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Parlux version. Dusty, green-tart apple, and amber that all comes off a little boozy. Don't use too much and it'll work anytime, anywhere. At a few bucks/oz it's a good value for this type. Too much and you'll be a clown.

30th December, 2017
I absolutely LOVE Nicole Miller for Men. Now that Minotaure by Paloma Picasso is getting harder and harder to find in the 4.2 oz. size, Nicole Miller for Men is a very appropriate replacement. It smells almost identical to MINOTAURE, although there may be more woody undertones (basenotes). I do, in fact, wear Nicole Miller for Men and Minotaure interchangeably. They are both wonderful fragrances and as long as they don't discontinue them both, I will be tremendously happy with either of them. Minotaure is pricier than NCM, but for the very affordable price of NCM, you can spray to your heart's content. I give Nicole Miller for Men FIVE STARS due to its quality and uniqueness (other than being very similar to Minotaure)!
25th December, 2017
I just retested out my bottle of Nicole Miller for Men, just to make sure it still works for me.

First of all, my bottle was purchased over 10 years ago, so I was a bit nervous about how it'd be. The initial spray-on was an onslaught of alcohol that stunned me. However, after like 10 seconds, the scent starts to come together into the structure that I've always loved: Orange citrus, leathery and reinforced with musk that lasts (on me, at least) most of the day. In other words, longer than 30 minutes.

Secondly, it is a pleasant, relaxing, and stable composition to boot. Nicole Miller for Men reminds me greatly of Givenchy's Xeryus Rouge and Marbert's Diesel Plus, both which are well-crafted tangy scents with a healthy heart of musk. NMfM is a better take on the orange-musk men's cologne than, say, Anarchiste by Caron (which seems like a metal-orange peel fragrance). The tanginess and sweetness is there in NMfM, distinguishing it from Eau / Concentre d'Orange Verte by Hermes (which focus on the underripened orange peel vibe).

Nicole Miller for Men is an acquired taste, though it's fairly easy to locate despite being discontinued.
15th December, 2016 (last edited: 29th January, 2017)
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rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Top Notes
Apple, Honeydew, Bourbon.

Middle Notes
Leather, Oakmoss, Vanilla.

Base Notes
Amber, Musk, Sandalwood.
The well known boozy apple top notes are gorgeous on my skin, and well balanced. Later honey and vanilla - both not spectacular but nice and not cloying on me - add depth and veer into a restrained gourmand-type direction. Later in the drydown a pleasant sandalwood and amber develop, all of solid quality and convincingly composed. Decent silage and projection, is scent nonetheless is not loud or overly intrusive if not applied excessively. Longevity is a very good sic hours. A very nice fragrance in autumn.
06th November, 2013
The story of the waxing and waning fortunes of Nicole Miller for Men is one of the most interesting and instructive you will encounter. Please read the reviews on Basenotes back to the beginning, and then read the forum threads... and then forevermore BEWARE of how much we are influenced by reputation, scarcity and cost, and how little any of those things actually have to do with the fragrance itself!

When Nicole Miller for Men was introduced it was expensive and very sought after. When it was discontinued it was very lamented... and quickly became very scarce and VERY expensive. And then a funny thing happened.

When it was reintroduced, Nicole Miller for Men was no longer really expensive. And then when the recession hit it became really, really cheap. I think I saw Nicole Miller for Men for sale in many places for $7 per bottle, and you can still find it for about $10 per bottle.

Now some will tell you the reformulated Nicole Miller for Men is different from the original and blah, blah, blah. Maybe... but I don’t know.

What I do know is that Nicole Miller for Men in its modern version is a very solid fragrance. And, as you can read in several forum threads on Basenotes (back to at least 2006) there is virtually no difference between Nicole Miller for Men and Paloma Picasso Minotaure!

In fact, the extreme similarity between these two fragrances was commented upon several times in the forums, and I have also done my own side by side tests... and I can assure you that these two fragrances are virtually identical in every way.

However, if you track the reviews of Nicole Miller for Men from 2002 to the present you will see that the ratings and angst have generally gone down as the price and perceived scarcity of the product plummeted, while the reputation of Minotaure has remained pretty much the same. Hmmph!

