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United States
I certainly respect the Amouage line and its focus on high quality ingredients in the tradition of oriental perfumery. Gold has likely been reformulated for the worse in recent years (though I have not smelled the original). Gold opens with a light citric blast followed by white flowers, a pink rose accord (perhaps Turkish or Rose de Mai), followed by a light civiet/powdery base. The white florals are too strong and make the fragrance to feminine overall especially in the opening and heart. The drydown is much more pleasant.

At this price, one could do better with Rose d'Homme, Creed Fleur de Bulgarie, No. 88, etc. The rose note, which here is fabled by Amouage, is not the dark, brooding Bulgarian Rose absolute it is made out to be.

Amouage Gold is probably better than 95% of current perfumes, but still doesn't excite me.
14th October, 2016
"Or just gold-plated..."

If this is how a gold man should smell according to Amouage, I don't even dare to imagine how their take on a gold woman will be... Don't fool yourselves, this is Russia's secret weapon. If you ever wondered why good old Vladimir Putin is so successful in having his way with everyone, here's your answer. It's not Russian tanks or planes or missiles or submarines or whatever that force everyone into submission. It's an unstoppable compulsion to run away from him as soon as possible, even if that means that you will have to give him your house and your family as part of the deal. Who could last more than ten minutes sitting next to someone doused in it, especially when this someone can allegedly kill you with his bare hands as well, if his perfume fails to do so? It could also be the secret behind Vladimir's otherwise inexplainable rise to power. Being a former KGB member, he'd surely had some ways to lay hands on some bottles, during an era when perfumes were not exactly in abundance there, especially perfumes THAT expensive. Oh, and its name is all about subtlety and low profile. Two traits that are unequivocally known to be Vladimir's middle names. What was that? Oh yes, how does it smell... Well, it smells like myrrh and insense, mixed and burned to glorify Vladimir's grandeur, while he's trying to blow off some (testosterone scented) steam, by hunting civet cats during a state visit in Vietnam. So, depending on whether you like Putin and his Russia or not, you should either request that Amouage Gold Man becomes a centerpiece in Russia's flag, or banished from the face of Earth forever. There's no middle-of-the-road way with it...
23rd October, 2014
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United States
Gold Man, to my nose, is a combo of floral and strong talcum/baby powder scents, but heavier on the latter. Despite its name, it leans towards the feminine side. I give it a very weak neutral vote, but it earns an additional half-star due to its longevity and projection. If you like wearing "too powdery-", musky-type of scent, then go for it. One thing for sure: Gold Man by Amouage isn't for me, even if I want to be bold.
29th October, 2013
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Floral woody, and powdery with a big dose of musk in here. I can detect the civet, which gives this a skankiness in a good way though (that's coming from someone who doesn't like civet). This one reminds me of an old school scent that was refined for todays scents. I think Amouage Gold Man could be worn by a woman also (even though they have a womens version). I also detect the myrrh, which may also give it that old school vibe. 9 + hours easy on my skin. 8 out of 10.
14th May, 2013 (last edited: 04th December, 2015)
Unsure as to why a man would want to wear this. This smells like the sort of thing that a 50+ business woman would wear to her bosses leaving party. This is what I imagine Hilary Clinton smells like.

Starts with an overbearing (and sulphurous) smell of beeswax furniture polish for about half an hour at least before becoming slightly less waxy and more floral. Lasts all day - but who wants to smell like a granny all day?

I get a similarity in execution to Habit Rouge. Very 'lipstick/makeup' smelling.

Strongly advise not to blind buy this

09th March, 2013 (last edited: 14th March, 2013)
Another Amouage powder based fragrance. It is similar to silver, but more spicy. Nothing special.
09th September, 2012
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United Kingdom
The opening is intensely floral with a civet blast. Powerful lily, more civet and frankincense notes develop giving a sweet spicy drydown. Very oriental, strong and intense, with more spices and sweetness than for instance Hammam Bouquet. The very baby-powdery basenote is not exactly bad, but it does not live up to the promise that the initial exotic richness and complexity made. Great longevity of around five hours. Thumbs up for the first part.
04th May, 2012
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United States
The first 20 minutes or so are very much a dusty-floral. I found it extremely interesting and pleasant. After that, there was literally nothing to it but powder. Baby powder for hours and hours and hours. Two people came into my room and said "whoa... what smells like baby powder in here?"

To see if it changed over time, I asked a few friends to smell me (independent of each other) and everything came up baby powder.


For the very pleasant opening and the fact that I like the smell of baby powder... I give it a complete neutral.
30th December, 2011
Gold opens with a rich floral notes, specially Lily-of-the-valley and rose that together makes me think about a vanilla aroma. Strange since you can't find it on the notes. Anyway, very different from what I was expecting: an incense based fragrance like Jubilation XXV, Epic Man and even Ciel Man. The drydown gives you an animalic combo around the civet note.

A dated fragrance to my nose. Not pleasant at all compared to masterpieces like Jub. XXV, Epic Man.
25th September, 2011
Smells VERY feminine to me, yes I know it is a floral, but all I get is flowery, dusty and powdery. I could imagine my grandma smelling like this. I love Reflection Man, Jubilation XXV and Memoir Man, but Gold is just too much for me, it makes me want to cough. I'm giving Gold a neutral review as it's not for me, but it may be for you. Credit where it's due, Amouage do use only the best of ingredients and you can smell it in all their fragrances. However, I don't think this one is worth the hefty price tag.
27th February, 2011
Notes off the internet: rock rose, lily of the valley, silver frankincense, myrrh, orris, jasmine, ambergris, civet, cedar, sandalwood, musk, patchouli, and oakmoss." Just what the notes suggest. Citrus-lily on a deep bed of high quality rose and jasmine. Made dry and masculine-leaning (I guess..unisex in my books) by myrrh and frankincense. Smells RICH and REAL. But also the composition is a bit smothered and confused. Nice, but a little too much going on.
01st February, 2011
Swanky Show all reviews
United States
Based upon Luca Turin's glowing review of this, I obtained a decant from Lucky Scent. I love florals (Iquitos, Mitsouko, Fleur Du Male) so this was bound to appeal to me.

