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I tried Himalaya for the first time today. It was a different experience that I expected. The opening was not as enjoyable as I was anticipating. It seemed more sweet, where I was expecting a citrus/grapefuit opening. There was almost an Amouage vibe to it, and I'm not very fond of the Amouage line so far. But...then...things got better. Himalaya becomes a wonderful fragrance in the dry down. Such a pleasant experience that it completely turned things around for me. I will wear it several more times before I commit to buying a bottle, but it's certainly caught my attention.
30th March, 2016
Lot number A3913X01 is a pretty solid batch. The citrus top notes blend well with the bergamot. You can barely tell it's bergamot, but its faint and ties everything in well. If a fragrance has Sandalwood, it's in my wardrobe. If a fragrance has sandalwood and cedar, it will be on my skin a LOT. I love how these two notes work together.

Side note - I sprayed this not too long ago, and my cat is hanging out in the area I sprayed it with his nose in the air smelling it. He loves it, so I love it

This is a great night scent. I will be mixing this with Bois Du Portugal often. The bergamot really ties everything together very well
02nd February, 2016
Amazing. Really takes you to a heavily-forested, ice-capped mountain. I vastly prefer it to the (in my opinion) over-hyped Aventus. Very possibly my favorite Creed scent.
23rd January, 2016
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Himalaya is a excellent fragrance that I find difficult to review. IMO, it falls too closely between Silver Mountain Water and Green Irish Tweed, but being closer to SMW. Himalaya is distinctive and more bracing than SMW, but I already own SMW, and don't feel the need to have both in my collection. It carries the Creed trademark quality and dry down, and it's very pleasant and easy to wear. I'd have to wear both SMW and Himalaya side by side to distinguish them, then they would both likely remind me slightly of GIT. All great fragrances so I'd easily give it a Thumbs Up.
09th October, 2015 (last edited: 04th November, 2015)
I tried Himalaya today again after couple of today was some function at home for which I had to wear GIT...and in the night I wanted to test out Himalaya again so out came the decant and the first thing I noticed was how similar its to GIT...the basic DNA...of citrus / green / smoke / is the same...GIT being little more on the sharp side of green than Himalaya so the moot point is that it's the same common thread ...having said that I still enjoy it and as some reviewers have mentioned its a safe office work wear...not as stand-out Fragrance as aventus or GIT but still oozing of class and sofistication ...the only down side is that you can own GIT or any of the other millesimes like MI or SMW ...then u don't really need this as that same DNA is present in all and if you have already ticked a $250+ in that category do u really need another one of the same type in that...? That's the basic Q one needs to ask oneself and then decide accordingly....but I will not mark it down for it ...just that in that cateogry I need to own just that the funds can be used for other worthy fragrances out there...
I will recommend it however as its one of the many creed classics which one can enjoy thoroughly !
I don't need to describe the notes as many reviewers have done that already and better than me to boot ! What I can share is my view point on the fragrance which might be of some help in any potential buyers evaluation of the various options from the house of creed !
29th August, 2015

If you Like to be different CREED Fragrances are For You.HIMALAYA?A Modern Classic that is Seemly for Any Season and Any Occasion.It is both Youthful and Mature Simultaneously. Bright,Fresh,Woody,Intelligent,Elegant, Clean,Charming and Masculine.

HIMALAYA is a fresh woods cologne with a Masculine Drydown. At first glance The Citrus burst is Strong like Often Fresh Scents but when the top notes go away you are Surrounded by a Wonderful smell and it makes a Statement saying I am a Reflection of one Lifestyle and Attitude.

Definitely One of those Masculine Colognes that Most men would fall in Love with it.Lovely For Ladies too.It reminds me of a garden after the Rain. A Beautiful Present.Anyway I think you can not Go wrong with CREED fragrances.


Longevity?Good on my skin.

09th June, 2015
Flying relatively under the radar in the house of Creed, Himalaya retains the line's ambiguous "fresh" DNA with having more depth. Like Aventus, Himalaya walks the line between citrus and wood, and in that respect is both fresh and grounded in something earthy/spicy at the same time, and is versatile. The comparisons to Aventus should probably end here, though, as Aventus is far fresher / more centered around pineapple, and Himalaya is more a balance of several citruses and woods (cedar, sandal).

It opens mainly with these citruses (grapefruit, bergamot, lemon) and devolves into its woodier notes within an hour and holds these notes more at the forefront for its lifespan, still retaining the citrus as part of the mix.