By the way, I really like the fragrance and am now on my second bottle although I must admit that while the Minotaure bottle is outstanding, the bottle of Nicole Miller for Men (also textured and frosted) in not nearly as attractive. Ah, well... If you want a good masculine fragrance with a strong tobacco vibe, then go buy Nicole Minotaur for men :)
02nd November, 2013
Lovely smooth mellow amber/soapy scent. Reminds me a little of Avon True Force but this is better. Lasting power is moderate. It's a well blended scent. The bottle is gorgeous. Definitely a big THUMBS UP for me!
15th November, 2012 (last edited: 30th March, 2013)
I do not understand all the bitching about this fragrance. I have the "wrong" version, made in the USA by Parlux and I find it very good. Maybe because I have not experienced the original canadian version so I do not have a point of reference, but regardless, this is still a good scent.
It opens a little bit like calvados (the boozy apple note) but moves swiftly into this sweet leather heart that gave me the impression of honey spilled in a leather sofa, and closes in a very sweet mossy amber drydown with a woody background.
Not a fragrance you would go crazy about, but i is much better than many in the same price range.
07th September, 2012
EDIT: I finally tried the vintage formulation of Nicole Miller for Men. I actually don't really notice much of a change between the vintage and current versions, except that the current version is sweeter with more noticeable apple and aldehydes. The vintage version is straight up warm, aldehydic apples, leather, and booze. It's good stuff but it can get cloying if too much is applied.

Excellent sillage and longevity. If you find it, try it.
21st December, 2010 (last edited: 23rd May, 2011)
(Edit of 23 April, 2010 review)

Finally got a hold of the vintage formula of Nicole Miller and it's absolutely wonderful. The longevity is only slightly better on my skin than that of the unworthy reformulation, but everything else is vastly better. It smells warm, rich, very inviting, and real. I can see where the new version tried to recreate the structure of the original with synthetic ingredients, and perhaps they did a decent job, but the end product is a poor facsimile at best and a vapid shell at worst. Knowing that a fragrance of this caliber will soon cease to exist is akin to watching the last of a species die; it just plain rots.

Double edit: I am in love with the opening. It is tragically short-lived, so I have to apply it to my shirt to get any longevity, but it is, in all honesty, in my top five favorite openings of everything I have tried. I would go so far as to call it an intoxicant.

I have come around a bit on my opinion of the reformulation. The opening is very harsh and chemical, but patience rewards. I don't know if it's the replacement oakmoss or a different apple note, but one of them remains dry and astringent in a way which cuts through the mix throughout the whole experience. Thankfully, after a few minutes this devolves into a bitter dryness instead of an insect repellent or melting plastic, as the opening might suggest. The original version is more juicy and natural (albeit more dark and musty in the end phase), but overall this is still quite a lovely scent, especially for the price, with the caveat that you must endure a short period of harsh bite before it settles into itself. Definitely spray/splash this on your shirt if you expect any projection out of it; both versions last for hours, but only about an inch from the skin. You may not notice it otherwise unless you sniff yourself.
23rd April, 2010 (last edited: 07th November, 2016)
The re-launch is a fruity mess. It usually lasts til just about when I am ready to walk out of my bedroom. So, longevity,,about 47.5 seconds.
The vintage though is a different story. Why re-formulate a great scent.
This original scent is a boozy, leathery, and all around nice scent.
The original is in my 130+ bottle rotation.
18th November, 2009
The bottle I have is one of the newer ones and it is very, VERY boozy with a wonderful juxtaposition into the leather mid that I absolutely love. The apple top notes are really short lived, but effective and the honey stays in the background throughout the entire progression. I am getting very little vanilla, but it is there - like a drop or two of the cheap grocery store sort (not a bad thing) just for added measure. Strangely enough, the apple seems to come out again later on me - mixing with the bourbon and that little hint of vanilla. I REALLY like this stage. The base is very comforting and just plain nice- containing a lovely smooth as silk amber/sandalwood accord with a hint of oak moss (I stress hint) and sweet (do in part to the honey) musk. Sort of similar to some others, but the lack of patchouli makes this very different. Very nice indeed.

