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Pleasant and clean, like a floral soap but has a spicy citrus note in the opening. The woody notes give it that masculine edge but I get a lot of floral from Himalaya even though I don't see it in the notes. Soft projection but not a skin scent. I find that a little body heat helps with projection a lot because it does seem to hang around all day on me but then projection really amps up if I'm moving a lot.
26th January, 2018
There are a bunch of Creeds that do not smell any different from one another after a couple of hours, and Himalaya is one of those. Himalaya employs some citrus and creates brief 'chilly' moment of freshness. It is also very safe, which means that no aromatic or herbal overtones are present. A soft, fresh, woody phase follows that has a hint of sweetness, and this is the point from which onwards it is similar to Millesime Imperial, Green Irish Tweed and Silver Mountain Water. There is a metallic aspect, especially in the beginning, which is similar to that of Silver Mountain Water, but Himalaya doesn't have any of the 'shrill' demeanour of the former. The dry down is woody-musky, with bare hints of sandalwood and ambergris.

Himalaya is competent and never vulgar. However, it is not as compelling as Green Irish Tweed, and is rather generic, and both sillage and duration are slightly less than that of Green Irish Tweed. Its lack of any distinguishing character is perhaps attributable to the fact that it seems the ideal fragrance to market to casual purveyors of faux-luxury. The bottle is hideous.

2.5/5 (neutral)
29th August, 2017
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United States
Meh. High quality soapy scent, it's been done 10,000 times before. If you want to smell like a fresh bar of soapy soap, Himalaya is a high quality way to do it. But how many people really want to smell like soap?

Dated concept. 6/10. Well executed for what it is but "what it is" is an old, tired idea.

SMW is far superior, even though Himalaya has much better longevity and silage.
08th August, 2017
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Bosnia and Herzegovina
Amazing fragrance Creed Himalaya, however.. the longevity is very poor on me it lasts for 1 hour only.. after that it fades away into a skin scent and fades away... it is a very expensive fragrance and especially this one is not worth the money.. because of longevity.

But if you got money enough.. and you collect them? Just buy it
18th January, 2017
My wife likes this on me but I'm not too keen and always turn to my Aventus, which, incidentally, she says gives her a headache! (at least the early bottles did).
It's a fresh fragrance that has little longevity or sillage on my skin after the first 30 mins.
12th September, 2016
Genre: Woody Oriental

Though its more prominent woody/resinous base notes lend it a more “oriental” character, Himalaya still seems similar in overall style to Green Irish Tweed, Millésime Imperial, Silver Mountain Water, Royal Water, Green Valley, and any number of other modern Creed “millésimes.” If you like this formula (and many do,) you should try Himalaya. It’s a very attractive scent.

As for me, I may be getting old and cranky, but I’ve come to find Himalaya and it’s siblings so close in character that I don’t need to own more than one at a time. Of this group, I like Silver Mountain Water the best, but I can easily see others preferring Himalaya, MI, or GIT. For a modern Creed that stands a bit apart, I still turn to Erolfa for its grit or Acier Aluminium for its depth and animal sensuality.
16th June, 2014
Normal Fragrance

I blind bought Himalaya a year ago, and have only come to spray it on a couple times in that time.

It is a very nice, bold fragrance, but very "normal". I feel like this is a fragrance one could find at Macy's or a small perfume store for a much cheaper price.

Overall it smells nice, but for the "creed" money your paying, I would suggest another scent.

Although the box is pretty cool.

Pros: Manly, Strong
Cons: Generic, bland, expensive"

15th August, 2013
Himalaya by Creed

Cooling icy citrus with a peppery woody background, creating a dichotomy of both modern and traditional. Dries down into a cedar base with excellent musk, ambergris and sandalwood notes perfectly blended together. Classy, sophisticated, versatile. Best for spring, but great for any season. Can be worn by both a young man and a gentleman alike. Any man can wear this and there is no age barrier.

The one big downside to this fragrance is performance. The projection and longevity of this fragrance aren't up to par with the standards of other fragrances of this category. For a fresh summer fragrance, maybe, but for a woody-oriental, no. Also, compared to other fragrances of the Creed house, this fragrance stands out as a weaker link, and you might be better off getting the other Creed fragrances first.

