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Negative Reviews of Yatagan by Caron

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Old-school and mature with lots of leather and sharp herbs. Comes off kinda soapy too, like an old industrial soap.

Excellent performance, projects and lasts all day.
30th October, 2017
Sorry but this is gross. It smells like celery and wet soil. It's probably one of the most vegetal men's fragrances I've ever smelled, aside from Clubman Lilac Vegetal. I have a 5 ml sample of this that I've used about 2 ml of. I'll try to revisit it eventually and see if maybe I can pull the good out of it, but as it stands now, with multiple wearings, I get the same thing.

There are lots of classic men's fragrances that are safe to blind buy. Azzaro pour Homme, Drakkar Noir, Herrera for Men, many many more. Do not blind buy Yatagan, at all costs, because it would be like blind buying Grey Flannel. Acquire a sample from somebody here and try it out. Or just take my word for it, it straight up stanks!
22nd April, 2014
jcw122 Show all reviews
United States
Smells like an old, cheap, poorly made fragrance. This fragrance seems like it was probably specific to the period it was made, and I don't think it is suitable for wear in any situation or season. Smells spicy, sweet, and old.
17th January, 2013
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United States
Odd cacophony of muted greens and tanning chemicals (not leather so much as the process of urning hide into leather!). I'm always surprised when i experience a fragrance by a respected house so negatively, but YATAGAN, is thoroughly unpleasant.
20th August, 2012
Surely one of the most unusual fragrances I own. I definitely got the same "celery" note that others have mentioned -- which, combined with the other notes, makes this scent both fresh and masculine, curiously. Still, my bottle sits mostly unused. I can't say I won't ever wear it again, because tastes change, and I might one day find that I'm a fan -- but at the moment, alas, I can't count myself a fan.
31st May, 2012
I bought a bottle recently. It was a rare blind purchase. Don't find the range of aromas to be pleasant. Interesting, but not pleasant. It also has a bit of soapy smell which is also a negative for me. Can find no use for this stuff other than as an air freshener for our teenage boys bedrooms. It takes the edge off their adolescent young man smell. Will not buy another.
09th May, 2012
The three worst notes in perfume history are here in Yatagan: Pine Needles, Vetiver, Patchouli. A soapy smelling mess. I actually broke the bottle top open, dumped it all in my car as an air-freshener. I can explain it better in the car, rather then on my body.

If you happen to like smelling like Pinesol and other household cleaning products and love Pine Needles, Vetiver, Patchouli, this is your cologne.
This thing needs to stay back in 1976.

18th September, 2011
I don't usually submit negative reviews at all and the fragrance must be something extraordinary horrible if i do - and this one fell below that limit!

This was a blind buy (125 ML edt !) and i expected it to be more like the some of the known 70's - 80's powerhouse fragrances which i generally speaking like.... First i thought that i'll let it develope so that i can smell the middle and the base notes.. but even though i applied just one very short small spray onto my hand the smell was so strong, disgusting and horrible that i HAD to wash it away after 15 minutes from applying. So i never got to know how it would have developed. By the way, I don't know how this one can be washed off, i've already tried soap, Fairy and Chlorine bleacher and still i can smell this odour on my hand!

I have to give this one away to someone who is more sophisticated than me to appreciate this - can't use this even as a toilet washbowl cleaner. I honestly have never smelled this obnoxious odour before.
Edit 16.8.2012
I've done research work and found out the notes that disgusting me so much in Yatagan. It's that certain bittersweet aroma in top notes that comes from Ylang-Ylang flower note combined to celery and wormwood. For some reason, my nose just can't stand that particular smell.
09th August, 2011 (last edited: 15th August, 2012)
I bought this with some birthday money, a result of revies read here.

Huge mistake!!! I find this frag utterly disgusting, offensive and replusive. It actually makes me gag. It smells like someone who has been digging a huge holw for 6 hours in the hot sun...really dirty, body-odour type feel to it. Then the drydown of burning styrofome happens.

This makes me want to vomit, and I have given it away.

There is no conceivable occassion when this can be worn.
06th February, 2010
I wish I could warm to this one, but my reactions to Yatagan range on a scale from "grin and bear it" to "please get it off me". The pine and castoreum meet and create an unpleasantly smoky, sweaty accord, unnervingly meaty yet rather human at the same time. I hate to resort to disgusting imagery, but Yatagan is a powerful muse, and smells of rancid, pine-smoked meat crammed up an unwashed anus.

