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Negative Reviews of Wild Country by Avon

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I hate to give Wild Country a thumbs down because this isn't a bad barbershop fragrance at $7 for a 3oz. bottle.The problem smells nothing like the original formula used from 1967 to late 1990's.

Wild Country's original formula was a barbershop fragrance on the slightly dirty side through three simple notes.Moderate on talc powder but Pinaud's version..not talc baby powder by J&J.This stuff was heavy on musk and fused a nice and burly character to the gentlemanly talc.Spice was in this and most likely it was a light version of 'allspice'.This was mixed with something else though that gave a buttery rich tone to it.This formula came originally in a golden yellow fluid that changed to brown.Most likely you've smelled a similarity to this if you've had Coty Musk for Men (which came out 7 years later).Obviously copied Wild Country with mild tweaks.Same talc note,much lighter on musk.Different spice as it's dark and without the richness.

This current formula comes in a pinkish/fleshtone colored fluid.It's still a barbershop fragrance and some may find this more note heavy or a more colorful fragrance at the low cost.To me it's very identical to Brut with the edges sanded down.The tool for the job? a splash of Canoe's vanilla powder and that little bit of basil to ressurect some diminished green buried in the powder.It's just completely unoriginal and reflects a mongrel of a fragrance now.This isn't what Wild Country's 51 years of existence has always smelled like.
04th February, 2018
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United States
Smells identical to Brut for me, and that is a bad thing. I agree that there is a wide and varied list of notes that somehow come together to smell really cheap and terrible, like someone who hasn't bathed in eons trying to cover it up with Windex. For good or ill, I would immediately distrust anyone who wore this scent. I might, however, give them some spare change to buy some soup.
16th January, 2013
Quite sweet. Reminds me of warm plastic toy soldiers left too long in the sun, or modeling clay worked over many times by little sweaty kid hands. Lots of amber and musk here. Smells incredibly cheap and loud.
07th February, 2011
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Izzy Show all reviews
United States
Stay away from this stuff!
18th December, 2010