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Negative Reviews of Nicole Miller for Men by Nicole Miller

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This is awful. Just one of the worst scents I have owned. Gave it away just to get it out of my house. Way synthetic with no redeeming qualities. Avoid.
17th August, 2016
Dreadful. Cheap-smelling, excessively sweet, brash, cloying.
01st May, 2016
I don't care for this. There is something cloying and disagreeable about it. On me the main components are sandalwood and leather. It reminds me of those cheaper colognes of the 1960's and 1970's like English leather.

This is not terrible, and I'm not throwing it out ... but I will never buy this again. It's cheap - you can buy 2.5 oz of this for $10 online. It's not too synthetic smelling but it tries to be "oriental" and smells like incense. If you like it, that's okay because it's just a matter of taste.
29th September, 2014
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Reminds me Nautica Oceans, but much more loud and vulgar... I really don't believe that NMM is a masculine scent, it is too much sweet to be a masculine fragrance.
22nd December, 2011
The reformulation of Nicole Miller for Men is an obvious cash grab from the once trendy 90´s fashion line. NM is a fruity oriental with a warm and embracing introduction and a short fuse. The opening salvo of the scent is marvelous, some sort of apple cider whiskey blast that seems all too recognizable for its time, but vanishes within minutes to a leathery dry-down. Longevity on this rivals Nautica Classic for shortest life span on the market, I never get more than 30 minutes, and that´s being generous.
Incredibly conventional and formulaic, but still would have been a nice budget alternative purchase for its type if not for the atrocious longevity that makes it almost irrelevant. Pleasant enough in its first-impression, lacks any stamina or unique attributes to stand out from the already overcrowded market. Had wonderful potential but it appears Nicole Miller has settled into its new role as a post-modern out of favor fashion house taking short-cuts in production quality while being less selective about where their products are available for retail.
Fun for a quick sniff, but pathetic longevity makes this one better left behind.
02nd March, 2011
I find nothing compelling nor inspiring about this fragrance. I get a little of the apples and booze that others have mentioned, but mostly I smell a darkish leather. Not in a good way, either, but more like a moldy, dank basement. If you can imagine what your 3rd grade baseball glove would smell like if it were stored in a dark, wet basement for decades -- that's a good proximity to the odor of Nicole Miller for Men. Sillage and longevity are about average, but this just isn't a nice smell.
03rd January, 2011
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United States

I am probably the most open minded member of Basenotes when it comes to reformulations, but the reformulation of Nicole Miller For Men is a shameless travesty. This used to be a borderline powerhouse, with an enormous dose of celery-like oakmoss and dark leather. It was both hip and manly smelling, very late-80s/early 90s in style. Sort of like a much milder version of Basala or MCM Success.

This new stuff is just a sweet, boring fruity oriental with absolutely no balls. It's not that it smells awful, but more that it's just another faceless, hackneyed fruity oriental, like hundreds of others. They were better off just discontinuing this fragrance than reformulating it like this and passing it off as the original Nicole Miller For Men. They have created a completely different fragrance with a totally different (i.e. wimpier) feel.

Even though this isn't vile, I have to give this a thumbs down simply because of the way the reformulation disemboweled this fragrance.

16th July, 2010
It must have been the reissue that I sampled at Perfumania today. This stuff was anemic like none other I've ever smelt. And I don't think I really missed out on much anyway, because all I get from this is spiced apples and wood. It smelled like popsicle sticks after they'd been dipped in warm apple cider. I even tried it on skin! The apple note smells bright and aromatic like that of Burberry's (1995 release), but the scent really doesn't offer anything more than that. What abysmal longevity! What a waste of fluid! (Only criticizing the remake)
13th October, 2009
It opens up with with the scent of apples alright but the bourbon takes over very quickly, making the leather notes hard to perceive and it dominates until you shower the next morning. It's boozy but unlike Michael Kors, I don't find this interesting at all.
06th October, 2009 (last edited: 11th December, 2010)
I really want to like this!- this common refrain has been heard too many times in BN. And it's quite appropriate this cliches is used to describe this scent. The opening is just horrible. Smells like a cockroach repellant (and I am not one for hyberbole). And this note just won't go off for a good hour. It does get better after that- but only so much. The 'boozy' and depressed 'fruity' notes linger and overstay its welcome and, for once, I can't wait to wash it off my arms. Mine is the vintage version. I can't imagine the horror that is the reformulated juice.
01st March, 2009
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United States
I'm reviewing the 2008 version. I never tried the vintage Nicole Miller before it was discontinued so I cannot say much about all the great reviews. It was put back on the market and I gave it a try. This one starts out half decent but then the topnotes fade instantly that there is no doubt that the re-introduced version is really cheap in quality and ingredients. Just avoid this since there's nothing special about it and seems watered down big time.
19th October, 2008
The apple scent makes me very nauseated when it's in any cologne.
16th October, 2008
Not exactly boozy for me -- all I get is nauseatingly synthetic vanillic sweetness with leather that feels like it got wrapped around a soaking wet dog. Somehow, it feels "muted" and powerful at the same time -- something that doesn't fare well with me.

I expected to like this, but it is rather "out of date, "fairly arrogant, and smells quite surprisingly cheap. I can see why it's discontinued. Sorry, but thumbs down.
17th July, 2008
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