Still though, the positives outweigh the negatives and Himalaya has a lot to offer. Try this one for youself.

29th May, 2013
this is a forgettable soapy scent. It smells really "clean", EXACTLY like a brand of soap My mother bought for us when I was a kid...I can't put my finger on which one...Dial? Irish Spring? It has great projection, but it still is soap. I would give it a Positive if it wasn't so freaking expensive and worshiped like a god. I have MI, GIT, Aventus, Royal Oud, and so I am not a "Creed Hater" BUT to charge me $300-Creed had BETTER put out a home-run. Not soap-in-a-bottle.
28th March, 2013 (last edited: 30th March, 2013)
I first smelled this on a friend and I thought it was one of the best fragrances I have ever smelled. Unfortunately for me, I didn't get the same delicious smell out of Himalaya. When I initially sprayed it, I got a fresh and wonderful scent with slight tones of musk and sandalwood/cedarwood. Unfortunately this fresh opening doesn't last long. Within 30 minutes it was gone. After about an hour, the scent smells like something an old woman in her 70's would wear.
28th September, 2012
Classy and fresh fragrance, maybe a bit childish
05th May, 2012
This is the lesser of Creed's cold, "mountainous" fragrances. It starts out as a very airy, cool citrus with mint and florals. Very soon the not-too-sharp citrus and mint assume the guise of that woody, dusty green that reminds people so much of Paco XS. Here it has a very sudsy soap quality to it, whereas XS is more sharply green. At this stage, it's probably the most sudsy soap scent I know of, even though it's not specifically a soap scent. As the wood starts to come back in the mid notes, it unfortunately brings with it some of that sweet cherry/wood note that a lot of designer brands have, which I don't particularly like. It also begins to get mustier here, and has lost all of the amazing freshness of the top notes, all the while getting more medicinal from the "cherry wood". It's almost like a failed Gendarme scent, having started out bright and soapy, but fallen into a musty, sickly rut. The herbal notes give it an unpleasantly cold edge, which is much colder than is necessary to create a cool, refreshing scent, but not sharp and tantalizing either, the way that some of the better icy aquatics can be. It's a summer scent trying to achieve winter by being really cold like Silver Mountain Water, but does so in an uninviting way. Overall, I'm just not drawn it by either XS or Himalaya. It would be a hard choice between this and XS if the price difference weren't so huge. Consider SMW instead.
05th November, 2011
I've tried Himalaya twice, my first time was in Moskow, I got in a shop near the Old Arbat, chose this one among many Creed's and tested it on skin. In that case, as well as I went outside where the frost was roaring, I kept to appreciate the aromatic and metallic citric opening, the touch of mint and the green-herbal-orangy general temperament together with a mossy and masculine (vetiver and ambergris) dry down. My second time was in the torrid south Italy and I found it far less pleasant and somehow generic, really very similar to Paco Rabanne XS (with hints of the One Million's "white" aromatic dry down) may be more vintage (or classic), less synthetic, but equally spicy-resinous-virile at the end because of the dominant smooth mossy and ambery base. What can I add? I don't rave generally for this type of fragrances, too much muscular and herbal for the main part of their development in order to morph towards something still aromatic but less sharp and more ambery/mossy/resinous. The aroma here is initially angular (almost minty/aromatic) because of herbal grapefruit, later orangy, than woody with a sheer sandalwood and finally mossy (with hints of simil ambergris) with the dusty
millesime sophistication from the florals-ambergris link plus the mastering orangy feel. Not a bad composition but surely not my cup of tea.
23rd October, 2011 (last edited: 18th April, 2015)
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The opening of Himalaya is a burst of alcohol, unfortunately, but once it dries a little, it becomes a rich and fresh masculine floral. The projection is good (much better than SMW) and longevity is pretty good as well.. on my skin, 8-12 hours, sometimes more. Like SMW, Himalaya is very refined, it's hard to pick apart the notes. But, as with most Creed's that I've tried or owned, there's that metallic accord, but it's very dull in this one.

