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Positive Reviews of No. 74 Victorian Lime by Taylor of Old Bond Street

A lasting lime scent

The top note is lime, with a drydown that has floral features of fuchsia and a touch of rose, but never becomes sweet. Later on a greenish note develops with a gentle moss influence, but not enough to call it a real chypre. It's projection is good on my skin, and it is a lime scent to the end - and that end is an excellent six hours after I applied it.

22nd June, 2013
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United Kingdom
The longest lasting 'lime' of many I've tried. It doesn't smell quite as natural as some, and longevity is extended by the addition of mossy and musky base notes which render the scent overall a little 'dated'; I like it but I don't love it. Great for grandad.
05th October, 2012