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Negative Reviews of Une Fleur de Cassie by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

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I'm just not loving this one. I can't get past the stale, starchy, almost moldy notes of mimosa and carnation. This reminds me too much of Apres L'Ondee. I don't care for that one either.

If any other notes are here, I sure can't find them through the blinding, toxic twins. I will give it a few more wears to see if it has any redeeming qualities but....

I'm always tempted to scrub this one. This time I let it ride all the way through. It settles into a vanilla base. I thought I smelled a touch of rose or jasmine. I can't be sure.
12th September, 2017 (last edited: 08th October, 2017)
Despite its many notes, this smells to my nose like untreated fleece - from a sheep's hide, also a little dark like a leather with a bit of tart rubber thrown in for good measure.

Not very nice at all. Luckily, it disappears in minutes.

How can so many notes, all smelling wonderfully on their own, come to so little when combined. It's like a drawing where every color has had its chance to cover another color until they're all there and all you can see is black.
12th March, 2014
This sounded like something I'd really like. But it had a deal-breaker that's common for me - I reacted to a chemical/molecule adversely.
This one became murky and cloudy in an unpleasant way. The vapor was mildly off-putting, indistinct. It began exhibiting a tendency that's become familiar to me - when it's a chemical reaction, I tend to not be able to smell separate notes or nuances, anymore. The entire fragrance is characterized by a 'synthetic' overlay, like a blanket. This happened with Chanel No. 5 also.

17th July, 2012
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What is everyone going on about?
Sweaty buttcheeks in a bottle.
13th April, 2009
We all smell things differently... I get dirty, wet and dank notes in this. I do not find this flowery at all, just an unpleasant musty mold aroma. Try it, though, you might find it different then what I smell.
05th October, 2008
I get the weirdest note from this... cumin. I'm assuming this is the Cassie flower. While the powdery musk is a bright spot in the scent, the tinge of body odor/cumin ruins it for me.
08th December, 2007
Color me unimpressed. I should hope I never run into a wild Cassie flower, if this is what they actually smell like. Also, I suppose luckily, this scent was almost undetectable on my after about an hour.
15th March, 2006
This is a weird scent--DO NOT buy unsniffed! I got mine as a free sample. It smelled like bad breath in the bottle. I figured it would develop. Every so often when I tried it on, it would smell good--like a unique flower on a warm-person base. But then it would morph back into overly-pungent-odor-of-various-orifices. It did eventually fade away but it was largely an unpleasant experience.
26th August, 2005
In it's description, "bordering on coarse" is used. Coarse, sharp, almost marine-like describes this scent. Not my usual preference for a floral blend type, I found this scent unpleasant. It is very light and in my opinion, not worth the money.
20th August, 2005