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Neutral Reviews of No. 74 Original by Taylor of Old Bond Street

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United Kingdom
Nothing special

It is mainly citrus and lavender on my skin, witha floral drydown and a touch of soapiness in the base. Not bad, but nothing remarkable either. It lasts nearly three hours.

21st June, 2013
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United States
This is certainly a bargain fragrance compared to many other English colognes. 74 is sufficiently stuffy and musty with a little English sensibility. It opens with a hint of citrus and aromatic “baby oil” accord like in Hammam Bouquet (which I personally believe TOBS tried to imitate with this fragrance sans rose). It progresses to an indolent jasmine, iris, muguet, and other powdery florals. The base is a little disturbing and far too powdery for wear any time other than winter.
05th September, 2009 (last edited: 10th November, 2009)