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United Kingdom
On the beach in the Middle East...the essence of lavish sunscreen projects from the skin entwined with the scent of sandalwood cologne; warm wooden decking meets the sand with Jasmine flowers nearby.
The sun is almost unbearable. An Arab passes by smoking a tobacco pipe; behind him in the distance a spice vendor stands at his stall. White marble steps with a gold balustrade lead up to a luxury hotel terrace at the beachside...
11th February, 2015
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United States
This is flat out a woman's scent. It reminds me a lot of some of the Estee Lauder women's fragrances, particularly Youth Dew. It's not that it smells bad, it's just too feminine in my opinion. Too floral & powdery as everyone is saying.
25th January, 2015
Calling this scent a "floral and powdery" is as much of an understatement as describing the Sahara as "large and hot".

The flowers don't merely hit you, they run over you like a truck loaded with rose & jasmine crashing into your living room while you're unsuspectingly watching tv on a particularly hot and humid summer afternoon.

After several hours of unsuccessful scrubbing and wash away the stench you'll start to get the more subtle (if by comparison only) fecal and resinous notes. That is if you can still smell anything at all, of course.

Three of four tries later, you'll get a couple of important lessons:

1. Be extremely conservative on the application of this juice. Just like feeding a tiger, it may be exciting, but one wrong movement and it may rip your arm off.

2. The reviews are not kidding, this thing is special... Special like men who wear eyeliner and remain attractive to women. There are, of course, a few lads who can pull it off: middle eastern princes, mercenary Bedouins and the odd Hollywood-blockbuster pirate. But it would be best left alone by the rest of us unless you want to draw the funny stares that driving a camel to work on suburban Connecticut may get you.

Thumbs up? Well yes! the concoction is beautiful! It manages to be gargantuan and gorgeous at the same time! Sure, it has the power of an angry rhino trashing the perfume section at neiman marcus but after you get over the hell it raises in every nose downwind from you, you realize what a beautiful monster it is.
17th June, 2014 (last edited: 16th June, 2014)
Genre: Floral

Here it is: the most extreme turnaround in my opinion of any fragrance, ever. I begin with my original assessment:

“Egads! Honeyed cat pee. It must be arduous to extract and distil the urine of all those diabetic cats, which would explain the astronomical price. This is alleged to contain hundreds of ingredients, but to my nose it's civet, buckets of musty powder and aldehydes...and a little more powder. Civet + powder + aldehydic white flowers = The Cat Peed in Grandma's Closet. Bombastic and unbalanced for a full eight hours. Shocking as the flagship of the line that contains the marvelous Dia and Jubilation XXV. Oddly enough, the women's version is quite good on my wife. Go figure.”

What’s happened since? I’ve been sampling Gold on and off for years - have my tastes evolved so far? I suspect a reformulation is responsible, and for once, a reformulation for the better! Gold is still enormous, unsubtle, and intensely animalic, but it now strikes me as more nuanced and better balanced. The aldehydes and powder seem to have been toned way down, and the frankincense brought further to the fore. Where the “old” Gold was a musty, dusty, floral, the one I wear now is a rich incense fragrance with a bold floral overlay. Is it easy to wear? No. Does is it smell great? Yes. Once again, go figure…


My nose tells me Amouage Gold Man has been quietly reformulated since I came to embrace it several years ago. While the new Gold is by no means a shy fragrance, both the civet and the aldehydic floral accord have been toned down considerably since the new, rectangular bottles appeared. In its new incarnation Gold is more of an incense fragrance than a powdery floral, and I suspect many men will find this current formula far easier to wear than the original. The scent is still a blockbuster, still opulent enough to challenge American male sensibilities, but it’s no longer the over-the-top, Liberace costume piece it used to be. Still intact is the superb and tenacious civet and labdanum drydown, itself worth the price of admission, as far as I’m concerned.
09th June, 2014
What a diverse reaction! I've never seen reviews so evenly divided among the three ratings.

Because of its use of so many real oils as opposed to chemical equivalents, this has for me the effect of quality vintage perfume from the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s.