It's unique, well-made, and oh yes, very tenacious, so I want to smell what others do, but my nose just won't let me. Sorry, Yatagan fans - enjoy, but keep a safe distance from me.
15th September, 2009
Ok, I cannot give a thump up if I just do not like the smell of a perfume-this is the case with Yatagan-I just don´t like it!
But I know that it is an outstanding composition and a very unique scent in this now so boring world of men´s perfume.
The only problem with Yatagan is that you can´t wear it unless you are e.g. a fat, hairy, (maybe gay) truckdriver,or just a (maybe heterosexual) men who likes to live his weird obsessions somewhere in the dark.
Yatagan can only be worn by a small group of men and I personally don´t want to meet these types of men:
Yatagan smells too wild and savage for me: testosteron, sweat and patchouly with a little bit of ass. If perversion could smell than that would be it.
I´ll pass on this one.
23rd June, 2009
I read the reviews and thought it sounded interesting...unfortunately it's not that's actually quite horrid in my opinion. The first thing that struck me was the over-the-topness...followed by a cheap synthetic smell, and something animalistic!!. then, straight after this assault.. burnt wood (which i like around bonfires but not on the skin) and a 1970's male talc smell (hope this is making sense)..which knocks you out with it's macho-ness! The fragrance is too unsubtle for me..way too much fragrance! and not in a good way either!...reminded me of Tabac.Vile!
10th June, 2009
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United Kingdom
I have tried to like this, but it is what it is and I can't get by the extremely dry and bitter top opening. I have a job distinguishing any notes at all when first sprayed because of the harshness. Someone mentioned smelling 'celery' -- if you really like that note, Grain de Plaisir is the way to go. Yatagan is not touching my skin.
27th January, 2009
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I smelled this today ,I thought it would smell different from all the reviews. It smells like a hippy,although it is better than straight patchoulli which I dislike very much,I have heard the latter to be used to cover up the stench of dead things. If you love the smell of pine and campfires than this ones for you.If you are a tad bit strange and want to smell like a pine tree on steroids, heres your winner. I wonder if I would be attracted to a beautiful woman who had not bathed in months and had been heavily doused in Yatagan, it might be lovely? Then again, It might be horrid. I will never know, however I will say that if you wear this one , be proud of it and strong in your conviction,because I can only imagine how loud it is on. It is as strong a scent, as the sword it was named after. Yatagan is Godzilla and our noses,Tokyo.
27th December, 2008
For me, four things dominate Yatagan: (1) a potent celery (or celery salt) note, (2) pine, (3) leather and (4) an animalic note (castoreum, I presume). Wearing Yatagan makes me think of rich stew of meat and vegetables, with some leather and pine needles thrown in for good measure! A powerful and unique masculine fragrance, but one I do not enjoy at all.
01st December, 2008
All I smell is celery, celery, celery. Where are the other notes? If Yatagan were a religion, I would gladly pay the price of heresy. A disturbing fragrance, concocted with a malicious intent. This brew is sour and dour and wears a big frown. Wear it when you go in for a tax audit, or have root canal work done; it will put you in an uncomfortable state of mind. This is what the jaded and gruff guy working the graveyard shift at the liquor store would wear. Take it away and bury it!
24th November, 2008
19th November, 2008 (last edited: 15th September, 2014)
Now that's an awful scent! In fact, it's probably one of the worst I've ever tried. Too heavy, too woody, too sour. It could well be a signature fragrance for a sweaty and hairy truck driver or a boor, rough-voiced forester. Since I'm neither of those, needless to say I can't stand it.
02nd October, 2008
I love real "MENS" fragrances. No girly stuff, thanks. Well Yatagan is a problem for me. Maybe it's too much of a good thing. The pine reminds me of kitchen and bathroom floor cleaner. This stuff plain disturbs me. I think it lacks elements of reserve that I also respect and prefer. I imagine if used very sparingly it could be all right, but I just can't do this. This is taking mens' fragrances too far in to the stratosphere of astringency.
18th October, 2007
A mistery to me. I tried to smell it many times; on stripes, on my arm, I put it on my friend's arm and on my father's neck. I was trying to find out where was the problem; how could I not appreciate this famous, classical "masterpiece" in men fragrances? Actually, I do; I hate it. Each time I smell it (any time I see it in shops I do it, still hoping on a divine enlightment) the same imagine comes suddendly in my eyes; a brown, dirty dog drenched with whisky. I know that this strong, leather-animal line of men fragrances is hard to wear, and maybe I am not able to imagine it on the "right" person. But considering it as it is, smelling it on a neutral white strip without imaging a hypotetical man wearing it, I cant' stand it; all of its notes are on the same tone, a stinking and boring chaos of wet leather, the nightmare of a pub-owner's dog.
23rd April, 2007
What on earth is this? The smell of a sweaty chef after a hot day in the kitchen, chopping up massive quantities of celery, ladel-fulls of chicken soup with parsley and celery salt, and chunks of bloody black pudding. Very carnivorous.

Perfume? Odour of a dubious kind certainly, but I wonder how anyone could want to wear this in any situation? Some things will always remain mysteries I guess.

The weirdest "fragrance" I have yet encountered.
18th August, 2006
In one word, CHEAP. I sent the bottle back to the company. It was very cheap-smelling and smelled like the inside of particle-board kitchen cupboard in a mobile home. Ugh! Yes, there's also some kind of "celery" scent in there too, kind of like old celery salt that was kept in that old particle-board kitchen cupboard. There are better fragrances out there than this. If you want a woody type of fragrance, go with Gucci pour Homme or Gucci Rush, both are woody and nice. Perhaps Caron was trying to copy M7 by Yves St. Laurent, as there is a slight similarity between the two smelling like particle-board cupboards.
02nd November, 2005

I’ve been defeated, but I am still proud of my efforts… After years of trying to wear Yatagan, hoping to some day tolerate its aggressiveness, I’ve given up… I couldn’t do it: The wormwood, artemisia, leather, and castoreum form a combination that is lethal to my nose. I sure would love to smell what other reviewers smell in this, but to me, this is is close to fragrance hell. (Edit of 02 October 2005 review.)

02nd October, 2005 (last edited: 17th August, 2009)