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Neutral Reviews of Musc Ravageur by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

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Has the barnyard/zoo smell mixed with good vanilla in the opening. That lasts for an hour before the animalic smells start to die down. You’re left with a unique vanilla that has a sexy vibe because it is so daring and has to be worn with confidence.

All day performance and good projection.
30th April, 2018

I must apologize for my (maybe) misleading take on this:

My expectation was a bit different upon first trying this and I am not sure if I was ready even prepared for what I initially received. Within this fragrance, one has to allow to macerate. Give this a bit of time, if judged on the onset, you will be surely disappointed, however if you allow some time I believe you will appreciate what this fragrance has to offer. I believe I might have express dislike prematurely without allowing Musc Ravegeur to develop on my skin with time and patience.

After going back to this, giving Musc Ravegeur a full wearing my thoughts have changed slightly;

Musc Ravegeur is a nice gourmand spicy, ambery fragrance. Maybe I didn't give this enough a of a chance in my first initial wearing, however.
Soft, animalic with some vanilla creaminess...not woodsy but floral with a touch of sweetness. Not sure if I would rush out to get a bottle, however I can say the pendulum has swung!!

In my previous review my sentiments somewhat remain, however modified. I still get the rough stringent (urinal) aroma up front, however with many fragrances sometimes that is detected in the initial spray. That stringent blast does not remain very long. Overall, a nice fragrance!

************Initial Review:*************

[So I maybe the only one who thinks this fragrance smells.......Um, um (what's the correct word here I am looking for) stinky?!?! I've read that for some this reminded them of urine in the initial spray.....BULLSEYE!!!
I thought it was just me thinking this. Don't get me wrong, Frederic Malle has some great fragrances, however in my humble opinion Musc Ravageur is not get the rave reviews I suspected!

I had never smelled Musc Ravegeur before but have heard so many raves about it! I am not sure what to think; vanilla, spices [cinnamon], and woods [cedar]. Right away I get those notes followed by some lavender and bergamot. However when these are mixed together...el nopie nope!

In the end, all that is left is vanilla and spice, perhaps more vanilla than spice! To me this smells dated, almost like something a grandfather would wear. Gourmand yet, slightly dark and ambery-ish is what comes to mind!
Glad I only have a small sample; equally glad to have given this a try;]
07th November, 2017 (last edited: 13th November, 2017)
Because I am not a fan of gourmands or of sickly sweet fragrances, I cannot like Musc Ravageur, and believe me, I have tried. The top notes always fool me into thinking I can wear and enjoy this scent, but nope, the dry down gets more and more cloying and claustrophobia-inducing, and soon the cinnamon and syrup and stickiness becomes too, too much, and off I go to the washroom. I love the lavender and I love the actual musk, it's the cloves and vanilla that kill me in this one. I have occasionally smelled this on a person standing a ways away from me and then I can enjoy this cinnamon bun of a fragrance, but if it is anywhere closer, I cringe.
01st October, 2017
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I would say only one thing if you are among the lucky persons owning a vintage bottle: forget the new reformulation.
And if your old bottle contains some drops, or more, of the vibrant almost living dense masterpiece it was, please keep it in a safe: Musc Ravageur has changed and there is no hope of smelling its primitive form anymore. My neutral review is due to this. So, in detail:

Thumbs Up (and more!) for the vintage
Thumbs Down for the new
29th November, 2016
I have a good-sized sample of this that should last me a lifetime, synthetic-smelling musk and vanilla, similar to Coromandel, although not as good. It lasts a long time, and the longer it lasts, the better it smells; somewhat of a Frederic Malle house trait.
18th November, 2016 (last edited: 20th November, 2016)
I went to Barneys to get a sample of this. I heard so many good things that I had to try it. On first spray I was sure they gave me the wrong one.


It's not traditional (which I like), but it's just very "old lady-ish". Not in a sweet flowery way, more in a musty unsettling way.

Every month or so I try it again, and I have started to find it a little less offensive every time, however it remains something that I do not want to smell like.

