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Here's what this scent evokes for me: A dark summer night in the 1980's, Cadillac El Dorado parked outside. The owner: A man sporting a polyester zoot suit with huge collars, chest exposed, walking into a seethy discotheque playing New Wave music, the smell of Aqua Net and booze wafting in the air.

Well...Giorgio Beverly Hills VIP fits right into that mystique, hand in glove. Loud, proud, and reeking of excess and gaudiness, like the era it's from.

Colognes like Santos de Cartier, Quorum by Puig, Anthracite by Jacomo, Halston 1-12, et. al. really give a good capsule summary of VIP: Aromatic fougere, refined in an 80's way, loaded with patchouli and spice and everything kinda nice.

Would I wear it now? Nope. But on its own, I don't dislike it. It's better crafted that the original Giorgio Beverly Hills, IMO, which is a bit more plain-Jane compared to the more well-rounded nature of VIP. For nostalgics, collectors, and those who want to really go all out and experiment.
18th March, 2017
Stardate 20160927:

It is a lot like Jaguar vintage. The one made in Switzerland. But better.
A powerful masculine of the era when cigarette smoke had to be pierced.
But unlike Jaguar this one has a sweet note making it much more wearable.


At the current prices I would get Jaguar instead.
28th September, 2016 (last edited: 10th October, 2016)
Yesterday I finally opened my new-in-box 120ml backup bottle of VIP. If you think that this is an even louder version of the already air-raid-siren decibel level original, you would be mistaken. While there is no denying that VIP’s size and power places it in the dreadnought class of male perfumery, its movement is surging with no jerky aggressive gestures and no shouting. It has the impression of soft density from the lush amber-suede backdrop and it is simply deeper, more balanced with less patchouli, and actually projects less than the original. I frankly do not understand the prior comments about the lack of note separation because, to me, the pièce de résistance of VIP is the extraordinary carnation note. (I will not pretend to know what comprises this accord --carnation/aldehydes/cinnamon? -- but I wish some other perfumer would recreate it and make it a focal point of a new perfume because there is nothing else like it and there is a great paucity of masculine carnation fragrances generally.) That spicy (but un-cloved) carnation ultimately fades to a deep rose, meshing nicely with the transition to the plush amber-suede-tonka-moss base. VIP is an iron fist in a velvet glove.
05th July, 2016
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I prefer the original Giorgio for Men to the VIP flanker, but this is also a nice patchouli.
07th May, 2016
This, is one of the beauties of the 80's.

It has all of the gusto of it's older brother and better manners and complexity.
Like Balenciaga Pour Homme, Lapidus Pour Homme, Vintage Oscar DLR, one spray is enough. If you are have a hairy chest, a ton of gold around your neck and a silk shirt unbuttoned down to your six-pack, two is enough.
Like Montale's of today, it is tenacious as hell and lasts through a weekend, shower and all.
With that proviso, this is a wonderful example of a plethora of perfect notes orchestrated over a quality moss. It drys down to a base of textured moss. Glorious cleansing urinal cakes forever!!
06th March, 2016
My wife can't stand it...I love it! When I wear this, I feel I should put on a white suit with a pastel t-shirt and drive a Ferrari Testarossa! I have never worn the original GBH, but after this I certainly don't feel I have to. This is a wonderful and powerful fragrance! So seamless in it's delivery of patchouli, cedar, leather and rose. A true classic deserving of a place in every man's collection. A solid 8.5/10!
01st November, 2014
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Top top note.

The real beauty in this composition are really the top notes: bergamot, orange-like citrus and cardamom, with a great patchouli note added soon. The drydown is more floral with a dark rose and carnation; this is all rich, a bit dark and green, and very well blended. This lasts into the first four hours. The base notes, however, mainly oakmoss, leather, benzoin and a bit of amber, are less colorful and a bit thinner in my skin. Good silage and projection, and very good longevity of seven hours. A good take on the chypre theme.

27th September, 2013
I think every true collector has that one fragrance that they remember as the first to truly be a must have. Giorgio Beverly Hills V.I.P. Special Reserve is that one fragrance for me. I bought my first small splash bottle in about 1988. I see some that say there is no true separation of notes within the scent. I have always viewed this as a well written symphony. You know that all notes are played perfectly because they come together as one brilliant masterpiece. Yes, I can pick out the leather or the rose at different times, but isn't the idea supposed to be that all of these individual notes come together to form a masterful whole? This fragrance does just that. I am proud to be the one in a thousand to wear this, both then and now.
23rd April, 2012
shamu1 Show all reviews
United States
Oh my god this is powerful! As if the original Giorgio For Men wasn't strong enough, VIP is like a "Giorgio For Men Extreme". This may be the strongest powerhouse scent I've ever smelled.

