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Negative Reviews of Gold Man by Amouage

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A terribly fussy floral fragrance. Granny's bathroom is about right. I'm actually surprised at the number of neutral votes; I'd expect this to be almost entirely polarising. Another surprise is how far it is from the others in the Amouage lineup I've tried, like Memoir, Figment, Epic Man, Jubilation XXV. For me this one is a hard "no, not at all, thanks".
24th December, 2017
For the price this sells for I was expecting something a lot more complex. After the first spray you are immediately hit with a floral, lily-of-the-valley, powdery scent that just keeps getting stronger. I first thought of those over-the-top floral scented cleaning fluids or air-fresheners but, after reading the 'baby powder' comment I think that's spot on.

If you like it then it's great but if you don't then it's all pervasive, very pungent and hard to get away from.
06th May, 2016
I can't smell anything other than baby powder.
11th August, 2015
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Emoe Show all reviews
United Kingdom
cant believe amouage made this and called it MAN. I am sure they messed up the batches somewhere along the way.

this is more femmenine than most femmenine frags.
reminds me of my grandma.

this opens with a gopping sick facepowder scent, which ends up as Talcum Powder.

its stays as talcum powder.

cheaper versions of this frag can be found by Johnson and Johnson, under Baby section of the pharmacy.

15th June, 2015
Quartz Show all reviews
United States
This is flat out a woman's scent. It reminds me a lot of some of the Estee Lauder women's fragrances, particularly Youth Dew. It's not that it smells bad, it's just too feminine in my opinion. Too floral & powdery as everyone is saying.
25th January, 2015
Floral, to floral sour

This starts off floral and powdery. Its not bad, not what I think of as masculine, but not a bad scent. The problem is, on my skin, the floral goes from being slightly acidic to very sour after a few hours. It is not bad, but not what I would call enjoyable. This is a hint of rose soap that is not bad, but it does not last too long, and/or is the that sourness that is almost urine line. Not as bad as I am making it sound, but not a winner on my skin.

05th August, 2013
Marais Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A faecal floral foghorn. I have tested this a few times, in different seasons and with varied doses, but I find even one spray obnoxious and unwearable. Glad I didn't blind-buy this one; mother has enough horrid perfumes already.
04th May, 2013
I think one lazy when describing a scent as old fashioned. Furthermore, I detest the addition of the words "grandmother" or "elderly aunt." This scent is neither masculine nor pleasant. It smells like my elderly aunt's decorative soap dish, filled with purchases supplied by my grandmother's Avon representative. You have been warned.
15th April, 2013
I really don't get the fuss about this. I cannot smell any of the top notes, just a sickly, overpowering odour of talcum or Johnson's baby powder. Intense and long-lasting, but who would want it to last?
15th February, 2013
low duration and quite ordinary!
12th October, 2012
Guibo Show all reviews
United States
This is the first Amouage fragrance that I have sampled and truly disliked.

To my admittedly uneducated nose the opening was overwhelmingly soapy with a hint of floral. I did not perceive it to be overly feminine like many reviewers have, but there is nothing masculine in it whatsoever. After about two hours I started smelling baby powder very strongly. After two more hours (4 total) this smells like a mixture of baby powder and a bar of perfumed soap from Wal-Mart. I can't wait to get it off of me. I hate baby powder. There is nothing about this scent I can recommend as it could be simulated with liquid soap and baby wipes for about $10. I am mortified that anyone would intentionally add this scent to their body.

This is a sample from LuckyScent acquired in July 2012 so I trust it is authentic and fairly recent. I can not comment on any vintage versions as I have not sampled them.
10th August, 2012
Wow. This one hits you immediately with a blast of intense florals and civet. It is almost unbearable and persists for over an hour. A huge powdery note begins to form and this pretty much progresses as a floral, powdery, aldehyde bomb. This is definitely more on the feminine side of things and at least the drydown is tolerable. It definitely takes someone who will love a musty floral fragrance to pull this off. As with all Amouages, this one is a powerhouse and lasts forever. In my case this was a bad thing.
12th January, 2012
A awful overwhelming powdery feminine fragrance that you could imagine a old lady would smell like a hundred or so years ago. And it really does smell like baby powder, how they could market this to men is mind boggling.
11th January, 2012
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Frighteningly Rosy. Appallingly powdery. Terrifyingly tenacious. Smells like Avon "Roses Roses" talcum powder on crystal meth. Project the smell of your granny for miles around. Not alluring. Not recommended.
22nd November, 2011
numcks Show all reviews
United States
I cannot get past the stale floral of this one. Like a gravesite a few days after the great aunt Edna's bedroom. Too feminine - old feminine on me. I have liked other Amouage offerings I have tried - Epic, Memoir...but not this one.
23rd April, 2011
I have to go with ScentSurge on this one...I get an OVERWHELMING baby powder note that is persistent throughout! I absolutely loved Dia for Men, Jubilation XXV, Reflection Man and Ciel for Him, but I simply can't stomach this one.
28th March, 2010 (last edited: 18th December, 2010)
One thing is sure. I don’t want to smell like this, neither to myself nor to the others. I prefer to say that a bold, over exaggerated and rather feminine bouquet of all kinds of flowers, dominates the whole composition with graduated intensity, than to try and separate it into notes and phases, which is quite difficult (at least for my nose). I just can’t imagine the type of man that can inspire a perfumer to create a scent like this...
07th December, 2009
HDS1963 Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Well this one completely leaves subtlety out of the dictionary.