Edit: this one is starting to grow on me. Not quite enough for a thumbs up. It is way too potent at first but after about 4 hours it mellows to something I can actually enjoy.
04th March, 2016 (last edited: 08th March, 2017)
I was excited to try this on, but unfortunately I was let down. I could see how this fragrance could work for someone else but did not do the trick on my skin, in fact some might say it smelt kind of gross on me. However, I did find the fragrance to be unique. Certainly very musky, and I did not smell much vanilla or cinnamon when I wore it. Maybe it is be different on someone else. I enjoy woody fragrances but this one smelt too woody and musky to me and made me feel queezy. 5/10
03rd September, 2015
Oviatt Show all reviews
United States
I so want this to be the post-coital cinnamon roll that everyone describes. While I might not wear it, I wouldn't mind experiencing it, or keeping it for "special occasions." On me, however, it was a squeaky clean laundry detergent musk with a few fresh spices poking through occasionally. Thoroughly safe, sane and even quite pleasant. But what if other people smell the rutting stench of a dessert-fueled orgy, while I go around thinking I smell of fabric softener? Not sure if I want to risk that. I may try it again, in different weather, to see if it works its magic on me. Right now, however, the secretion-soaked bed sheets have been laundered and the pastry dishes washed up and stacked in the pantry, everything as neat as a pin.
04th June, 2015
The first impression gets the expectations up. Rich natural smell of clove, bergamot, and musk backed by some round wood merges into a raw and animalic body. But from there it's kind of going nowhere exciting to me. The drydown is a disappointment, i think it dulls down to a pretty average round and slightly sour musk/vanilla.

Objectively i can appreciate the craft behind it, all components feels vibrant and rich. But subjectively i'm left very untouched by the sum of said components.
13th April, 2015
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United Kingdom
What's all the hype about? After an hour, all I get is vanilla with a bit of chocolate. That's it. Very disappointed.
17th August, 2014
Initial spray is to medicinal (clove). The base and the drydown is very good. But for the price, you may come out better purchasing Meharres. That way you get MR's base and drydown from beginning to end. 8/10
13th June, 2014 (last edited: 27th December, 2017)
Uhm... no for me. I get the musk (plus a sweet woody tonka accord) and sadly I get the "ravageur" completely. Frankly a bit too flashy and tacky. Gets better (i.e., calmer and more wearable) in the drydown.

19th February, 2014 (last edited: 05th April, 2014)
I would have originally given this a thumbs up but the more and more I wear this stuff the less I am impressed with this. I am apart of the group who does not like the clove opening and it takes a crazy amount of time for that to die down. Learned my lesson of buying a frag for only liking the dry down.
21st January, 2013
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Musc Ravageur opens with a few minutes of moderately intense anisic lavender hovering above a very soft, smooth, and creamy vanilla. Then, the lavender mellows but remains easily detectable, and the vanilla intensifies, but because it is aided by musk, it stays very smooth and creamy, all the while hanging alongside a pinch of cinnamon. Of course, this lavender-vanilla accord (like the lavender-oakmoss accord), evokes a typical fougère style and has become ubiquitous in perfumery (e.g., see Le Male, HM [from Hanae Mori], etc.). Ultimately, although the perfume is very well done (as is to be expected from this brand and the perfumer), it is largely unoriginal. Its greatest accomplishment is the exquisite smoothness and creaminess of its vanilla, which I think is largely due to the assistance of the musk. Perhaps this is why the word "Musc" appears in the name of this perfume even though the note itself is not a focal point.
30th December, 2012 (last edited: 12th January, 2013)
It's not that bad, but certainly is not that "great" either! I went to Liberty in London and I was decided to buy two Malle's fragrances and I have to tell you that Musc Ravageur was one of them (just for the reviews - cause I've never tryed it before)! The result? I bought the wonderful Carnal Flower and the delicious L'Eau d'Hiver (not mentioning the fact that my girlfriend hated this Roucel's fragrance)!!!  MR is only ok to me! And for the first time I agree with Luca Turin - "THIS ONE IS MORE FLASHY THAN GOOD!" Longevity (kind of cheap drydown) is enormous here! And if the "real deal" is the projection/ longevity, I really prefer Carnal Flower - because you need more than personality and the desire of smell huge to wear this one!
12th October, 2012
first off...i would hands down give this a thumbs up IF my gf liked it. No joke, i got yelled at by her for wearing this...haha.

i have received mixed reviews about this fragrance. every guy i've let give a smell has said that it smells really good and they would buy it if it weren't for the price. but almost every girl aside from a few here and there has said it smells like "old man".
honestly i could care less what people think, if i want to wear MR, im going to. for the days that i care about what the ladies want to smell, i'll wear something more cliche like YSL.

anyway...for the top notes which last about 10 minutes on my skin, i get a lavender smell along maybe a wood kind of smell?