The opening is a bright fresh grapefruit and bergamot, with a little bit of spice, and a light floral background. As it dries a little, the citrus comes out a little more, I get like a fresh cut open orange, or the smell of orange juice in the background blending in with everything else that I'm smelling that I can't quite determine. Fresh, floral, soapy, citrus, a little spice, and a little green. So refined, yet such a simple overall blended smell. It basically smells like citrus and florals with a drop of musk to make it a little more aromatic.

As it dries it becomes more metallic again, I also get some lavender. Once this fades, the final dry down into the base is a bit generic, reminds me of something that I can't quite put my finger on. The ambergris keeps it going on the skin for a while but very close to the skin.

Although the smell is good, it doesn't constitute a buy in my book. It was fun to sample and mess around with, but it's definitely not bottle worthy, especially at these prices. A cheaper alternative would be something like Givenchy Blue Label, or Dunhill Pure - both of which remind me of this.

Himalaya definitely isn't groundbreaking.
08th January, 2011
Starts with an ambiguous citrus and slight gunpowder note. Becomes peppery in the middle. This settles out with time. The base centers on woods and musk, with heavy emphasis on the latter. Also, some soapiness throughout.

I find this to be rather uninteresting and mainstream. Nothing special or exotic here.
28th December, 2010
This fragrance has always been difficult for me to understand. Sure the synthetics such as benzyl salicylate, lillial, and lyral are responsible for a light fresh floral airiness that while pleasant offers nothing unique. The hint of peppery spice during the initial several seconds after accuation is certaintly possible with eugenol and cinnamyl. It is unexpected yet modest, fleeting, and generally nothing to sneeze at. Yet there is something more, a beautiful musk whose silage and leaving power is rather unpredictable. Occasionaly making its presence known in front of the piney smelling woods which forms the background to the airy pleasant mountainscape that it evokes; the musk is of fantastic quality. Pine? The notes state sandalwood, cedar, and sometimes listed is vetiver, nothing of pine. Perhaps it is the particular cedar species combined with the synthetics that create the pine, it is a soft pine note, so perhaps there is a tiny amount of sandalwood that is tempering it, but do not expect anything like sandalwood. The same goes for the top notes listed. They poorly represent the actual juice. You will not smell citrus juice. The whole picture is that of a mostly vague yet pleasant and occasionaly beautiful masculine fragrance. Too bad it is so weak.
08th August, 2010
A little ozone-like initially and for a little while. Then a musky, not-so-sweet taffy-and-bubblegum (and tobacco?) distant memory from my childhood past. A playfully masculine scent, though not earth-shattering. (Sorry about all the hyphens.) Appealing but not alluring.
09th May, 2010
Got a very refreshing but pleasant blast from the bottle on opening, refined lemons, florals and masculine musk. My first Creed, I was very disappointed at the scents linearity and longevity, the introduction was very nice, natural, but I wanted more development. For the investment, the would-be purchaser deserves more, this stuff is easily over £85 on the cheapest sites. But there was no more, just a continuation of cool, fresh musk and airy florals.

This is good, no doubt, but should've definitely been more, I give it a very lower-end neutral here. But for £85, no less than two thumbs down. You'll get more satisfaction elsewhere and so will your wallet, and that's not supposed to be said about a Creed.
01st April, 2010
Fresh and light, nothing wrong with it but I wouldn't mind it having more depth.
23rd March, 2010
A pleasant, linear scent with decent longevity. Creed has always been liberal with the term "inspiration," and this scent is no exception - as it is a dead-ringer for one of the most popular dryer sheets sold in the United States since the early '90s. Still - that's not a bad thing.

As a Mugler clone - most would usually think of Original Vetiver as a cologne for people who don't like fragrances, but I think Himalaya is actually a much better choice. It makes you smell like fresh laundry - which many ladies actually claim is more attractive than cologne.

Unfortunately, people who don't like fragrances would never pay Creed's prices for a "nonfragrance." I'm a fragrance fan, and even I think Creed's prices are not worth most of their products.

I'm giving this a so-so rating because of the comically outrageous price.