I think the name is mistakenly cold weather-centric, as I find Himalaya to have all-season and day/night wearability. Projection and longevity are very good, but not great, and as such are consistent with Creed's other offerings, like Aventus.

8 out of 10

23rd April, 2015
I'm not sure why, this gets such bad reviews ? I could where this all the time . It is not a fascinating fragrance, but the ambergris is what always stands out to me, and makes this smell really nice . Spray some on your clothes, and the longevity, will be great . It lasts all day on me . One of the only two that I like, from Creed .
02nd January, 2015
I don't know if something can "smell" cold, but Himalaya really does live up to it's namesake.

When I tried it my immediate reaction was "this smells cold" which I found was a really odd thought to have, but it does.

Think of how it must smell when you are standing the the summit of everest and you will be close.

Extremely fresh and bracing, and, actually, very nice...
17th October, 2014
Genre: Woody Oriental

Though its more prominent woody/resinous base notes lend it a more “oriental” character, Himalaya still seems similar in overall style to Green Irish Tweed, Millésime Imperial, Silver Mountain Water, Royal Water, Green Valley, and any number of other modern Creed “millésimes.” If you like this formula (and many do,) you should try Himalaya. It’s a very attractive scent.

As for me, I may be getting old and cranky, but I’ve come to find Himalaya and it’s siblings so close in character that I don’t need to own more than one at a time. Of this group, I like Silver Mountain Water the best, but I can easily see others preferring Himalaya, MI, or GIT. For a modern Creed that stands a bit apart, I still turn to Erolfa for its grit or Acier Aluminium for its depth and animal sensuality.
16th June, 2014
An enigmatic wonder of scented bliss. Yes, this begins with something odd, but very spring-ish! I feel clean wearing this fragrance. Then the drydown comes into play and I have an occasional blast of woods out of nowhere, yet not a dirty forest, but a Coors Beer commercial vibe! Mountains, and clean water cascading over mineraly rocks. This is an excellent blend. My spring scents are this, GIT, Tere D'Hermes, and Black Touch for spring evenings.
05th April, 2014
Cold, yet warm; sour, yet sweet. Himalaya is a conundrum and it's not surprising that it divides so many people.

The opening is a cold, citrus blast of alcohol. Unlike some, this doesn't grab me. It actually reminds me of that chemical odour of women's hairspray.

For me, though, Himalaya is all about the dry down. It stays somewhat austere on me for a good few hours as a cold, metallic note persists but then it develops into a lovely, warm sandalwood base, touched by a most agreeable incense note. I don't like incense but in this fragrance it really works for me.

I don't understand why so many reviewers have called Himalaya generic. I would agree that it doesn't belong to the familiar Creed family of fragrances, but I regard it as anything but generic. I also get the impression that this is a fragrance that projects more favourably than the wearer may realise. I know that sounds odd but those notes that rise from close quarters through the wearer's nasal passages, particularly for the first two or three hours, are definitely less revealing and balanced than they are for a receiving nose a couple of feet away.

I've had my bottle for about a year now and I wore Himalaya on a cold day recently after a fairly long break and I have to say it was a joy - more so than past outings. It has grown on me with time and I swear it has improved with age, like my bottle of Aventus. Or that could just be me, warming to it.

I also have a different experience with longevity to many reviewers. On that day, it was an absolute beast. I applied three sprays to the neck in the morning and my wife and I could still smell it after 13 hours, although it was naturally wearing closer to the skin by then. I did apply some unscented moisturiser to my neck first, so that may well have assisted.

If you want a fragrance that is inoffensive and versatile but still shouts quality, then you could do a lot worse. Not up there with my favourites by any means but I do find myself enjoying wearing Himalaya very much. Overall, a worthy addition to a collection.
23rd March, 2014
Not Creed's best, but overall, a good addition.

Before I bought this one, I did some research. A review once classified this as the workhorse of the Creed house and I tend to lean that way. A good every day scent. Could be worn to work daily. Very safe.

However, the opening is almost too floral for my taste. This can definitely be worn by either a man or a woman and would get no argument from me. I would not recommend Himalaya to someone who is new to Creed. Or to a man that is not "mature" or "confident enough" to pull this off.

Still good to bust out every once in a while on date night.

Pros: Longevity, projection
Cons: I agree that this is non-distinct, almost too floral"

07th September, 2013
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Pretty pricey for nothing special

Started with a crisp blast of lemony citrus that stayed a while before disappearing into a cool, crisp scent. Smelled like a real lemon, unlike other lemony scents that come across as too redolent of hospital disinfectant.

