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A slightly cloying chocolate texture remains throughout MR, as though the notes existed within quite a narrow format. The accords are earthy and shifting, but all maintained within a very limited range. I would not say that I extract any great pleasure from wearing MR, it is more a case of spending time with a comforting presence.
09th April, 2011
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United States
I shall now wax poetic about the wonder and majesty of this incredible concoction, the proverbial nectar of the...

Okay, that's the kind of thing I'm tired of hearing. If you like these kinds of strong ambery fragrances, that's fine with me. I can see the appeal, no doubt. I have plenty of fragrances with a little amber, but that's all I can tolerate. The complexity just isn't there for me; perhaps it's being overwhelmed by the sweet, heavy, syrupy amber. And perhaps because of this, I find it very similar to Ambra by Etro, so close that I see no reason to buy both (and I got Ambra for a very good price).

Now it may be that I can't really appreciate the differences because of the overwhelming amber, but this is the best I can do in terms of a review, and I have a feeling at least a few other people will understand what I'm trying to articulate here. I avoid top notes as much as possible and so this review is about the drydown. If I want musk, I'll dab on some old Brut 33. What's the point of having musk up top (if it's there; I didn't detect it) and heavy amber in the drydown? Is the top for personal enjoyment and the base for "making a statement" to others? If so, that's makes sense, but it's not what I seek in a "personal fragrance."
28th March, 2011
Rice pudding ...with a healthy dose of cinnamon. How could anyone not like rice pudding?

23rd March, 2011
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This is essentially a subtle, more grown-up gourmand... with a hefty price tag to put the children off.

I'm a big fan of musky scents; I already have Body Shop White Musk, Kiehl's Original and I like the musky Bulgari style too. I'm also planning to get Musc Kublai Khan when finances allow - so it was somewhat inevitable that I'd like this too.

It's creamy and vanillary... but as others have pointed out, not too cloying due to the delicate balance of ingredients used to offset any possibility of high street vulgarity. It's complexity sets it apart from the cruder, more brutal gourmands we are all used to. No nose pegs required with this foodiefrag.

And of course, the musk does a great, seductive job at the base; it's judged quite brilliantly somewhere between the Kiehl and Body Shop musk in quality. I suppose you could 'cheat' and try and approximate the general theme of this fragrance by layering the Kiehl's musk (for instance) with a regular gourmand but it just wouldn't have the class of Musc Ravageur.

Very nice indeed. Start saving your pennies...

18th March, 2011
As we all know, perfumery is a form of art. Sometimes, it takes time to understand and appreciate art. Musc Ravageur is one of those scents that needs patience to fully grasp the full essence of this fragrance. However, for some people, it is a love at first sniff.

The idea of Musc Ravageur is that no floral notes have touched this 'art in a bottle'. On the initial spray, you will get a thick, deep, dark aroma with the bergamot and lavander being the prominent characters. As you move towards the heart/middle note, which is the "theme" of the perfume, you just get this delicious, sensual, highly addicting scent of gorgeousness. It is so intoxicating that if one catches a whiff of your scent trail, I wouldn't be surprised if he or she would be captivated. By the time you get to the dry down, having gone through all the phase from top to basenotes, you might be thinking what is this that you are smelling....worry no more for that is just the 'art on your skin'.

This is definitely a cold weather scent. There must be a reason why this is one of the more popular scents from the house of Malle and if you would like to know why, then you will have to try for yourself. Just a warning, if you hate art, then be careful with this one for you can be a changed man or a woman after sniffing this.

Highly recommended!
23rd February, 2011
To Frederic Malle, it has always been inconceivable the fact that the general public believes that celebrities creates their own fragrances.And taking this as an initial premise, he decided to bring together the leading perfumers of our time, responsible for the biggest releases in the fragrance market, providing for each of them, unlimited time and resources. without any kind of pressure, ie, total freedom, with a single goal: The aim of creating the "Editions de Parfums" collection.

Musc Ravageur is a direct product of this idea. Created by perfumer Maurice Roucel and released in 2000, the fragrance includes notes on your pyramid that would be common in fresh scents, like bergamot and lavender, while it includes oriental notes such as clove and cinnamon.

And it's with this brief introduction that I start the review of this niche perfume that I personally was most anxious to try. While reading / watching reviews online, I was amazed with such passion that this perfume was analyzed, always with praise and more praise.

