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Neutral Reviews of Essence Pure pour Homme by S.T. Dupont

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ESSENCE PURE is a real Stunner!Generic and Simple.It remindes me a lot of other Colognes.Yes it is similar Aquatic scent but much sharper than them.

Fresh,Summery and Strong.Grapefruit is one of my favorite notes in Cologne and it is quite dominant in this is for powerful and Enegetic men.I cant find Woody notes on my skin!

Anyway if you are looking for A cheap fragrance for Everyday Use Or Sea holidays this is a Perfect choice.Also the Longevity is Good.

13th May, 2015
A spicy aquatic with a bite: doubtless due to its geranium note. Okay, but not one that I get excited over.
12th February, 2010
a safe choice for office wear. very subtle and light. fruity and fresh. the first notes dwelling at your nose are "star anise"(ı got the anise but star? i've only read about it) and that ozonic note (i found it like azzaro chrome's sythetic top plus lanvin l'homme)... low sillage (good point for office) but decent longevity. there's one more thing i want to say; if you apply 2-3 sprays, you get %70 fresh fruity notes and %30 anise, but if you apply 5-6 or more sprays, then you smell like you have worn a very light version of lolita lempicka au masculin. finally; it is an okay fragrance but no more.

so i give a neutral for the mean subtleness.
14th May, 2008
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An aromatic / green fragrance that I would like to love, but I just can’t get excited about it. The citrus / ozonic opening seems more green than citrus to me—the bamboo notes are dominant—and I immediately pick up a strong cedar presence. It seems to be on the order of Hei by Sung, and although it has more presence than Hei, I’m not sure it is any more successful. As an aromatic green, it is an alternative to the endless lineups of citruses and aquatics, but I prefer something like Sander for Man with its ivy notes and light incense in the base. S.T. Dupont’s Essence Pure Pour Homme is a good fragrance but basically a not-too-exciting green aromatic.
17th September, 2006