For me the entire progression took about 5 hours, but it is still there ever so faintly on my skin. However, it is still full force bourbon/leather on my sweater!
02nd November, 2009 (last edited: 03rd November, 2009)
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
Well done old school masculine.. The apple and bourbon are a constant duo throughout the longevity of the scent.. I never smelled the original but that's okay since this is so affordable.. The vanilla/woody drydown is blended perfectly without being cloying and cheap.. A great alternative to today's mundane offerings..
09th June, 2009 (last edited: 02nd February, 2014)
I see this all the time at TJ Maxx. Never paid much attention to it, bought it blind because it was on clearance. I like it, but it does smell like a lot of other colognes. Maybe this is an original fragrance that was imitated a lot. There is a slight "boozy" aspect to it as others have pointed out, but my overall impression is that of a sweet and somewhat musky oriental fragrance with muted fruit notes. I haven't experienced its sillage, dry down or longevity. I'm glad I purchased it.
18th May, 2009
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Nicole Miller for Men

Ever since seeing the apple listed at the top of the pyramid this one has been of interest to me. The top of this is a tart green apple martini as the apple is mixed with a deep boozy note. What is quite eye-opening is the shift this one makes into the heart as we go from bright fruit to deep leather and oakmoss. This again shifts gears to soft amber and sandalwood to finish this one off beautifully. The bottle I have is a vintage bottle I bought on the sales board (thanks Ron199). I don't know if the re-issued version is reformulated and if it is significantly different. If it is, that would be a shame, because this is an entertainingly developing scent on my skin that will be a fun going-out scent for many years.
28th February, 2009
to me... this is all booze.... yes i get the apple for the first two seconds, but then it's all booze booze and a bit of pipe tobacco... immediately it reminds me of michael kors for men, with the apple playing the part of the rhubarb... while michael is definately a better crafted fragrance, nicole miller doesn't let me down at all... i can't see that the ingredients are fake, because i've tried many different "niche" fragrances that smell much more "cheap" and "synthetic" while boasting a pricetag 10X more expensive. This is not my favorite fragrance by any stretch, but this is great for casual situations where an "unassuming" fragrance is called for... It doesn't hurt that I got this for a measly twenty bucks on ebay... If you like/love Michael Kors for men, this is a slightly different departure but nonetheless equally quality fragrance to try out... If you disagree I'll send you twenty yen.
18th February, 2009
Bigsly Show all reviews
United States
I can't give this a negative, though I don't think it's for me. It starts off boozy and fruity, then once the top notes fade, the boozy fruit plays off against a leathery note for at least 4 to 5 hours (two sprays to chest). I think I just don't like the boozy fruit accord, but there's nothing "wrong" with it. If there weren't several fragrances that fill this niche for me, I might look forward to this in my rotation, but as things stand, I wouldn't mind swapping this off for something that I think I'd appreciate more. Everlast Original 1910 is a citrus leather that I prefer to this one. I feel that EO 1910 is balanced better, has better sillage and longevity, and I like the smell of it, whereas I really don't find anything especially pleasant about Nicole Miller, for whatever reason. I made the mistake of smelling EO 1910 up close on the skin when I first sampled it, but it needs to mix with the air. Nicole Miller can be smelled up close, by contrast.
26th December, 2008
oolong Show all reviews
United States
Fruity and Boozy really says it all. A really nice fragrance for a night on the town. It is fun, distinctive without being overpowering.
12th October, 2008
Apple will from now on always remind me of L'Anarchiste. This is a spicier and slightly boozy version of L'Anarchiste with a chypre base of oakmoss and loaded with some leather. Nice, fruity, malty, green. Very awesome.
27th July, 2008
Just got a 2.5 oz bottle today and I guess she brought it back. I'm still skeptical as to whether it's fake or not but it smells pretty good. I'd advise you to get a bottle, pretty good scent.
23rd April, 2008
I still have a 3/4 of a bottle left of this awesome juice. If you can somehow find a bottle of this I advise you to get some. Because of it's scarceness I only wear it in the summer.
16th January, 2008
jdnba Show all reviews
United States
best fragrance ever made...stupid nicole miller needs to bring this one back or even a revamp would be cool.
27th December, 2007
Sweet, boozy fruit notes on top of a creamy rich leathery base, which provides a wonderful form of oppositional balance. In some ways this reminds me slightly of the original Guess Men, possibly also Le Dandy, to a lesser degree. It shows its age a bit, but holds its own. And while I like it a lot, I don't know that it's worth the prices it is commanding on ebay right now. Too bad they discontinued this one. I can't imagine it was unpopular, and if it was, it was not due to the juice, but rather to the distribution or marketing. The educated consumer loses again.
28th January, 2007
I had no idea how nice this was until I can't get my hands on it anymore. Romantic vanilla with dark manliness.
31st October, 2006
Let's face it -- this stuff is wonderful, but it's really just a somewhat more complex version of Minotaure by Paloma Picasso. (At least Minotaure's still available, though.)