The rose and the civet are prominent, but there are enough oriental resins (myrrh, frankincense) and animalic notes (ambergris, civet, musk) to secure the base. The cedar wood and sandalwood never overpower the floral/animalic, they simply float under it.

This for me is very unisex - woman CAN wear it, men MAY wear it. It is a "romantic floral" for men, as Turin named it, and its 4 stars are deserved.

A worthy partner for the original AMOUAGE GOLD. Too bad this range is entirely out of my budget arena.
17th March, 2014
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United States
Gold Man, to my nose, is a combo of floral and strong talcum/baby powder scents, but heavier on the latter. Despite its name, it leans towards the feminine side. I give it a very weak neutral vote, but it earns an additional half-star due to its longevity and projection. If you like wearing "too powdery-", musky-type of scent, then go for it. One thing for sure: Gold Man by Amouage isn't for me, even if I want to be bold.
29th October, 2013
Floral, to floral sour

This starts off floral and powdery. Its not bad, not what I think of as masculine, but not a bad scent. The problem is, on my skin, the floral goes from being slightly acidic to very sour after a few hours. It is not bad, but not what I would call enjoyable. This is a hint of rose soap that is not bad, but it does not last too long, and/or is the that sourness that is almost urine line. Not as bad as I am making it sound, but not a winner on my skin.

05th August, 2013
Floral woody, and powdery with a big dose of musk in here. I can detect the civet, which gives this a skankiness in a good way though (that's coming from someone who doesn't like civet). This one reminds me of an old school scent that was refined for todays scents. I think Amouage Gold Man could be worn by a woman also (even though they have a womens version). I also detect the myrrh, which may also give it that old school vibe. 9 + hours easy on my skin. 8 out of 10.
14th May, 2013 (last edited: 07th November, 2013)
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United Kingdom
A faecal floral foghorn. I have tested this a few times, in different seasons and with varied doses, but I find even one spray obnoxious and unwearable. Glad I didn't blind-buy this one; mother has enough horrid perfumes already.
04th May, 2013
This doesn't get enough love. I haven't tried the library scents yet but it's the best that I've tried from this company. The longevity is beastly.
04th May, 2013
I think one lazy when describing a scent as old fashioned. Furthermore, I detest the addition of the words "grandmother" or "elderly aunt." This scent is neither masculine nor pleasant. It smells like my elderly aunt's decorative soap dish, filled with purchases supplied by my grandmother's Avon representative. You have been warned.
15th April, 2013
Unsure as to why a man would want to wear this. This smells like the sort of thing that a 50+ business woman would wear to her bosses leaving party. This is what I imagine Hilary Clinton smells like.

Starts with an overbearing (and sulphurous) smell of beeswax furniture polish for about half an hour at least before becoming slightly less waxy and more floral. Lasts all day - but who wants to smell like a granny all day?

I get a similarity in execution to Habit Rouge. Very 'lipstick/makeup' smelling.

Strongly advise not to blind buy this

09th March, 2013 (last edited: 14th March, 2013)
I really don't get the fuss about this. I cannot smell any of the top notes, just a sickly, overpowering odour of talcum or Johnson's baby powder. Intense and long-lasting, but who would want it to last?
15th February, 2013

