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One my all-time favorite green tea scents! It's smooth, calming, clean, and bright on me. The tea note is unmistakable, which has a confidence to it that doesn't go sour over time. Citrus and a slight touch of warm woods that go well together. And what a bottle!! ;^>
03rd December, 2016
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United States
I have the new version, which may explain the diverse reviews. To me, the drydown on this is more along the lines who talk about tea with jam and honey. I don't get strong wood or any kind of "lotion" quality. It doesn't smell "dirty" or animalic in any way. If it's smoky that must in the top notes, and I get little if any citrus. It's not musky and the spices are gentle/subtle. It smells very pleasant and the sweetness doesn't get cloying. There is no nasty synthetic musk used, nor do I detect iso e super. Projection was at least good and longevity was excellent. More for the niche crowd and certainly has unisex potential.
01st September, 2012
i added this to my drobe as a tea scent, but i didnt get tea at all. hmmm. what it smells like to me at times is lotion at 90 percent. with that said ,it is still a nice scent and for the price, why not.
14th April, 2008
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Pluran's right -- Tea for Two it ain't. Still, you can't beat it for the price, either. I wear Yang about once every two weeks, and its musky tea scent stays with me an incredible length of time. Yang always garners me tons of compliments as well. Oh, and its bottle is remarkably cool, too! FAR more wearable than Green Water, btw. I like GW well enough, true, but good for everyday wear? Not so much.
12th October, 2007
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United States
I find it a really great scent for when I want to fly under the radar and not stand out but still wear something. It is a little bit sweet but as someone who tends to avoid sweet fragrances, I find that its sweetness is more then acceptable. While it will never be a fragrance which inspires great passion from me, I view it as being both extremely pleasing and versatile so it will get used a lot.
22nd January, 2007
The best description I can give is, "Bvlgari Eau de The Vert Concentree Extreme", with emphasis on the EXTREME. This one lasts all day on me and seems pretty linear in the drydown. My skin shreds many frags quickly, but Yang is good for a solid 8 hours. I bought this blind with beauty bucks on Perfume Emporium, so it cost me nothing. This was a great addition to my wardrobe! I've heard it referred to as the, "King of Green". I concur with this! It's fairly heavy with great longevity and high sillage. I think it's classified as green/oriental. Usually one or two spritzes is enough. I wear it as an office/casual scent, but it really deserves better play - a quality sleeper frag.
14th December, 2006
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United States
Upon owning Yang for a few months, I have to say that I just dont smell the tea in it. Now it's very possible that I just need to revisit the smell of a nice cup of green tea, but to me, it's just a very good green/oriental fragrance that literally lasts all day. Dont over-do it with Yang either, it's one of those less is best scents that thrives in the colder months.
26th May, 2006 (last edited: 11th April, 2008)
Yang is the first tea-based scent I have really gravitated towards. I find that traditional tea scent approach to be dry and heavy on the smoke notes. Yang however manages to combine a mildly sweet and fruity feel to their tea notes while keeping the smokey nature of the scent to a palatable minimum. Yang is a complex yet very well blended cologne that is dark yet flamboyant, fresh yet deep. Wear it anytime, and anywhere.. and bask in it's uplifting and sensual appeal. Cup of tea anyone?
06th May, 2006
The shyest girl I know, who hardly utters a word let alone anything that takes guts to say complimented me on this scent. Go Yang! That really felt great. Really good scent for wearing around the house, no matter if surrounded by friends, family, or hot babes. The tea wafts up occasionally through the sweet and spicy undertones.
24th February, 2006
This is my favorite tea scent. It reminds me of a darker, smokier, and spicier L'eau Bleu. Whenever I go to a Chinese restaurant and order tea, I'm immediately reminded of Yang. It smells like green tea with a little honey and a touch of jam. However, its sweetness is subdued on my skin. I usually spray my shirt to retain its sweet qualities and from preventing it from turning tart and smokey during the drydown. It's a shame that it doesn't go well with my chemistry, but that doesn't stop me from wearing it!
07th January, 2006
This is very well put together fragrance. Deep, dark ,and mysterious, and declaration copied this, or was declaration first?
02nd December, 2005
I love it!! But it was NOT was I was expecting.
It's quite a bit more oriental than what I was picturing. It's not so much tea as it is a tea SERVICE - with scones, jam, chai spices, cinnamon, clove?, mint, honey, cream, and...a touch of eucalyptus. "Smoky" isn't the right word. It's more spicy. But gourmand spicy, like Hanae Mori, not pungent spicy. It definately has a masculine, cologne quality but it's certainly unique as well! Definately different from Silver Mountain Water. Heavier, but not overwhelming. The spices give it a different edge. It actually reminds me a bit of Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme, it's dry and sweet at the same time. Conclusion: I like it!
31st August, 2005
Undoubtedly the best tea scent i've smelled. There's also a smokey sweet character to it, though it's not the tea that's smokey. Very unique and original scent. Top notch everyday scent, highly recommended!
26th February, 2005
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I bought this under similar circumstances as Dave. It was Ruslan's review and 8 or so positive reviews at perfumeemporium that convinced me to buy this blindly and I've no regrets. I think it is the finest and most masculine of the green tea scents, a note that is very middle of the road in being clean, fresh and unisex. The addition of spices gives this just the right zing and allows it to be worn in cool weather. The best $20 I ever spent in fragrance dollars.
03rd August, 2004 (last edited: 14th December, 2010)
I bought this fragrance on the account of Ruslan's review along with some other comments at pefumeemporium, all I can say is Ruslan's was dead on, when I walk by people, They stop and turn around, I had this one woman followed to smell what I was wearing..Only Miilsime Imperial ever garner such attention
27th June, 2004
This one is really amazing. It's surely one of the best fragrances not only released in a recent couple of years, but probably in a whole decade. Fans of Declaration Cartier will find many similar notes in Yang, but I like Yang much better. Another fragrance it reminds me of is The Verte (Green Tea) by Roger et Gallet. Yang contains notes of forest berries, green tea, cardamon, cedar, vetiver, sandal and oakmoss. Fresh, lively, vibrant, sunny, feel-so-good scent that girls go nuts for. Two thumbs up.
05th December, 2002
A very clean fragrance revolving around an omnipresent tea note. I have a few spray vials I use often before work. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it carries me through a long day of toil.
26th November, 2002