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Positive Reviews of Essence Pure pour Homme by S.T. Dupont

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Really, really nice scent! Essence Pure is a clean citrus-musk scent that is predictable and fresh. The grapefruit and amber hold hands and let some of the other notes peek through. Highly recommended! ;^>
10th December, 2016
Although I had small number of frags before, this was my FIRST really serious cologne buy! so I've nostalgic emotions with this.
It's a SAFE, cool & fruity scent with WONDERFUL sillage and very good longevity for its own genre. also a compliment getter for me even after one decade! so I bought another bottle after previous one went empty. I've also gifted this more than any scent to my dears and they had been wearing this frequently. also think can be weared by a female in warm weather very commonly!
but there's something very important to me with this scent:
it's no way offensive how much you overapply this, it is safe & projects politely!
something different to me & at least a must try...
Two thumbs up!
17th February, 2012 (last edited: 28th February, 2012)
At first it remind me of Cool Water but after couple of weeks using it, I felt that this has something interesting. The ozonic notes and warm aquatic aura due to it's cedar ingredient really make Essence Pure is little different from other aquatic fragrance.

4 Hours longevity, polite silage and casual/easy going impression. That's all. Basically, I like it but not love it. Use it prior to swim and see how it evolve then. AWESOME..!
04th May, 2010
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Green and cedar woods with a light almost fruity instance throughout. The cedar really shines in this. Nice and casual with good sillage and longevity for office wear.
23rd July, 2008
Essence Pure starts with a sharp and acid green accord that can annoy sensible souls. Then it really incorporates a watery smell, a bit difficult to describe, but obviously refreshing. After an hour or so, It gets thicker with a still refreshing and clean powdery smell. It's a nice casual fragrance and a good choice for summer days, just don't except anything original or outstanding.
01st July, 2008
Checked this one yesterday, as it was the only one I wasn't tried from the S.T.Dupont line.

Sprayed on paper, the first notes were fruity, grapefruit and tangerine according to the tester bottle, plus a surprising sensation of cold and fresh air, like a freezer or an air conditioner... surely the ozone note. A fresh and soft green note of bamboo and final notes of soft woods, in an oceanic vein.

Fresh and cooling, like a oceanic breeze, for spring and summer times, daytime and office use. Age range around 25-40 years old.
01st March, 2007
i love Essence Pure pour Homme! i think it's truly unisex fragrance, and as such it's a lot more interesting then, say, CK1 or CK B. the scent is light and a little sweet, and i think it's very suitable for women who don't like heavy sweet scents.
12th October, 2006
An impulse purchase that has turned into one of my favorites. Sort of an ozone-aquatic-blue-flannel smell that's hard to describe, but you don't forget it once you've tried it. As a previous reviewer says, it's an excellent summer scent - and a great addition to the fragrance rotation for anyone in a hot and humid climate. Sophisticated and cool - the Bombay Sapphire of scents.
22nd July, 2005