Amouage Gold Man is an extremely classic manly floral that heralds immediately its uncompromissing "neutral soapiness " due to an holy initial rosey frankincense (a soon austere Amouage's warning landmark) plus a touch of bergamot. A starring oakmoss is soon noticeable since the beginning. The golden side is represented indeed by a soapy/animalic main vibe produced by the interaction of rose/iris, oakmoss, animalic elements (honey, civet, amber) and faint hesperides. The musky base features mainly oakmoss, than blond woods and ambergris. The outcome is a royal musky/floral "bath foam type and vaguely incensey" with jasmine/iris sparks at distance and the golden heady temperament. For the conservative tastes.
16th January, 2013
New formula review: 5 stars for one of the best floral for men out there. Not easy to wear due to it's animalic background. Go easy on the sprayer and you'll impress people with this!
18th October, 2012
low duration and quite ordinary!
12th October, 2012
Another Amouage powder based fragrance. It is similar to silver, but more spicy. Nothing special.
09th September, 2012
After having read all the reviews on basenotes I never dared to sample this scent because I was sure it would be unwearable for me. Then I was given a sample of the shower gel which was so irresistible that it really took me in. When I finally got a boddle my first wearing turned out to be a revelation. I was suprised how very much wearable this perfume is despite its undisputable opulence and strength. This is defenitely not how I expected an oriental with this reputation would smell. There's almost no sweetness nor cloying amber or heavy spices you would expect from an oriental. It's bright and shiny floral and etherical with bright frankincence shimmering trough and a touch of amber, oakmoss and civet to give it depth and complexity. My first thought was soap. Like these handmilled french soap that you can buy in large irregular shaped blocks in south of France or a bar of soap you would expect to find in a old expensive Hotel in Paris. I has considerable sillage and staying power but, if treated with respect and with light application (1 spray under your shirt, not more) this is inoffensive and easily wearable and suitable for the office. People around you will not think of you as perfumed but rather as well groomed, having shaved with expensive shaving soap and having applied a generous amount of a high quality skin cream.
30th August, 2012
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United States
This is the first Amouage fragrance that I have sampled and truly disliked.

To my admittedly uneducated nose the opening was overwhelmingly soapy with a hint of floral. I did not perceive it to be overly feminine like many reviewers have, but there is nothing masculine in it whatsoever. After about two hours I started smelling baby powder very strongly. After two more hours (4 total) this smells like a mixture of baby powder and a bar of perfumed soap from Wal-Mart. I can't wait to get it off of me. I hate baby powder. There is nothing about this scent I can recommend as it could be simulated with liquid soap and baby wipes for about $10. I am mortified that anyone would intentionally add this scent to their body.

This is a sample from LuckyScent acquired in July 2012 so I trust it is authentic and fairly recent. I can not comment on any vintage versions as I have not sampled them.
10th August, 2012
Opens with a gorgeous cloud of rosy floral notes with hints of lemony mimosa and lily of the valley glinting within it. But soon begins to settle into something a bit less alive and somewhat heavier. Where others smell baby powder, I get strong hair oil from the Indian subcontinent and the base of a legion of perfumes from a bygone age (probably the civet waltzing with the moss). I wish the cloud moment would last longer, before the greasy opulence begins. However, you will be hard pressed to find a comparable floral aimed at men which is this rich and yet perfectly balanced. I wear it once in a while and find that absence from Amouage Gold really does make my heart grow fonder.

15th June, 2012
The opening is intensely floral with a civet blast. Powerful lily, more civet and frankincense notes develop giving a sweet spicy drydown. Very oriental, strong and intense, with more spices and sweetness than for instance Hammam Bouquet. The very baby-powdery basenote is not exactly bad, but it does not live up to the promise that the initial exotic richness and complexity made. Great longevity of around five hours. Thumbs up for the first part.
04th May, 2012
My perfume pen pal brought this along for "show and tell" yesterday and allowed me to spritz some on. at first the big floral blast was a little off-putting, because as I've stated in many reviews, I'm not really a big floral person. He even mentioned that this was the men's version, which I found hard to first. However, within a few seconds I was starting to really like what I was smelling as it was obvious that the best materials were used to create it and once I considered the culture where this gem was conceived, I realized that floral notes, especially rose, are not considered "unmasculine". On my drive home I noticed that the scent had dried down to something more overtly animalic, with warm floral notes still weaving in and out. It was then that I could really see how this could be considered a masculine scent. As a woman this type of shape-shifting scent appeals to me. It's BIG and luxurious, so a little goes a looong way. I found it to be intriguing and full of surprises. Too bad I can't afford it, but I'll certainly be ordering a decant, so I can experience it again. You men want to get a woman's attention? Wear this.
16th April, 2012
I think the vintage version of this (it changed in 2007 or 2008 when they alterted the bottle) is the best men's fragrance ever formulated. It is a tour-de-force of classical perfumery; complex, rich, loaded with the very best ingredients and balanced to perfection by one of history's greatest noses. It has an outstanding jasmine dominated floral accord with aldehydes and beautiful frankincense, then there is iris and....well, everything else good. The concentraion is high and the projection and endurance are phenomenal.