second note which lasts about an hour or so on my skin. smells like barbasol or a very generic smelling shaving cream with other notes, but the clove over powers everything. smells pretty fresh but heavy at the same time if that makes sense.

third note which lasts another hour to hour and a half on my skin starts to smell a little better and the vanilla is starting to come in. i also get a little hint of a wood kind of smell and the clove is very feint.

final note which is the best of all and lasts another 10+ hours on my skin. no joke, it lasted 2 days on my skin and i showered twice in between. anyway the final note smells like vanilla and maybe a hint of amber or something? idk what tonka smells like so i cant say if it smells like that. the clove/barbasol smell is gone or so feint that you cna only smell it if your nose is on your skin.

definitely worth getting a sample and trying out a couple times. for some people it'll grow on them, some will always hate it and some people like the scent throughout all the phases.
28th November, 2011
I'm anosmic to musks, most of them anyway. So with Musc Ravageur I smell mostly a huge, enormous amber, which I usually dislike, but I love the way it's been treated in this case. It's loud but not too disturbing, and somehow different from the mainstream, which is something I always appreciate. I used to love this perfume, but in the end the amberzilla started to annoy me. As much as I love the whole concept behind the Frederic Malle line, I still haven't found a perfume of theirs that I really love. Shame.
03rd November, 2011
I have tried this numerous times in both the oil and the EDP.
I see the appeal with Musc Ravageur I do, I love musk, my recent sample of MKK has sent me a bit loopy for animalics. MR is not a typical musk smell, I dont pick up any animalics in here at all.
Once sprayed, and the slightly cinnamon/clove spice settles, MR feels a lot like an oil, not literally of course, but it wraps around the skin and doesnt project too much, it feels silky and sensual. There is vanilla, amber and a well blended combination of spices which are quite difficult to pick out individually.
However, my concern is this:
One time I cooked a salmon dish from a recipe... I am getting somewhere I promise. Anyway, I had to mix a load of corn oil, with one vanilla pod and the beans, 2 star anise, black peppercorns and some bay leaves, I left this overnight which was to be used to cook the salmon in. This oil... is Musc Ravageur. Trust me. Musk ravageur is a vanilla, slightly spicy/herby scent with very mild anise, with the scent of corn oil as a base. For this personal reason, my thumbs up slips sideways... The literal oil smell is too potent for me and makes me feel unclean, not in a typically dirty/raunchy/animalic way, just literally a little greasy.
06th October, 2011
Ridiculously overrated. But artwork nevertheless..

I am not a fan of musk based fragrances, so that impacts my opinion of this. MR opens with a strong animallic musk note (smells like diarrhea). After about 2 hours, the musk falls to the background, and the spicy notes become more dominant (although noticeable in the opening). Clove, clove, clove, and a dash of cinnamon.

Four hours later.. MMMM. This is what people wait for, and what people love. Many consider this to be 2 or 3 fragrances in one, because of the fact that the note sets seem to project very well in each phase. 8 hours in, and it's projecting as much as it was in the first hour. With that said.. the base (and my favorite part) smells of amber, vanilla, cinnamon, and tonka. Very creamy, sweet, sensual, high quality. Although quite common.

Quite common base in terms of smell. Cuba Hollywood is quite similar, and a tiny fraction of the price. Of course, the quality is not as good, it's not as smooth either, but I would rather save the money. Not to slander MR, but the final smell is very common.. reminds me of a fragrance from the Playboy line as well, and D&G The One.

In conclusion, I would say that if you don't like musk, ya may wanna avoid this one. I do give it props for being 2 or 3 fragrances in one. But, if all your after are the base notes, you can do much better elsewhere.
27th September, 2011
A slightly cloying chocolate texture remains throughout MR, as though the notes existed within quite a narrow format. The accords are earthy and shifting, but all maintained within a very limited range. I would not say that I extract any great pleasure from wearing MR, it is more a case of spending time with a comforting presence.
09th April, 2011
Bigsly Show all reviews
United States
I shall now wax poetic about the wonder and majesty of this incredible concoction, the proverbial nectar of the...

Okay, that's the kind of thing I'm tired of hearing. If you like these kinds of strong ambery fragrances, that's fine with me. I can see the appeal, no doubt. I have plenty of fragrances with a little amber, but that's all I can tolerate. The complexity just isn't there for me; perhaps it's being overwhelmed by the sweet, heavy, syrupy amber. And perhaps because of this, I find it very similar to Ambra by Etro, so close that I see no reason to buy both (and I got Ambra for a very good price).

