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Positive Reviews of No. 74 Original by Taylor of Old Bond Street

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A long time fan of the Victorian Limes, I had heard rotten things about the Original. They are wrong. This is an intriguing floral scent that seems to have some lilac in it. It might be subtle, reserved, and is definitely not an 'in your face (and way up your nose)' kind of scent, but it is superb. Perhaps you have to be English born and over fifty to appreciate it, but whatever it is I hope to always have a spare bottle or two. Combined with Trumper Eucris hair dressing it is an intoxicatingly lovely scent. Strongly recommended. Oh, leave the bottle open half an hour the first time you open it to dissipate the volatile nasties that have dissuaded some reviewers. What is left is pure gold.
31st December, 2010
#74 starts off with orange,bergamont and lemon with a base of lilac,jasmine,rose and sweet musk. Now people know the notes of this version of Geo. Thomas' Royal yacht. It's a very british scent from Edwardian Britain and WW1. I find it elegant, nearly rich and on a functional level a very soothing alcohol AS. Sillage on me is noticeable but not overwhelming and good for 4 hours.
It's Earl Grey and biscuits VS a $5 latte and bagel, regimental tie VS gold chain.
24th August, 2010 (last edited: 28th September, 2010)