On my skin, right after the first spray, I felt an explosion of clove dominating the beginning of the perfume (with an almost whispering musc). Lavender and bergamot? Not on me! Maybe I blinked at the moment and the notes come and gone with this facility.

And this was when I already impatient, became disappointed with the scent. Damn, Is this what is pleasing to everyone right now? What a pity ... but that first impression do not bring me down, I saw people saying that anyone who could "survive" the first hour of this perfume, would be greeted with a fantastic aroma, and it was with this thought
in mind, that I decided to take time to smell...

And damn, they were telling the truth! After about 1h~1h:30min, the scent on my skin took a sensational transformation! Now on the dry-down, the cloves fell so absurd, giving the fragrance a vanilla tone, accompanied by a smell somewhat resembling to a creamy scent, secured by tonka bean (but nothing glaring) and some chord that brings me a subtle chocolate.

And this feeling continues until the end of the fragrance, which by the way takes a long time to exit the skin. Excellent longevity and a great projection!
And so here I finish my first experience with Musc Ravageur, a perfume that as many have said before, and I HAVE to agree, can be described as "Sexy in a bottle". Musc Ravageur is the personification of the proverb "do not judge a book by its cover" becoming reality.
A delicious perfume, targeted to mature people. Something college and up I would say.

01st February, 2011 (last edited: 29th April, 2011)
Roucel whips up a Jicky mousse.

I previously thought that the musk in Musc Ravageur was a peekaboo character, but since smelling CB I Hate Perfume Musk Reinvention and better sensitizing myself to this particular kind of musk, I now smell it without interruption in Roucel's Ravageur (no easy thing to describe, but this musk is more aldehydic-bleachy than musty-cumin-like).

Originally I was entranced by the unctuously creamy vanilla that holds gentle sway and for which Roucel offers delicate distractions to prevent it from becoming cloying: lavender, cloves, cinnamon, and a spritz of tangerine that proves an exquisite touch. The vanilla itself is like nougat for the nose, an exuberant, fantasy white chocolate that never becomes sickly. With the drydown emerge faint notes of gaiac and sandalwood, along with the potent musk in this scent of terrific longevity, and all afloat in a moreish almond milk that is all the more scrumptious – in fact, *able to be scrumptious* – for its total absence of florals.

Be it a 'streamlined oriental' or a 'gourmand musk', whatever you call it Musc Ravageur is the most mouthwatering vanilla out there.
28th December, 2010 (last edited: 20th April, 2011)
I really, really wanted to like this, but unfortunately Musc Ravageur was a miss for me. I have read and watched countless reviews on this fragrance, building the anticipation to when I could finally get my hands on a sample. Though the sample came broken and spilled, the dried up product on the envelope was all I needed to determine that this was not the scent for me. As I keep smelling it, all I get is an "old man smell." I really wanted my first niche fragrance to be out of this world. Maybe next time I guess.
29th November, 2010
I tried MR and asked female co-workers what they thought, and most did not like it. I don't like it either. I'd pick Aventus over MR for a niche frag. I'd pick Pure Malt over MR for a sexy frag. They both get more compliments. For the price tag, there are many better frags out there.
04th November, 2010
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United States
Musk Ravageur is more about vanilla, and cinnamon or cocoa than it is about musk. Musk is barely detectable in the blend. This should be advertised as a gourmand rather than musk. I find MR to be ultimately boring.
20th October, 2010
malle used to send out samples for free in 5ml vials. mine however came in the mail broke. i could still smell enough of the scent to like it and buy a full bottle. the musk was a pleasant surprise as i believe it had evaporated by the time i was smelling the packet. great for date nights and much better than envy. worth the difference IMO.
19th August, 2010
Okay, I eventually gave in. I first thought it was all vanilla on me. Actually, that's very much true. Therefore, I start off by saying it lacks longevity on me and DEFINITELY complexity in its base. Now, this is on the other hand a simply sexy fragrance, it makes me feel sexy wearing it and I'd definitely wear this on a date with such intention. I think Luca Turin is right here by saying this is "more flashy than good". I'd say it is DAMN flashy and therefore good, but it's got its obvious faults. Buy it for its flash!
01st June, 2010
All I get on my skin is vanilla extract. I must have defective skin.
19th April, 2010
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Ooh, now here's a treat: A rich, musky, leathery, tobacco scent that's perhaps too rich for some tastes, but that's more the fault of the taste than the scent, it must be said. Truly intoxicating and seductive. I find it a wonderful middle-ground between Muscs Khoublai Khan and Boid d'Argent: Sweeter, more approachable and more wearable than the former, but stronger, more animalic than the latter. Musc Ravageur retains the sweatiness of MKK and marries it quite nicely to the vanilla of Bois d'Argent.
Classy and sexy all at once.
02nd April, 2010
In a short 2 months I've been down a long road with Musc Ravageur being a pillar of comparison, and a glorious example of originality. Back to Black by Kilian came up to compete and fell flat with its injection of ambiguous feminine notes. MR is smoother and more focused. Jicky has a similar opening, but goes nowhere and quickly outstays its welcome, while MR brilliantly reveals a luxurious warmth. Fumerie Turque also shares some of the Tonka like boost, but goes off to a place unique all its own that had me buying a bottle. Shalimar treads similar territory as MR as well, but comes across as too retro to be worn in a modern sense.

