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Negative Reviews of Himalaya by Creed

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An unremarkable woody-musky-citrus. Creed would do well to vault this rubbish to avoid further comparisons to drugstore cheapies.
22nd May, 2017
it used to be a mysterious fresh and cool mandarin sandalwood sillage scent, as of january 2017 i just get powder powder and powder with aldehides. very stuffy, theres a blue note i detect but overall it has been IFRA reformulated and or synthetic or cheap sandalwood is being masked by the ultra powder effect. Creed is going down the tubes, and the nosed consumer is the first to tell.

Even green irish tweed has been tamed in every aspect of what it is. its as if you have a tiger in a 4ft by 4ft cage. its a beast neutered and blinded with its legs cut in half and tongue cut out. ifra has destroyed the contemporary fragrance world. MODERN DAY PROHIBITION. i look forward to making a speakeasy for forbidden scents and oils.
26th March, 2017
Overpriced. Overrated. Synthetic. Lasts for barely two hours. Not only is the scent itself nothing special, but the execution is awful. The only aspect that's above average is the projection, and with a scent this mediocre that's not exactly a saving grace.
25th February, 2017
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It' s expensive and nothing special. Simular to Tenere ( Paco Rabanne ) . Not worth the price. Overrated.
03rd August, 2016 (last edited: 05th August, 2016)
Pretty pricey for nothing special

Started with a crisp blast of lemony citrus that stayed a while before disappearing into a cool, crisp scent. Smelled like a real lemon, unlike other lemony scents that come across as too redolent of hospital disinfectant.

Unfortunately, the lemon left too soon and was replaced by...nothing. A pale, crisp fragrance that lingered without intruding or making itself known. This was the girl at the party who might have been interesting but stayed in the corner hugging her wine glass and keeping to herself. And then she's gone after barely making her presence felt.

Pros: Inoffensive office scent
Cons: Not distinctive"

21st August, 2013
Sincerly it's smells almost like XS. It's a great smell but not worth it's price. I did expect more from a Creed and this one disappoints me. Not worth it.
29th October, 2012
floral woody cyphre with feeble sillage and poor longevity
30th August, 2012 (last edited: 17th January, 2014)
I don’t know the Creed line very well, but just tried Original Vetiver and Himalaya. The former is a clone, the latter not so much a clone as simply derivative. Himalaya smells like 75% Salvador Dali’s Laguna mixed with 25% Cool Water. It settles down to a metallic musk without distinction. Laguna and Cool Water both have far more coherent drydowns.

Thank goodness I tried Irisia from Creed at the same sitting. Otherwise I’d have written this house off with 2 strikes.

Also, these names. I loved Irisia, but there’s not a trace of iris to be found. Original Vetiver without a bit of vetiver in the composition. Himalaya? Iconic mountain range full of bucket-list implications for the western bourgeois dilettante? Cliche watery-fruity fragrance? What’s the association? This is less le Labo misdirection than bad lifestyle marketing in the vein of RL Safari.
11th August, 2011 (last edited: 25th August, 2011)
Pepper and soap for hours and hours...thats it....YAWN.
17th July, 2010
Soap, soap, and more soap. To me, it smells like your run-of-the-mill bar soap from first smell to dry down.
24th March, 2010
An invigorating opening of frosty, mountain breezes quickly descends from its summit into a totally forgettable musky, macho cliche.
10th December, 2009 (last edited: 12th March, 2010)
It opens as a slightly offensive hairspray and then settles into a fresher, less offensive hairspray. Oh, and after he had borrowed his wife’s spray can our spiky-haired gent also pinched some of his son’s Paco Rebanne XS. He walks tall, tall as a mountain, he is the Himalaya Man.
21st June, 2009
chrised Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Ouch! A strange hissy, metallic element lies beneath this generic masculine. The perfume equivelant of chewing tin foil. Interesting packaging, but that's about the only positive to glean from the consistently dissapointing house of Creed.
17th April, 2009
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adonis Show all reviews
United States
I love GIT, I really like Erolfa, I kind of like SMW, and I couldn't wait to scrub Himalaya off of me when I tested it. Far too feminine for me. However, if you're a mature woman reading this review you might really like it. Flowery doesn't do the description justice.
15th March, 2009 (last edited: 18th April, 2009)
There is absolutely nothing special or exciting about it, and those big bucks don’t smell here even for starters. On the contrary; this does smell very cheap to me, in a way.

Soapy fresh woody fougere with nostril stingingly sharp peppery tone. (It just doesn’t make sense at all why Michael Edwards says this is an Oriental fragrance – it’s really confusing since I usually appreciate the mans opinions)

Himalaya has a disturbing cold metallic edge to it; to me it makes the whole composition to smell very restless and unbalanced.

The only thing I like about this fragrance is that silvery presentation.
15th February, 2009
Sharp synthetic smell that stings your nose out of the bottle. It doesn't evolve at all, and leaves you wondering if you should spray it on your skin or use it to clean your bathroom mirror. Windex + pepper does not make a great scent.
26th January, 2009
This, to me, smells like 2 things: 1) lots of other very generic (modern/spicy) colognes available for men , or 2) an upper-middle class, 55 y/o woman at a semi-formal dinner party. It's just not for me.
19th December, 2008
Kaern Show all reviews
United Kingdom
It must be me -- I don't like this at all. Himalaya smells like umpteen other fresh men's fragrances that are on the market -- with that overtly masculine kick. I can't believe that GIT is more boring than this as someone has noted -- that would be some feat.
18th November, 2008
everso Show all reviews
United States
a poor imitation of Paco Rabanne XS. Avoid, as you should all Creeds.
20th October, 2008
Havok Show all reviews
United States
This scent doesn't last long and it doesn't smell great. I gave it many chances but each time I was equally disappointed, so I swapped it for something else.
24th September, 2008
Got a sample from a lady at Neiman Marcus and was really excited from all the reviews I've read. At first sniff it was Uhh... Cotton candy? Eww this does not smell manly at all and my sis agrees. I was gonna order this online from all the good reviews I've read, but thank God I tried it before ordering O.O'' Uhh this one's not for me.
22nd April, 2008
The smell reminds me of another standard cologne I tried some years ago. The hype and marketing greatly outweighs the value of the actual scent. I bought a vial and glad I didn't buy a whole bottle..this cologne gives me a headache..GIT, Tabarone or Chèvrefeuille are 3 great frags with excellent drydowns..I recommend GIT as #1!
23rd December, 2007
I really appreciate fragrances that "sparkle"--an effervescent like accord of citrus and a heart note--but this one didn't sparkle for me. I find Imperial, Chevrefeuille Original, Bois de Cedrat, Erolfa and Verveine Narcisse to be much more soulful.
02nd May, 2007
Very nice scent, fresh and classy but gone in 60 seconds! This is worst than Armani Code that I had a while ago! If I can get Himalaya for $80 for the 4oz bottle I'd give it a thumbs up, but for full retail of $150? I don't think so.
18th February, 2006
Too generic-smelling to me-sort of like a generic blue deodorant soap. Creed's other smellies are a lot better. Too bad, because I really wanted to like this one.
04th August, 2005
Himalaya was a huge disappointment to me. While initially pleasant (although not particularly exciting)it very quickly disappeared. This had no lasting power whatsoever and was completely gone in less than an hour.
09th May, 2004