Pity that someone chose to discontinue N.M. in the first place Don't understand why, either -- the department store SA's I know say that it sold very, very well for them, and I knew lots of guys -- straight and gay, black and white, young and old -- who wore this heady stuff.
09th October, 2006
This was given to me as a gift when I was 16...wore it almost exclusively throughout college. A shame that is has been discontinued. I still have a couple of bottles, thank god. This one was a huge hit with the ladies too. One friend of mine couldn't be pried off of me when I had this on. Completely wonderful.
23rd May, 2006
Why in the world am I not wearing Nicole Miller for Men more often? This is an amazing, unique scent that I just have to get another bottle of to serve as a backup. This fruity (presents me with an "orangy" effect), boozy, leathery, slightly sweet, sandalwood, oakmoss, and musk elixir is incredibly comforting to wear, perfectly balancing opposites as has already been noted. Nicole Miller for Men strikes me as a cross between Michael for Men (or D'Orsay Le Dandy) and Trussardi Uomo, all other scents I really like as well. However, Nicole Miller for Men is unique enough not to be duplicitous with these. Really, really nice! Get it while it's still available!

24th March, 2006
Fruity, and boozy — talk about a feel-good combination! But then…the exuberance of the opening volley is balanced by darker and unusually presented midnotes of leather and oakmoss. This juxtapositioning of notes is intriguing. There is something extraordinary going on in this fragrance. Amid the exuberance is a powerful darkness. But the energy and the darkness are not conflicting elements, they are opposites within a unity. This is not simply a scent of contrasts — this is a scent of polar opposites — both extremes existing at and in the same time and space. There is no conflict, there is not even a disagreement. This is split personality completely at ease with both faces: Nicole Miller for Men bi-polarly balances its wayward dissipation with its arrogant solemnity. This is the doorway; this is Janus. Remarkable scent.
24th February, 2006 (last edited: 23rd May, 2008)
As I said back on Dec 21, 2005
(No wonder I'm credited with nearly 500 reviews--they keep disappearing into cyberspace)

Romantic, heartbreaking, bittersweet oriental
21 December 2005

(There, I've done my good deed for the day)

Update 2009: This review was for the old ( Is 1994 ancient?) unreformulated juice. Not the new weak junk that vanishes in minutes.
If you're lucky enough to score the old, the back of the box should read
Contents: SD alcohol, fragrance, water, benzophenone-2
80% volume
Happy hunting!
This would be a 5 star scent but the last phase of the drydown is harsh, a fault it shares with Minotaure. Still, for 5 hours of heaven, one may endure 15 min of hell. 4 stars.

(There, enough good deeds!)
21st December, 2005 (last edited: 16th February, 2012)
Where citrus scents tend to be simple and sterile, the orange note in Nicole Miller is an interesting departure from the norm. Kudos to the perfumer for daring to be bold here. Imagine, orange notes projected further than it was ever meant to, by leathery notes! What an extravagant mix of complex opposites. Sweet and tangy melding with the bitter and pungent, makes for a voluptuous entity. This scent smacks of the licentious affair and it is also no longer in production. Who knows when someone will be this bold with the orange note again? See it, snag it!
04th November, 2003
An atrocity that it was axed!! NM is a highly underrated oriental. The unusual ingredients (i.e. bourbon, honeydew melon) and sumptuous woody are virile and romantic. If you run across a bottle, snag that puppy...
30th October, 2002