Now it may be that I can't really appreciate the differences because of the overwhelming amber, but this is the best I can do in terms of a review, and I have a feeling at least a few other people will understand what I'm trying to articulate here. I avoid top notes as much as possible and so this review is about the drydown. If I want musk, I'll dab on some old Brut 33. What's the point of having musk up top (if it's there; I didn't detect it) and heavy amber in the drydown? Is the top for personal enjoyment and the base for "making a statement" to others? If so, that's makes sense, but it's not what I seek in a "personal fragrance."
28th March, 2011
JonB Show all reviews
United States
Musk Ravageur is more about vanilla, and cinnamon or cocoa than it is about musk. Musk is barely detectable in the blend. This should be advertised as a gourmand rather than musk. I find MR to be ultimately boring.
20th October, 2010
Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I bought this when it was first launched as the top notes are wonderful. I always felt slightly uncomfortable when I wore it though. The musks are fine, but in the end everything is swallowed up by a huge, jarring overblown amber. Be warned.
25th November, 2009
bokaba Show all reviews
United States
Overall Musc Ravageur is a gourmand niche take on musk. The opening is a non-chalant expose of bergamot, citrus, and white flowers followed by a spicy, edible heart of carnation, cinnamon, vanilla, rubber, and possibly nutmeg. The base notes reveal a little bit of clean musk and surprisingly…more vanilla. Decent, but probably not worth the over $100 price tag.
10th November, 2009
Blame it on the numerous positive comments ranging from supportive to enthusiastic, I heard and read about Musc Ravageur, but I was so disappointed from the very beginning. I was expecting something more musky and exquisite and I just got a nice sweet scent instead. Perfumers sometimes, in their effort to create scents that stand out and actually make the difference, come up with interesting but strange and misleading blends, and I think this is the case for MR. Strange opening (sorry, no bergamot for me, just a sweet and oily lavender note) that leads to a loud cinnamon spice heart that gets better with time. Not great though. I can see the use of cinnamon as a way to innovate, give power and some longevity to the blend, only I am not sure it will please the majority of Musc lovers (they will have to search a lot in order to find a note that resembles to musc, at least at its usual form). The base is quite pleasant but fails to project its woody character. More feminine and definitely not sexy for me.
18th October, 2009
Musc Ravageur smells nice, but I don't find it particularly musky or ravaging. Vanilla and cinnamon seem to be the main components here, although the musk is present in the base. Really, I find Musc Ravageur to be remarkably similar to Shalimar, and I would recommend the eau de parfum of the latter over a bottle of the former if one were to choose a between the two. Musc Ravageur is a good scent, but I don't think it quite lives up to the hype bestowed upon it.
14th August, 2009
Have to say, I am not wildly impresssed with this at first. It seems odd to me that there is spice sandwiched between a rather skinny top and base...clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, seem oddly out of place in a citrus/lavender with a thin white musk. More to come as I retry....
27th June, 2009
Received a sample of this in the post but think it must have bee wrongly labeled - I got the most gorgeous smell of one of my favorite flowers, Lilies. So think the must have actually sent me Lys Mediterranee. If not then I must have the weirdest nose...

I've given it neutral simply because I don't think I had the right one, but I did love what I was sent and will be trying to smell some of both to see!
15th December, 2008
One of the biggest niche classics ever, I guess. Lots of cinnamon and civet in the opening - it can be a bit offputting if inhaled too deeply.

Yes, civet. Although it`s not listed as in official notes, it doesn`t take that much of a nose to smell that this one has civet in it. It`s very obvious after all.

No doubt this is a masterful blend technically speaking : The balance is a miracle and it smells very chic (when applied moderately). Cinnamon and cloves predominates, while the tonka beans and vanilla make the composion very sweet, very powdery. Dash of smooth woods in the base. And lots of that civet from start to finish.

Well done, but it`s not for me or my lady. I basically should love this one, but the ultra sweet powderiness with strong animalic presence makes it very unpleasant in the end.

Highly recommended for everyone to try.
08th November, 2008
Opulent, decadent, theatrical, sweet and strangely pungent, this is one wild fragrance! If I went to a perfume museum, I might spend time admiring this. But if someone said, "How about wearing this?" I would have to say, you've got to be kidding! This goes best with opera pearls and elbow length gloves. If my wife wore this, I would feel a little sheepish in the restaurant as the waiter would likely give me a funny look. Wear this to work, gents, and people will talk.... a lot.
21st October, 2008