Unfortunately, the lemon left too soon and was replaced by...nothing. A pale, crisp fragrance that lingered without intruding or making itself known. This was the girl at the party who might have been interesting but stayed in the corner hugging her wine glass and keeping to herself. And then she's gone after barely making her presence felt.

Pros: Inoffensive office scent
Cons: Not distinctive"

21st August, 2013
Normal Fragrance

I blind bought Himalaya a year ago, and have only come to spray it on a couple times in that time.

It is a very nice, bold fragrance, but very "normal". I feel like this is a fragrance one could find at Macy's or a small perfume store for a much cheaper price.

Overall it smells nice, but for the "creed" money your paying, I would suggest another scent.

Although the box is pretty cool.

Pros: Manly, Strong
Cons: Generic, bland, expensive"

15th August, 2013
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United Kingdom
Pleasant and fresh

The too note is traditional with citrus-bergamot freshness. But from the start a restrained scent. In the drydown a woody note with nutmeg is added, whilst vetiver keels up the fresh character, albeit somewhat attenuated. Towards the end the house-specific ambergris note and vanilla sweetness is emerging. Always close to my skin after the first half an hour, and gone after two hours. For warmer climes.

Pros: Fresh and restrained

17th June, 2013
Himalaya by Creed

Cooling icy citrus with a peppery woody background, creating a dichotomy of both modern and traditional. Dries down into a cedar base with excellent musk, ambergris and sandalwood notes perfectly blended together. Classy, sophisticated, versatile. Best for spring, but great for any season. Can be worn by both a young man and a gentleman alike. Any man can wear this and there is no age barrier.

The one big downside to this fragrance is performance. The projection and longevity of this fragrance aren't up to par with the standards of other fragrances of this category. For a fresh summer fragrance, maybe, but for a woody-oriental, no. Also, compared to other fragrances of the Creed house, this fragrance stands out as a weaker link, and you might be better off getting the other Creed fragrances first.

Still though, the positives outweigh the negatives and Himalaya has a lot to offer. Try this one for youself.

29th May, 2013
Ok, this is tough to rate. The fragrance smell is wonderful. A clean soapy smell that is nearly perfect. A 5 stars. The projection is fair. It sits very close to the skin, which is ok if you understand you will be the only one smelling it. The longevity is HORRIBLE. I just don't understand how the Creed Cheerleaders say they get 8hrs. from this. I put 5 spritzes on, and after 2 hrs couldn't smell it. My wife couldn't either, and I asked random people to take a close deep sniff...nothing. For the money and hype of Creed this is unacceptable. I kept samples b/c I love to put it on and smell it for an hour or maybe 2.
02nd May, 2013
Suitable for every day wear, this fragrance delivers in terms of sophistication without pretension. It's clean and fresh in the same way that Cool Water is, but there is far more complexity and longevity in Himalaya.
18th April, 2013
this is a forgettable soapy scent. It smells really "clean", EXACTLY like a brand of soap My mother bought for us when I was a kid...I can't put my finger on which one...Dial? Irish Spring? It has great projection, but it still is soap. I would give it a Positive if it wasn't so freaking expensive and worshiped like a god. I have MI, GIT, Aventus, Royal Oud, and so I am not a "Creed Hater" BUT to charge me $300-Creed had BETTER put out a home-run. Not soap-in-a-bottle.
28th March, 2013 (last edited: 30th March, 2013)
I love Himalaya. It's fresh. Two hours later it evolves into an elegant musky drydown.
31st October, 2012 (last edited: 15th September, 2014)
Sincerly it's smells almost like XS. It's a great smell but not worth it's price. I did expect more from a Creed and this one disappoints me. Not worth it.
29th October, 2012
I first smelled this on a friend and I thought it was one of the best fragrances I have ever smelled. Unfortunately for me, I didn't get the same delicious smell out of Himalaya. When I initially sprayed it, I got a fresh and wonderful scent with slight tones of musk and sandalwood/cedarwood. Unfortunately this fresh opening doesn't last long. Within 30 minutes it was gone. After about an hour, the scent smells like something an old woman in her 70's would wear.
28th September, 2012
floral woody cyphre with feeble sillage and poor longevity
30th August, 2012 (last edited: 17th January, 2014)
Classy and fresh fragrance, maybe a bit childish
05th May, 2012
Thumbs up, way up. Nice classy fresh fragrance. Four sprays lasts me about 10 hours. Like all Creeds, it's expensive; but you can find a 4 oz selling on the internet for around $140. IMO, it's well worth it.
02nd February, 2012
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United States
IMHO this fragrance isn't like the other Creed's that I enjoy (Aventus, Millisime Imperial, GIT) -- it lacks originality and that unique *whatever* that makes the other Creeds I like worth paying as much as I do for them. Himalaya doesn't seem to have that...whatever it is that I look for in a niche fragrance. It's not a bad fragrance by any means, there's just nothing that stands out about it to me that says "oh this is nice" -- or "oh this is definitely worth as much as I paid for it"