It smells lovely, but not anywhere, anywhere, near the majestic elixir I expected. As many others have noted, it has a strong powder note not unlike Royal Copenhagen, Coty Musk for Men and others. It also is softly floral and musky; Alyssa Ashley Musk or Kiehl's Musk approximate the latter. Those familiar with Cuir Mauresque or Cuir de Russie Chanel will be familiar with the classical treatment of floral notes. Amouage Gold is not especially unique nor mind blowing and...

...the price is absolutely absurd for what one gets. There is quality here but based on the exclusivity and high price of Amouage, I certainly have to factor in the cost in my review. Thumbs up for the scent but objectively I don't see that this is eleven to twenty times better smelling than Kiehl's Musk or Clubman After Shave.
04th January, 2011 (last edited: 07th June, 2012)
mumsy Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I'm not prone to reviewing, but how on earth did this fragrance manage to have the reputation this one has? A ghastly first citric, catty blast, followed by a catty talcum powder with a more gentle jumble of florals, phase. Then a pleasant enough drydown of spicy, incensy notes. I'm detecting some fruity, plummy, strawberry sort of notes too lurking in the background.

I could see this on a woman perhaps when wearing maximum amounts of gold, flashy leopardskin stretchy clothing, fur and dyed hair. I cannot imagine it on a man until at least halfway through the drydown.

I fail to see what the fuss and the price is about. It proves the power of marketing to me. I would prefer to smell of many other things. Much too fussy and powdery a perfume for my taste, but my skin does bring out the darker side of perfumes.
02nd June, 2010
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Even here in Europe, where there is much tolerance for more feminine scents on men (as witness the complete ubiquity of "Le Mâle" on the butchest of men), "Amouage Gold" would be too much. It is a wonderful perfume, but for a very aristocratic lady at an opulent dinner party. I can't imagine any man wearing this, I really can't.
30th November, 2009
15th June, 2009 (last edited: 24th January, 2011)
Amouage Gold for Men

Wow where's the funeral?? Guy Robert has to have created the most intense floral opening I've experienced. This is like being locked in a flower shop overnight. The dominant notes on me seem to be jasmine and rose but I think I get hits of narcissus, tuberose, orange blossom, iris, and carnation. Robert claims to have been able to use whatever ingredients he wanted in composing this and it feels like he went to the shelf that held all of the floral oils and kept adding them in. It takes a good thirty minutes for anything to make itself known besides the floral and when it does it is incense which then leads to a civet and musk filled base leavened with a little wood. I like this but this is an example of when a nose can do whatever he wants, he perhaps goes too far. I could wish for a little less volume in the top and middle of this from the floral notes and more balance from the other notes
28th February, 2009
As a guy I really do not have a problem with this one, my only slight criticism is that there is not enough longevity as compared to the Amouage Gold for women. After ten hours of wearing both, what is left of men's certainly has the hint of baby powder as noted above by Scent Surge.
The women's version however has turned into a truly great masculine, sort of pure bred Arab horse wearing a brand new Hermes saddle returns to the Orient. Great stuff!
12th January, 2009
Chanel no. 5 for Men (sweet aldehydic floral civet)
25th September, 2008
I love the opening—it’s one of the richest smelling combinations I’ve encountered—gilded floral but not flowery, with a background of priceless but discreet incense. The accord is powdery above all things, but the particular combination of florals, myrrh, and incense creates a wonderfully lascivious and voluptuous opening…for a while, anyway. I wouldn’t necessarily want to wear it, is rich smelling—rich as in wealth as well as in ingredients. “Rich” does have its attractions. The fragrance has a strong sillage: this fragrance was meant to be broadcast to a large audience. I do enjoy the first eight and one-half minutes of the fragrance in a fantasy sort of way—oil wells, Rolls Royces, Renoir paintings—but that is lost all too soon as the richness is lost to the powdery floral / incense middle accord. Its mutated powder is nothing special—it’s premium Johnson & Johnson, and yes, I get the vinegar, too. I think that as the Gold wears on, it continually loses its masculinity. This scent seems to progress from beginning to end from marginal masculinity to greater degrees of femininity; but not today’s definition of femininity. What it seems like is turn-of-the-twentieth-century Victorian boudoir “feminine.” This powder seems to last forever…but it finally gives way to a weak but very lovely wood, amber, and musk drydown that lasts forever. I can’t vote this one a thumbs up: It has some very impressive constructions and moves, but I have too many disagreements with it.
06th April, 2007
The Baron de Charlus once told me: 'Baby powder and vinegar? Cloying cousin of Habit Rouge? Ghost of Ma Griffe? Epitome of European elegance and refinement? Snobbish syrup of the nouveau riche? Impeccable traditions of the ancient perfumes of Araby? Arrogant, spoiled young princes leaving nightclubs in red Ferraris? Calculated creation? Labour of love? Contrived? Crass? Subtle? Sublime? It is all true. True of all Amouage and of Amouage Gold in particular. Postmodernism incarnate!'
05th February, 2005
I just sampled this and it does smell like baby power with some floral notes. While it is a very pleasant scent - I find it hard to believe that this is a formal evening scent for a male - I was expecting something totally different. On the plus side - the scent does last a long time and as mentioned, it does not evolve very much from the start. It does compliment Dia for men.
25th December, 2004