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Neutral Reviews of Nicole Miller for Men by Nicole Miller

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Genre: Woody Oriental

If you’ve ever tasted Applejack or Calvados, you’ll know Nicole Miller’s topnotes: booze and spiced apples. The apples and alcohol are unfortunately a tad chemical in character, so the impression they leave is more “scented candle” than “personal fragrance.” Of course apple on a spicy-woody fougère base is hardly original, having been essayed by roughly 49% of all masculine fragrances since Green Irish Tweed and Cool Water. (Another 49% are aquatics, leaving the remaining 2% for everything else.)

Some say this is a leather scent, and Michael Edwards classifies it as a woody-oriental, but I think Nicole Miller treads the by now conventional fruity fougère path quite closely, though distinguishing itself to a small degree by way of an odd, gamy, animalic note deep in its foundation. This bit of mammalian funk is a reminder of bolder animalic fougères like Lauder for Men, Kouros, and Jules, but Nicole Miller doesn’t quite have the guts to go all the way, and winds up seeming almost apologetic. Neither the godsend some claim, nor Satan’s spawn, but a pleasant fruity thing for men that’s outclassed by scents like New York, L’Anarchiste, or the now ironically no-more-expensive(!) Amouage Ciel.

21st June, 2014
Since I find Nicole Miller for Men quite similar to Timberline by Dana, the review is quite similar as well.

There's just something about Nicole Miller for Men that bothers me and I can't quite figure out what it is...the immediately olfactory-assaulting fruity/boozy/floral opening becomes vastly overshadowed by an immutable vibe of insect repellant that desperately tries to be tamed by an amber South American honey and/or classic vanilla along with a touch of sandalwood, musk and moss mid-notes and unfortunately ends as one off-putting, sweet-ish woody kind of hot mess.

Nicole Miller for Men lasts a fairly long on me with moderate projection, especially during summer months. As mentioned in the review opening, Nicole Miller for Men reminds me a lot of Timberline by Dana and I'm not a huge fan of that either.
10th March, 2014 (last edited: 15th March, 2014)
I don't quite know what to say about this fragrance. It has a very strong smell of apples and alcohol, with a bit of honey. Not an alcohol smell in an astringent way; more like apple schnapps (very sweet) or maybe an apple martini. To me the initial smell of apples & grog never really goes away and I don't seem to get any of the drydown smells mentioned by others here.

The problem I have with it is I'm not sure when I would want to smell like apples and alcohol! Certainly not in the office, or even at a function. Maybe at a casual party for novelty value?

On a positive note, this (reformulation) can be found VERY cheap. I picked up mine (blind) for about $8.00! I certainly don't hate Nicole Miller for Men, but I just don't see myself wearing this one very often.

16th August, 2011
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This review is for the original Nicole Miller For Men

One of the simplest fragrances I have encountered for some time. The only mildly appealing phase for me is the opening; it’s a potent accord of honeyed apples and dusty sweet vanilla. The remaining phases are merely diminishing photocopies of the opening, with subsequent notes having little or no effect. It dirties a little later on, but it’s all a little nondescript for me.
10th April, 2011
Nicole Miller starts off warm with notes of apple and bourbon which fade away promptly. It then turns into a great deep rough leather, the leather is so deep that it almost smells like motor oil or gasoline similar to that of Fahrenheit's. At first I sprayed too much of this on and it smelled like a synthetic chemical catastrophe. While NM is somewhat synthetic it's not nearly as bad now that I've applied less.

Apples and booze, to leather.. this is a real man's fragrance. Guys who like ADG -- steer clear of Nicole Miller. Guys who love leather, come check this one out.. even if you dislike apples, those apples are gone within a minute. To me the opening is better than the dry down, but the dry down is very promising if you're a leather fan. Similar to John Varvatos in a way.. as they both start off fruity and tone down into a leather base, though Nicole Miller's dry down is a far more intense leather that JV.

Nicole Miller is not my favorite but it's different. This is one of those fragrances that may take a few applications for it to grow on you because of the base notes. I give Nicole Miller a C.
25th March, 2010
A rather nice spiced apple and rum scent that might possibly warrant a thumbs up were the longevity and sillage not so abysmal. Even the most liberal dosage disappears within the hour. Specifically formulated, I'll warrant, to last just long enough to get through the checkout counter and leave bewildered customers wondering if it's too late to return it once they arrive home unscented, wallets unfettered.

Further tipping the balance to neutral rather than thumbs up is the cheap-looking packaging. Ugly decanter. The ring that attaches aerator to bottle is made of serrated plastic, and comes off if I attempt to replace the cap. Poorly conceived and executed packaging.
03rd December, 2009 (last edited: 14th March, 2010)
Creamy rich effluvium of the supposedly monarchical mandarin - yet somehow blatant and nondescript. A present for your servants, messieurs? (de Charlus)
06th February, 2006