It's "the" musk in the collection. No need for any others. Musc Ravageur also begs to be layered upon. I'll have fun exploring the combinations.
23rd March, 2010
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United States
I'm not really blown away by the Malles I have sampled so far. MR is staying the course. I think MR is above average but definitely not deserving of too much praise. I haven't done a side by side comparison but I'm getting quick allusions to Mugler's A-Men with a little musk, minus the huge patch note. That explains the huge following to me, and the stories of MR having a nice effect on most women. It wears nicely, with sillage and longevity being high. I just feel like there should be more there due to the hype and price. I have no problem spending dough on a frag when it's deserving but I'm just not getting it. All in all, I like it but would have to find it at a discounted rate before adding it to my wardrobe.
12th March, 2010
Unlike some other reviewers I would say that MR is a very wearable scent, thanks to the sweet elements in it. It is definitely a musk, but I think MR is as much about the spices, cinnamon, vanilla and chocolate. So if you are looking for a raw, animalic and straightforward musk you will probably be disappointed. Personally I love it.

19th February, 2010
Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, of Perfume, was on a pursuit to capture the most intoxicating scent he'd ever experienced. Did Roucel also follow this same notion when he created MR?
Splendid, truly extra-ordinary!
15th February, 2010
Oui, oui. On a cold winter day, it melted onto my skin and left me wanting for more. There is darkness to this fragrance, a warm and almost suffocating embrace, very gangster. This is a handsome, intellectual bad boy. Yummm.
25th January, 2010
Much stronger and more complex then a number of the Serge Lutens I tried while at Barney's. Been wearing everyday this week. No compliments or complaints and I like how it smells a lot. 10 hours later I was told that someone could smell it on me.

Two women who I interacted with I found were leaning or pressing against me and had a glazed look in their eyes (never experienced that before except in crazy nights on the town in Japan or New York)

However, after about 4 or 5 hours I notice a smell like I was stuck near burning leaves or burning newspapers. Not sure if I just smell that or others can too.