The similarities to the original Giorgio For Men are obvious: lots of patchouli backed up by heavy sweet notes like amber, labdanum and benzoin. Only difference is that VIP has leather, which the original does not. This really does smell like Giorgio For Men layered with Oscar de la Renta Pour Lui. We're talking brutal, unrelenting power here.

I cannot imagine anyone finding Giorgio For Men to be too weak nor not macho enough. However, if any such people exist, then this is for them. I love powerhouse frags, and I love this.

MY RATING: 8.5/10
27th February, 2012
drseid Show all reviews
United States
Very similar to the original Giorgio for Men, but more refined. I just got a sample and immediately fell in love with the top notes. They are just like regular GfM, but less "in your face" and smooth. Then the scent morphed briefly into a mini-mess that had me worried it would go south quickly... That fear was unjust, as the scent quickly recovered into the GfM heart and then dry-down I have come to love, only again more subtle and refined but still with plenty of strength, longevity and projection.

Overall I honestly can't say which version I prefer as they are both classics and top masculine choices in my book. That said, as the original has been re-released and can be had in all its former glory for $20 or less for a 118ml bottle (update: Giorgio for Men now has been reformulated around late 2011/early 2012, so look for the earlier re-release bottles that have a mossy green color to the juice still sold for the same low price on eBay), while VIP has to be acquired for mega bucks to get the discontinued original bottles I guess I would stick to the original at its "steal" price. VIP is great stuff if you can get a bottle at a sane price though. A 5 stars out of 5 powerhouse masterpiece for sure.
09th September, 2011 (last edited: 06th December, 2012)
Bigsly Show all reviews
United States
It's a bit "blob"-like, meaning that I don't get good note separation, and it's a bit too sweet as well. Add to that the strong patchouli note (which I don 't like), and I can't really think of any reason to ever wear this. I have other fragrances that are somewhat similar (vintage Chaps, Boss #1, etc.), but go off in different directions that I prefer. Since I only wore this one, as a small dab to the wrist, and it seems reasonably natural smelling, I'll just give it a neutral and leave it at that. Longevity and sillage seemed to be at least very good.
26th February, 2011
I don’t know what I was expecting but I know it wasn’t this. My first whiff of this was a beautiful cedar / patchouli scent—at first I thought I was getting the dry down in the opening, but, looking at the pyramid, it appears I was getting the heart notes. And what a wonderful rich heart—cedar, patchouli, cinnamon, rose—all identifiable in a clear, crisp accord. Somehow I missed the opening notes completely—probably because of the age of my sample and the fact that half the liquid was missing from the unopened sample tube. Regardless, the opening heart notes are some of the best wood / spice notes I’ve had in designer fragrances. This is probably not how the fragrance was designed, but it’s enough to tell me that it must have been a winner.

The rose note (a very good one) hangs on for a long time—I suddenly realize that I’m in the drydown because the rose note is surrounded by moss instead of cedar and patchouli. In the drydown I get much more moss than I get anything else; the tonka and amber is present and provide a light pleasant sweetness. The leather contributes a smooth richness to the base. This is (from what I can determine from my sample) quite a respectable fragrance—potent, masculine, and very well constructed—an excellent fragrance.
08th December, 2010
VIP smells like a richer, more complex version of the original Giorgio for Men. They're clearly related, but I like VIP better --- it's less brash, and transitions through its stages more smoothly. The leather, wood and spice notes are very nicely balanced. If original Giorgio were a Jaguar, this would be a Bentley. Both are very distinctive and don't smell like anything else out there. Five stars for originality and composition.
10th March, 2010
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Interesting and well made blend from the 80's.
Bold and Masculine, yet not as brash as its predecessor, this was always my preferred Giorgio fragrance. Although I never wore it much, it's a fragrance that I have appreciated because of its quality and unique character. What I really love is that in the original fragrance ad for VIP it reads something to the effect of " One in one thousand will wear it". Quite the opposite of the mass produced, girly man scents of the 21st century, which are too afraid to make a statement and actually distinguish themselves from the rest. (There are exceptions, but all in all I think there needs to be a major shake-up in the fragrance world. By the way, both Giorgio fragrances have now been relaunched, but they do not smell the same as the original blends.
The differences may be subtle, but rest assured, you'll be getting an inferior creation.
20th May, 2009
Patchouli and leather floral chypre. Touches of cinnamon and another spice with oakmoss in the base. Woody notes like to dance around in the middle. Not a bad scent at all.
30th October, 2008
I agree with the strength and attraction of the opening notes. It is like women's pure perfume. A powerful one beyond Dior Jules.
10th May, 2008
Sophisticated, heady fragrance that screams of the 80's! It is not an ordinary scent by any means; the "extraordinary" label for VIP fits. The miniature is far easier to find than the big bottles...except on e-bay, asking some outlandish price$.
05th October, 2005
Mossy, musky floral chypre. Not bad at all, but quite rare nowadays.
26th December, 2002