No more feminine than a classic english masculine floral in my opinion, I would take this one to my desert island.

04th April, 2012
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United States
I love it -- at first spray it reminded me of a more powdery version of Jubilation XXV with more florals, but then as the drydown began it reminded me of something else...Rose 31!

I think this is a very elegant fragrance; Yes, it's powdery, and yes, it has Rose AND Lilly right in the top...however I do *not* get femininity from this at all.

I get soapy fresh incense with florals creeping up in the drydown; I get the feeling of royalty and desert sand on a private beach -- an oasis :D

I've smelled far more scents marketed as masculine that should be either feminine or unisex than Amouage Gold. I do see how some people can get "old lady" smell out of this's just one of those memory recall things. I wish old people would stop ruining notes \ scents for us :( Although I did NOT get that from Gold, I got it from Noir De Noir (because of the Rose) -- the Rose in Gold is very very soft and creeps up during the drydown, unlike Noir De Noir which is in your face.
24th March, 2012
WOW! I love this scent and yes it is a "nuveau retro" instant classic!

I agree with the CHANEL #5 reference and I would add the "Shalimar for men" as it is quite soapy in the beginning.

Very pungent, strong and instantly recognizable!

A true golden STAR of a scent...I cannot stop sniffing!!

Instantly makes you feel divine and worth a million bucks!

16th March, 2012
Wow. This one hits you immediately with a blast of intense florals and civet. It is almost unbearable and persists for over an hour. A huge powdery note begins to form and this pretty much progresses as a floral, powdery, aldehyde bomb. This is definitely more on the feminine side of things and at least the drydown is tolerable. It definitely takes someone who will love a musty floral fragrance to pull this off. As with all Amouages, this one is a powerhouse and lasts forever. In my case this was a bad thing.
12th January, 2012
A awful overwhelming powdery feminine fragrance that you could imagine a old lady would smell like a hundred or so years ago. And it really does smell like baby powder, how they could market this to men is mind boggling.
11th January, 2012
My first sampling of Amouage Gold was in less than auspicious circumstances. During an especially tedious train journey, I decided to relieve my ennui with a perfumed daub of the wrists. What ensued was magnificent, epiphanous, and a treat for my rapidly atrophying brain. Not even the baleful stares of a small child opposite me - with two tusks of snot descending from his nose could detract from this wonderful experience. In my mind, I was somewhere else, somewhere in the lap of luxury, being pampered and preened.

It does everything you would expect from a hyper-expensive niche fragrance with the soubriquet "Gold". Served up in a gold garnished bottle - it is opulent, bombastic and a celebration of excess. Although the extraordinarily dense rose dominant opening is a real breath catcher, it is a simple creation, highly polished, and exhibiting remarkable radiance. Although the evolution is minimal, Amouage Gold is that very rare beast - a male floral of outstanding quality, and not in the least apologetic.

Gold is the consummate orator - you may not like what he says, but you have to admire the passion and the self belief
03rd January, 2012
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United States
The first 20 minutes or so are very much a dusty-floral. I found it extremely interesting and pleasant. After that, there was literally nothing to it but powder. Baby powder for hours and hours and hours. Two people came into my room and said "whoa... what smells like baby powder in here?"

To see if it changed over time, I asked a few friends to smell me (independent of each other) and everything came up baby powder.


For the very pleasant opening and the fact that I like the smell of baby powder... I give it a complete neutral.
30th December, 2011
Frighteningly Rosy. Appallingly powdery. Terrifyingly tenacious. Smells like Avon "Roses Roses" talcum powder on crystal meth. Project the smell of your granny for miles around. Not alluring. Not recommended.
22nd November, 2011