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First post!

This one was interesting for me. Now bear in mind that I'm no fragrance connoisseur; I'm just a young man offering his frank but amateur opinion.

The opening for me was a zingy stab of metallic effervescence invading my nostrils. (In retrospect that was probably alcohol, but that's the impression that ultimately stuck.) In fact I would go as far as to say that I -did not like- the opening notes of this one.

The middle opened up soon enough, bringing in some sweetness and finally revealing what must have been the lavender hanging out from the top notes, because I was definitely getting something vaguely floral. The metallic edge was still very noticeable at this point. I quite distinctly remember thinking, "If far in the future androids lived among us, this is probably what their dryer sheets would smell like." Yes, dryer sheets. Well, metallic dryer sheets.

Nearer the end of the wear, (and I personally didn't get great longevity or projection off of this one), the aluminum zing was finally gone leaving the same laundry-fresh smell. One plus I can add at this point was I never found this one cloying. (With the exception of the initial blast of sharp bubbles.) Obviously your mileage may vary.

Now, there's nothing wrong with smelling like your clothes are freshly laundered, and I would venture to say that it might be preferable to smell like this rather than having no scent at all. However, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the effect most people are trying to achieve by wearing cologne is not to smell like a Bounce sheet.

Given the overall effect, and the persistent, annoying metallic note laughing somewhere in the background, I can't in good conscience recommend this for anything professional. (Wearing it on a date is also a no-go in my book.) Otherwise, if the combo doesn't bother you, or if you can just plain wear this better than I can, this would probably make a decent house scent or perhaps something to wear to the park with the kids.

Overall impression: It's not /bad/, but you can do so much better.
29th March, 2013 (last edited: 30th March, 2013)
I didn't know what to expect from Wings for Men. I bought it at Marshalls, and sprayed it on, and was instantly dissapointed. Not dissapointed because it smells bad I find it to smell pleasant enough. I am dissapointed because this is a Giorgio Beverly Hills, and I expect better from them.

Anyway the scent itself is not bad at all. It smells like a candied aquatic with some green crap thrown in(think Joop meets Hugo). It is very synthetic. I will have to wait till summer to test it real well, but it has excellent longevity, and probably great silliage too.

If this were a Hugo fragrance(Hugo Wings for Men) I would probably think it was one of thier better fragrances. In fact it kind of reminds me of Hugo, but I still like Wings better than Hugo. This is my first neutral rating, because I just can't give it a thumbs up at this time.
14th January, 2012
man114 Show all reviews
United States
Like Cool Water, except sweeter up front without the annoying metallic note. I bought a cheap giftset of this and have worn it a few times. I always think of it as the unannoying version of Cool Water when I put it on. Its not bad. I've never seen it for sale anywhere except at Christmas at Sears or Kmart as a giftset. Sillage, more of the same after the sweetness wears off, not complex, but fresh and clean.
05th April, 2010
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i used to like wings back in high school. i had some left in the bottle, i tried it on again & i feel like i can't ever use it again. just to strong for me now. i'm neutral on this one. i neither love nor hate it.
10th January, 2010
atrac Show all reviews
United States
Cool Water + Cotton Candy (with the emphasis on the latter). It's a nice clean scent that seems to last awhile with some decent sillage.

Nothing remarkable, just meh.

12th September, 2008
Smells like every second under-arm spray. Other people won't give it a second thought smelling it on you, just thinking it's Axe or somefin' worse than mass market. I used it as room freshener when I'm in a cheap mood.
23rd July, 2008
Didn't care to buy this scent when it came out. I was at a club one night and I smelled it on another. For nostalgia's sake I bought a gift set of EdT and Aftershave. I couldn't handle how heavy the EdT was, but the Aftershave was just wonderful, and sadly a bit short-lived. Don't really wear this often if only to smell it to refamiliarize myself with the scent.
25th September, 2005
Very, VERY fresh scent. The fruity, berry notes became much too strong on the drydown though and turned me off of Wings. Would make a great air freshener. It wins the freshness longevity contest by a mile. The bottle is a classic design. CC 03/09/05
10th March, 2005