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United States
Wild Country, like Canoe before it, blends sweetness and powder and an intense lavender to make a slightly overbearing result. Jade East and Brut are both similar enough to, and contemporary with, Wild Country (an unsuitable name) that there is redundancy here. Stick to Black Suede for an Avon Classic. Clubman and Jockey Club tackle the barbershop in a better, frankly more pleasing fashion.
01st September, 2012 (last edited: 12th September, 2012)
Longevity = 10
Subtlety = 1

I have a virtually unused bottle of Wild Country in the shape of a 1955 Ford Thunderbird. I suppose it has become some sort of collector's item. Although it is supposed to be an after-shave, this fragrance is stronger than most EDP's I have ever tried. It will stay on you until your next shower. With Wild Country, what you smell is what you get. It remains the same from start to finish. It will get just a little sweeter in the dry-down. I totally agree with the Canoe (Dana) reference pointed out by fellow reviewers here. Althought I can't say I find Wild Country utterly repulsive, I can't say I am a great fan of this fragrance either. It is far too barbershoppy and baby-powdery for my personal taste. However, I remember vividly having friends and relatives who wore it rather well. Not my case, unfortunately. I do have great memories of the 70's attached to it and just for that I cannot give this inexpensive and unpretentious fragrance a bad rating.
24th December, 2011
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United States
My Wild Country is in a guitar shaped bottle that I received as a birthday gift in 1974. It is almost full since I never really cared for it. I just revisited this scent and it isn't as bad as I remembered, hence a neutral instead of thumbs down.
11th December, 2011
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Sorry to be the second neutral in here, so Grottola, you are not alone.
I agree with shamu1, the list of notes is kinda large but I only can smell a couple of them, some citric/herbal opening garnished with some anise to rapidly turn into this sweet woods with some moss throw in to balance somewhat the sweetnes.
Not a bad fragrance, but not good enough either, just another fragrance lost in a sea of perfumes that flood the market. However it has survived for over 40 years in a market that is extremely competitive, and that speaks for itself.
16th January, 2011
I hate to be the first neutral for this all-positive Avon, but it has an overbearing baby wipe smell to me. Simply, a sweeter, more powdery Brut/Canoe. Does have a barbershop feel to it. However, on my skin, it goes nuts with baby powder and smells like baby wipes. It eventually dries down a bit, but ah.....what a shame. It's not TERRIBLE, but I guess I'll have to visit this when I'm a bit older.....
17th October, 2010