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Neutral Reviews of Une Fleur de Cassie by Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle

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I don't know it changed after the EL handover but i remember this one smelling stronger before.

Anyway, i feel it smells like rattan beach mats which i really love to smell, always reminds me of summer. However it is pretty weak. I apply it liberally like 8-10 sprays but after 1 hour it becomes a skin scent, I can hardly smell it.

I really like the smell but would never buy at that price level
03rd April, 2018
DO NOT be fooled by that demure, powdery openning. It turns into a beast after drying down. I honestly wonder why they didn't put "musk" in the note.

Really, a little warning would be helpful: I feel like I'm about to marry lady Sansa, then find the Hound waiting for me at altar.
30th August, 2017
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The opening is a pleasant floral potpourri, with a nice jasmine in the foreground in my skin, accompanied by carnation and mimosa draped over a underlying carpet of a violet that blends in well as a backgound. This is a very agreeable start. The sweetness of this floral bouquet is quite restrained, which prevents it from suffocating the delightful
flowery top notes.

The drydown starts promising with a good rose impression, that assumes some fruity and aldehydic characteristics. This is less vivid and less intense than the beginning.

By the time the base notes with its mix of woods, tonka and white musky arise, they have become quite faint and are more shadows than real notes.

I get soft sillage, and adequate projection initially that gradually deteriorates, and five hours of longevity on me.

A spring daytime scent with a very commendable and satisfying, albeit not very original, beginning, which becomes increasingly anemic in intensity as well in the quality of the ingredients. Towards the end, it unfortunately has turned quite generic and lost structure. Overall 2.75/5.
22nd July, 2017
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BayKAT Show all reviews
United States
I was curious about this scent because of the fabulously descriptive reviews, but felt like I approached it wearing blinders.

It's not that i dont get this one, I just don't have an opinion on it. I had to wear it four times before reviewing because I'm putting it on, and yes i can smell it, but it doesn't last long enough to evaluate.

This is not a scent i dislike, this is not a scent that I love. This is just a scent that i tried.

It opens big and yellow for me; quite sweet actually, and this phase I'm 'eh' about. I don't get a dry down, but I do have something lingering on my clothes. I can't say this is musky, and I can't say it's dirty body-like, it's just a scent that is hanging on my clothes.

hmm... sorry, I don't have anything more to add for this one.
07th May, 2010
To the uninitiated UNE FLEUR DE CASSIE may come across as crass, vulgar even, and all those earlier references to bodily orifices seem to have more than an iota of truth in them. Who on Earth would ever want to smell like this? But others may find the funky mix of florals, spices and musk oddly erotic, a scent reminiscent of sex (?). Or for nature lovers it could just be the scent of wild flowers and fallen petals in various phases of decay. In any case I find myself going through love, hate, reconciliation but eventually, resignation and separation. This is just not for me. While its artistry is undeniable and Ropion's execution flawless, IMO it's far too controversial when it doesn't need to be.
03rd November, 2009 (last edited: 04th November, 2009)
I do not know what cassie smells like, but I'm thinking it must be related to mimosa, as the fragrance this most strongly reminded me of was Caron's Farnesiana. It shares a curiously thick, doughy texture with that fragrance, but without the other gourmand elements found there. Instead, the flower-dough core is surrounded by car exhaust; smelling this is like smelling flowers by a highway, on a day with bad air pollution. It's not smoky, dark, dirty, animalic or even oddly petrochemical the way some fragrances are, but it is most assuredly smoggy, and this smog note is the first thing I notice about this fragrance and is - hopefully - its unique feature.

All in all, I find it very linear. It's a little "fresher" in the first few minutes, but there is no big difference between when it's put on and when it disappears ( twelve or so hours later, on me ). The sillage is moderate, and all in all this is in no way a big, luxuriant floral; in fact it's rather reserved. But then, I love big white florals, so I may have different standards than most!
17th July, 2009
Tovah Show all reviews
United States
Une Fleur de Cassis is a masterful fragrance, in my opinion, because it's incredibly unique. But it smells cold and distant; strange. Its top notes evoke an elegant, vintage aldehydic floral, but the somewhat woody base smells like dead trees drenched with water. There is an ozonic, almost metallic smell that lingers throughout a layers on my skin. This fragrance is something that feels like Atlantic Ocean waters off the New England coast in winter. Fans of Hiris and Iris Poudre may enjoy this one, because it's such a cool scent. It's more Oriental than floral to me, probably because of the spices. I could really do without the cumin and clove notes. They just don't "fit" with the rest of the notes when on my skin. Une Fleur de Cassie is interesting, and intriguing, but very, very moody. I don't want a bottle of it.
24th April, 2006