It's almost like this could be a brand name fragrance from guess or something.

Anyways...notewise, top is very fresh and citrus like.
I get a nice citrus blast, then musk and sandalwood.

I'd take Aventus over this fragrance any day of the week for any occaison....which is kind of a similar concept but the top is fruiter with Aventus, which I enjoy.


Alright I'm changing my mind about this it a thumbs up. It's a cool spring day in NY and Aventus just doesn't cut it for a work fragrance, so I decided to wear Himalaya to the office today...Aventus is too "loud" if you know what I mean, and SMWis too "quiet."

Himalaya, I think, is probably the *best* work fragrance, right there in the middle...fresh but not loud and not offensive...but it's still not worthy of the price that creed sells it for.
22nd January, 2012 (last edited: 17th May, 2012)
Creed = Expensive and classy fragrance!
Longevity is the main problem for most of the creed fragrances! (Or maybe all of them)
But overall quality is vey good and many of them smell great!
The opening is citrus bomb! It's very fresh and soapy and give you extra energy .
After one hour, become woody with a bit of citrus!
This is a very versatile fragrance that you can use it in all four seasons.
Projection is very good but longevity is average.
I get around 6 hour out of this and it's not fair for a $175 fragrance! (120ml)
Thumbs up because of great scent, very good quality and great projection.
07th November, 2011
This is the lesser of Creed's cold, "mountainous" fragrances. It starts out as a very airy, cool citrus with mint and florals. Very soon the not-too-sharp citrus and mint assume the guise of that woody, dusty green that reminds people so much of Paco XS. Here it has a very sudsy soap quality to it, whereas XS is more sharply green. At this stage, it's probably the most sudsy soap scent I know of, even though it's not specifically a soap scent. As the wood starts to come back in the mid notes, it unfortunately brings with it some of that sweet cherry/wood note that a lot of designer brands have, which I don't particularly like. It also begins to get mustier here, and has lost all of the amazing freshness of the top notes, all the while getting more medicinal from the "cherry wood". It's almost like a failed Gendarme scent, having started out bright and soapy, but fallen into a musty, sickly rut. The herbal notes give it an unpleasantly cold edge, which is much colder than is necessary to create a cool, refreshing scent, but not sharp and tantalizing either, the way that some of the better icy aquatics can be. It's a summer scent trying to achieve winter by being really cold like Silver Mountain Water, but does so in an uninviting way. Overall, I'm just not drawn it by either XS or Himalaya. It would be a hard choice between this and XS if the price difference weren't so huge. Consider SMW instead.
05th November, 2011
I've tried Himalaya twice, my first time was in Moskow, I got in a shop near the Old Arbat, chose this one among many Creed's and tested it on skin. In that case, as well as I went outside where the frost was roaring, I kept to appreciate the aromatic and metallic citric opening, the touch of mint and the green-herbal-orangy general temperament together with a mossy and masculine (vetiver and ambergris) dry down. My second time was in the torrid south Italy and I found it far less pleasant and somehow generic, really very similar to Paco Rabanne XS (with hints of the One Million's "white" aromatic dry down) may be more vintage (or classic), less synthetic, but equally spicy-resinous-virile at the end because of the dominant smooth mossy and ambery base. What can I add? I don't rave generally for this type of fragrances, too much muscular and herbal for the main part of their development in order to morph towards something still aromatic but less sharp and more ambery/mossy/resinous. The aroma here is initially angular (almost minty/aromatic) because of herbal grapefruit, later orangy, than woody with a sheer sandalwood and finally mossy (with hints of simil ambergris) with the dusty
millesime sophistication from the florals-ambergris link plus the mastering orangy feel. Not a bad composition but surely not my cup of tea.
23rd October, 2011 (last edited: 18th April, 2015)