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Negative Reviews of Yang by Jacques Fath

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I like green scents, and I sort of like powdery scents. But green powder? Not so much. I don't know what it is - perhaps it just doesn't agree with my skin, but the smell makes me feel very uncomfortable. And it seems to be the main note in Yang.

I find Yang to be very similar in many respects to Cartier's Declaration, but I like that scent a lot more. They share a strong cardamom presence and both have a rather powdery finish to them. But where Yang verges green and dense, Declaration verges woody and sheer, and that makes all the difference.
13th May, 2010
Ok I came across this scent and looked it up on basenotes, with the reviews how could I say no! I just got it today 1st spray was powerful then it dried into highway rest stop urinal mints and a 300lb ladies crotch! This stuff is so disgusting I washed it off immediately! I had to scrub scrub scrub! Do yourself a favor and pass up this pile. You have been warned
18th June, 2008