13th February, 2010
Yet another Creed where it is all about the opening. It starts wonderfully, with the freshness of the Bergamot entwined with the tartness of the citrus and Mandarin, but the balance goes awry thereafter. With the presence of Sandalwood, Heart of Cedar, Vetiver and Musk, the heartbeat of Himalaya should have been intoxicating, sadly the balance appears off, and it dribbles away to a rather mediocre drydown and finish.
28th March, 2009
Himalaya is a scent I've never really been sure of whether it's a keeper for me. But at the same time I'm not in a rush to get rid of it. Very similar to Paco Rabanne XS pour homme, with less mint and citrus, and of course more Ambergris and Musk. Top notes are cool and discreet, mildly minty and citric, with just a slight hint of flint/fuel/mineral smell. Grey Ambergris and musk really are dominant, but it's not too animalic or offensive in any way, even with heavy application. It is cool and composed, and strangely capable of smelling warm at it's core and pleasantly cool on it's surface in cold weather. the spicy pepper, vetiver, and blend of dry/oriental woods is all discreet, possibly too discreet for some. I'll gived it a neutral, due to it's price, but with so many reputable online discounters charging $25/oz, it's not as prohibitively expensive as it seems.
01st February, 2009
this one really confused me... at first i didn't like it, then an hour later i loved it, then another hour later i hated it, and so on and so forth until i decided it just wasn't really for me. i'm no expert, but i feel that is reminiscent of so many other fragrances you can buy at macy's for half the price. it never really grabbed me, and my girlfriends was also "ho-hum" about it... i'm definately not dropping another 100 bucks on a bottle i would never use.
09th January, 2009
I so wanted to love Himalaya but I found it rather gerneric - especially after having tested SWM, OS and GIT. Sure, it is fresh and envigorating but it doesn't have anything that makes me (or other people) sit up and notice it. Perhaps that's not a bad thing for casual wear when you just want to smell "nice" - but I can't see why I'd drop £110 on a bottle of this when there are so many other more interesting Creed's to be had.
27th December, 2008
I'm making this quick because Himalaya doesn't impress me. I smell the base of GIT with the top of XS, and yet it isn't as nice as either scent. I have a theory that GIT was the first scent to use this base and ol' mister Creed felt that the perfumer did a bang up job. So mister Creed figures he can save some money and have sub-par perfumers just make nice tops which can then be thrown on this one brilliantly composed base. The only problem is that the base was designed specifically for GIT, and shoehorning it into other fragrances is an epic mistake that a niche house should never be guilty of. Alas, such is the nature of the business. If you're a niche house you can get away with sub-par products while using your nicheness as an excuse.

Who would dare admit that they cannot see the emperor's clothes, especially on this site?
24th November, 2008
Hmm... I've worn Himalaya a couple of times now and I'm still not sure if I like it enough to buy a bottle. I certainly don't hate it though. The initial blast of citrus is refreshing and cool but somehow it just seems slightly unbalanced. There is a note that on my skin gives the warm lightly musky drydown a certain crispness. This is definitely a warm weather fragrance to be worn during the day.
14th June, 2008
My mainstay frag is Tabarome. I had high hopes for this. Unfortunately, it is very ordinary.
21st December, 2007
Grapefruit, Bergamot, Mandarin and Lemon top notes with a heart of Cedar, Sandalwood and Vetiver and a base of Musk and Ambergris.” (Creed website)
I’ve tried Himalaya three times. The first time I found it interesting but didn’t care for it. The second time I enjoyed the wood tones a bit but found it to be sweet and powdery. This third time I find it to be very sweet, heavy and cloying. I think the musk and amber dominate at the expense of the potentially good wood tones. To my taste, many Creed fragrances have too much richness (the excellent and dry Cypres-Musc and Epicea are the exceptions).
04th August, 2007
oolong Show all reviews
United States
Not a bad scent but not something which inspires superlatives from me. Starts out cool, adds some fruity smells (melon?), then the pepper notes appear. Over all a reasonably nice effect, but it is just not a fragrance I find myself reaching for in my wardrobe. Since most of the fragrances I do reach for cost far less, I just can't recommend it.
14th January, 2007
Tried it, didn't find it that appealing.
02nd November, 2006