying strong citrus notes add something different and make it less stuffy than the competition. Unfortunately, as with most R&G releases, the longevity is very disappointing and on my skin it's gone completely within two hours. So, very nice juice, but doesn't last.
07th January, 2010
Retreating to the comfort of your trusty Imperial this morning, Sir?, my equally trusty assistant inquired. "You'd think so, wouldn't you?," I replied, having thought the same only moments before.

[b]Vetyver EDC[/b] from Roger & Gallet, bursts forth from the bottle with citrus, citrus, and more citrus, with very little perceptible vetiver. It's nice and fresh and clean, to be sure, it's just not much of a vetiver scent. Indeed, after 15 minutes it smells just like a slightly weaker Guerlain Imperial EDC. Between the two, I'd take the Guerlain for it lasts longer, but what you can smell of the R&G is certainly pleasant enough. In sum, this is pleasant citrus fragrance of short duration with little perceptible vetiver.

02nd September, 2005