I am a big fan of the complexity of this and find it masculine and sweet at the same time.
27th November, 2009
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United Kingdom
I bought this when it was first launched as the top notes are wonderful. I always felt slightly uncomfortable when I wore it though. The musks are fine, but in the end everything is swallowed up by a huge, jarring overblown amber. Be warned.
25th November, 2009
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United States
Overall Musc Ravageur is a gourmand niche take on musk. The opening is a non-chalant expose of bergamot, citrus, and white flowers followed by a spicy, edible heart of carnation, cinnamon, vanilla, rubber, and possibly nutmeg. The base notes reveal a little bit of clean musk and surprisingly…more vanilla. Decent, but probably not worth the over $100 price tag.
10th November, 2009
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United Kingdom
Disgracefully Good... If I know that I am going to be up all night, and that in the morning I am going to be lying there; exhausted, sweaty, filthy, and with pillows and clothes thrown all over the room, then this is the fragrance I wear because it compliments that situation perfectly, and also because it will last until the next morning too! Divine.
30th October, 2009 (last edited: 17th January, 2015)
Blame it on the numerous positive comments ranging from supportive to enthusiastic, I heard and read about Musc Ravageur, but I was so disappointed from the very beginning. I was expecting something more musky and exquisite and I just got a nice sweet scent instead. Perfumers sometimes, in their effort to create scents that stand out and actually make the difference, come up with interesting but strange and misleading blends, and I think this is the case for MR. Strange opening (sorry, no bergamot for me, just a sweet and oily lavender note) that leads to a loud cinnamon spice heart that gets better with time. Not great though. I can see the use of cinnamon as a way to innovate, give power and some longevity to the blend, only I am not sure it will please the majority of Musc lovers (they will have to search a lot in order to find a note that resembles to musc, at least at its usual form). The base is quite pleasant but fails to project its woody character. More feminine and definitely not sexy for me.
18th October, 2009
A victim of hype through no fault of its own. The heart of the scent is all creamy vanilla and a sprinkle of cinnamon, with a powdery feel that is reminiscent of opoponax in Shalimar. To me MUSC RAVAGEUR is rather gourmand-esque if it isn't for the animalic, rather dirty note that I presume to be a deftly rendered musk. However it is notoriously elusive. And oddly enough, despite being a denser element the musk is more noticeable in the opening minutes yet somehow pulls a disappearing act thereafter. Musk lovers will no doubt find this disappointing but it is the fleeting nature of the musk that makes this more wearable (read: unisex). And if what I hear is true, the musky note retains a subtle presence in the sillage even if it seems odorless to the wearer. Just don't expect Musc Ravageur to be the sexy beast the name suggests when its charm is closer to that of a cute pussycat.

*** this review is for Musc Ravageur Oil ***
28th September, 2009
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United States
Cue in I Dream of Jeannie Music....

This one definitely goes on like Jeannie's raven haired mischievous sister on a good day...a slightly musky, disco ball, gold chain wearing, sickly smelling concoction that revs you up for a night with that groovy goddess (after all who cares about Jeannie...she's so boring).

During the dry drown, Jeannie wins out and the musk mostly fades out into a gloriously calm vanilla cinnamon with hints of clove. Yet, there is something slightly sinister underneath... a kind of I Dream Of Jeannie sister winner take all steel cage match that goes on all day.

The staying power is ridiculous...after 3 sprays and a shower I still had this scent with me the next morning.

11th September, 2009
Musc Ravageur smells nice, but I don't find it particularly musky or ravaging. Vanilla and cinnamon seem to be the main components here, although the musk is present in the base. Really, I find Musc Ravageur to be remarkably similar to Shalimar, and I would recommend the eau de parfum of the latter over a bottle of the former if one were to choose a between the two. Musc Ravageur is a good scent, but I don't think it quite lives up to the hype bestowed upon it.
14th August, 2009
MR is a pretty dynamic, spicy, vanillic scent over a soft touch of agarwood and musk. it comes across as a creamy vanilla and cinnamon based scent with nice touch of woody notes than musk..not sure what was the idea/concept behind it..but it sure smells sexy.
14th August, 2009 (last edited: 18th August, 2009)
I find this a combination of rich and plain; a Bavarian cream of an oriental, fun and uncomplicated.

There is a distinct "cinnamon bun" accord in the top, the gourmand association of cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, and I think mace giving it a dessert-like quality. Soon it dries down to a rich, creamy, yet oddly petrochemical musk. I found myself hunting for something to compare it to - tar? parrafin? new boots? - but the closest I can come is the smell of black indelible marker. This isn't freakish or experimental at all, it's just that the piquant edge to this fragrance is not animalic to my nose, but rather a distinctly clean and man-made note that makes this fragrance wearable as opposed to merely appetizing.

I find this pleasing and wearable in all weather. I find the sillage good, but not overwhelming, and the longevity exceptional. I think a lack of complexity here prevents me from being more enthusiastic than I am, though. It's such a nice accord I kind of wish there was more TO it, but perhaps if there was it wouldn't be as personable and all-weather as it is. As of now, I don't find it bottle worthy. I don't think I'd ever get sick of it - but I just might get bored...
17th July, 2009
Have to say, I am not wildly impresssed with this at first. It seems odd to me that there is spice sandwiched between a rather skinny top and base...clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, seem oddly out of place in a citrus/lavender with a thin white musk. More to come as I retry....
27th June, 2009