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Neutral Reviews of Yang by Jacques Fath

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I don't get the "tea" note at all. For me, this is a typical "oceanic" type scent, most prevalent in the early 2000s, one that has many many identical copies out there and none of them with any character.

There is a blue, watery note, combined with a green herbal note and underneath it all, a slightly acrid wood note.

It's extremely light and not very long lasting, which is a blessing if you try a sample and wish you hadn't.

Innocuous, uninteresting, and nothing special.
04th February, 2015
Smells like a the tea note in SMW with a spicy cardamom note. I don't get any powder in this at all, but agree that it has a lotion type quality to it. Also can see the comparison's to Cartier Declaration. I'm a tea fan and really enjoy wearing tea fragrances, but this one just doesn't work on my skin. It's not bad, but I can think of a lot of other tea based fragrances that are quite a bit better.
07th September, 2012 (last edited: 22nd January, 2013)
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United States
was expecting tea but all i get is lotion.its nice though
18th February, 2009 (last edited: 31st March, 2009)
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This smells like a greener, slightly citrusy Declaration. Has an "ugly" feel to it but I think that's the point behind it. Dark woody tea, not a clear brisk tea.
22nd December, 2008
JaimeB Show all reviews
United States
This smells more green and hay-like (coumarinic) to me than any of the pyramid notes would suggest, I suppose the green tea and cardamom-usk combination might fool my nose into imagining that. This is a very fine and subtly constructed scent. I think some people are put off by the impression that this is not very tea-like; this is immaterial to me, not being much of a tea scents fan. Edwards calls this a woody-oriental, but it has something of a fougère feel to my nose. I find it to have a moderate sillage for a while, but not an extraordinary longevity. Still, I would rate it a pleasant and nicely constructed scent. I find it somewhat reminiscent of 1998's Fath pour l'Homme (Olivier Gillotin, who also did Cereus No.7 Dior Higher and Higher Black, and the new Ed Hardy Men). I find that same slightly acerbic hay note in pour l'Homme, too; I do think, however, that I find pour l'Homme slightly preferable to this one.
13th September, 2008

Tea, green, citrus, and spices. The citrus dominates the opening with the green tea lingering in the background. As the citrus fades, the tea takes prominence, but it doesn’t come in a clear-cut tea note form… the tea note is syrupy / synthetic, and I don’t care for it. The base is woody / musk base that has more character and is more acceptable than the preceding tea note. I used to like this fragrance, but in wearing it, I gradually grew tired of the sweetness of the tea note. For tea notes, I'd prefer anything by Bulgari over this one.

17th October, 2005 (last edited: 07th January, 2011)