It's like having a flower shop drop on your head with a particularly bellicose civet doing it's business with it's glands all over you and then dousing you in musk.

It is one of the most potent fragrances I have ever encountered, a couple of generous sprayings of this could be used as a counter terrorism measure. It's not entirely unpleasant, but the drydown reminds me of a cheap musk I bought recently because it blended well with some other things.

Is it worth the money? I don't honestly think it is. It's okay, but is a long way short of being beautiful, engaging or in the least bit attractive.
27th June, 2009
I recently tried all the current range of mens Amouage. I was tempted to do so after the wonderful experience I had with the Jubilation XXV and Homage.

Gold is wierd! It smells so old fashioned, hard to believe it was made just 25 years ago.
It really has not aged well; in fact I wonder if it would ever have smelt right for a man, I can only imagine a 17th century coiffured dandy wearing this. It is way to flowery and powdery and just too old granny feminine. I'm 42 and can't imagine any man wanting to smell like this whatever their age or sexuality.

Well I will give it a second try, but I need to find a time when I know I won't be exposed to people as I don't want anyone to smell me with this would be like walking around wearing lipstick, rouge and a hairnet!

02nd April, 2009
Most are familiar with the very early 80's dull-bitter "opulent urine" accord. This has that in spades. And while it does indeed smell expensive, it also smells of Jovan Musk and Old Woman perfume as well. Very strange mixture to smell in 2009. Not recommended unless you really enjoy projecting self-aware parody in your fragrances.
01st February, 2009
One of the great mysteries to me. This smells great on my sister as does Gold for women, it is just ok on my mother (as is women), but on me it's just a disaster. Offensive when it first goes on, it then dries down it a baby powder, then it just gets nastier in a way I can't adequately explain.

I gave this 24hrs and it just got worse, it can be said that it has excellent staying power because I had to scrub myself twice to get rid of it.

Lovely on some, just plain nasty on me. Try before you buy!
26th December, 2008
Dissapointing for such a high price. If you'd like to try this, just go to your local convenience store and for a $1.99 buy a small can or extra-super-hold Aquanet .....smells exactly the same.
03rd December, 2008
Smells like baby powder... I can't see anyone paying that much to smell like baby's butt.
22nd April, 2008
lex Show all reviews
United States
baby powder and floral notes blended nice. not for me though. thumbs down, can't get excited about baby powder and there are so many other frags I would wear over and over till the bottle is empty before I wear this. hate to say it like that, but its true.
16th December, 2006 (last edited: 21st December, 2016)
MonkeyManMatt was being far too kind. This is Nicheiosity to the max. Should have been in an old Ab/Fab episode:

Edina: " Do you like it? "
Patsy: " Er . . .Who made it? "
Edina: " Amouage "
Patsy: " It's fabulous, darling. "

06th November, 2006 (last edited: 25th July, 2009)
The only Amouage I've tried that I do not like at all (and I've tried all but Cirrus). I have to agree with the Baron - smells like baby powder and vinegar. Sour and bitter, harsh, then very powdery. Somehow soft and powdery, but astringent and caustic at the same time. Posh but ugly. A chaotic mix of things that just never seem to work. Come to think of it, Gold does indeed remind me of spoiled young Saudi royals.
02nd August, 2006
Wow, where to begin. Received a sample of this recently and had high hopes, after all this is supposed to be "The most valuable fragrance in the world"... Well, what can I say, let's put it like this - often less is more, something the good people in Dubai obviously do not grasp. This is a terribly messy, super powdery, aldehydic disaster. We often discuss cultural differences in olfactory perception on the boards, and this one may be the best example of such a clash. The floral and distinct middle-eastern vibe found in Gold just smells extremely feminine to my nose. It's actually very reminiscent of Chanel #5 with a pungent aldehydic, leather-like ooze sprinkled with like, well, most known flowers to man. Grandmother was the very first impression when smelling it. And although the vanilla in the base mellows it out somewhat, the overall feeling here
is that of a mature women's perfume. Not what I look for & there's is just so much going on here -zero balance between the ingredients. It feels like the Amouage people just blended all kinds of exclusive raw materials together without any concept or feeling. Simply appauling. Check out the better (but still dissapointing) Dia if you must have something from this house. Haven't tried all of their stuff yet but this supposed "flagship"-juice indicates yet another manufacturer relying on gimmick and fancy bottles to sell their sub-par products. Powderbox-boquet-overload-meltdown - YUCK.
10th April, 2006
Oscar Show all reviews
United States
I understand that the reason I don't like this, is because my nose isn't at it's fullest. But think about other people around you? They'll start to wonder how much urinal water with a hint of the flowery, you have spilled on yourself...
10th November, 2005