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A nice blend of citrus and spice that quickly turns into a nice barbershop scent on my skin. Lasts in the 4 hour range with limited projection after 60 t0 90 minutes. The opening does smell rather zesty and as it drys the juice becomes enjoyable with wafts of geranium sandalwood and musk. For the price it is a nice weekend or casual scent or something for the office. Enjoy!
06th December, 2016
Here’s another “kind of” winner among Paul Smith range. Nothing extreme here, rather the opposite: Extreme is in fact to me a really mellow, smooth, quite unexpectedly classy and mature sort of citrus-floral-herbal fragrance with cedar, something soapy and slightly fruity, maybe a hint of orange blossoms, and something like cardamom. I also get rosemary quite clearly, bringing this a bit close to Rochas Aquaman and Lanvin Oxygene – they just both develop the herbal-aquatic Mediterranean theme, here it is just more a touch of herb among more classic woods and floral-citrus notes. Which is basically what makes Extreme slightly different from similar fragrances, as it smells basically like a “bridge” between old-school citrus-woody-floral “barbershop” aftershaves, and more modern spicy Oriental ones. Overall a really bright and pleasant scent, quite “synthetic” but I don’t mind that – the smell is incredibly fine and rich, and that is what counts for me. It is a sort of really modern, kind of youngster but really refined sort of classic “eau de cologne”, with its flowers-infused citrus and woody-spicy blend. Shortly a sort of barbershop scent for “downtown lads”, less old-school and a bit more contemporary. Nothing juvenile though, just simply crisp, versatile and lively, perfectly suitable for mature men as well. Longevity is really poor, soon leaving on skin just a faint soapy-musky drydown (still nice, just barely perceivable), but it works fine on clothes.

12th June, 2015
loving the original one, when i tried this i got mixed up! this one doesnt remind me dior's farenheit at all; first notes brings me too many essences, a lot peppery, considering woud be probably a 'warm' one, a messy nice surprise to nose, while there's something sweet and quite fresh at the same time.. pepper is still visible almost all the time
Base notes are kinda woody, always surprising with some flashes of the original scent now and then, and a feel of a pleasant smell.
Dry out is pretty soft and clean makes u think its a quite reasonable perfume. Pepery yet really original and quirky, also loving its colory design on bottle :)
04th March, 2013 (last edited: 06th March, 2013)
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subtle and elegant, somewhat old style..9/10
22nd December, 2012
Love this! I don't wear it often, but when I do, I always enjoy it. The key component that stands out for me is musk. I'm surprised other reviewers haven't mentioned this. It's one of my main "musk" scents, though of course it's a blend of musk, citrus, rosemary, and I think the wood comes through a little too. By the way, I don't find it synthetic-smelling. It's rather clean and light--but with character--great for the office.
28th March, 2011
It was a blind buy for me since I (as far as I can remember) always fancyed the house/brand Paul Smith and I must admit that in the beginning I was quite disapointed with it and left the bottle on the side for quite a long time. Everytime I tryed it again it never really conviced me to wear it... Took me quite some time to enjoy it, thanks to my moms who complimented me while I was trying it I decided to wear it, saying to myself " ok this could make it for the day"... How wrong I was, I actually really misjudged that fragrance maybe because of its uncommon lessness(as the brand is) or its very subtle combination of notes or for whatever else reason but I could'nt dive into it from the beginning. Since I climaxed with it it I'm really happy to have add it to my collection, it suits me all the way in days I need a light but fresh smoother, its uniqueness always delights me.
15th January, 2011
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United States
I picked up some samples from e-bay for
this one. I've been wearing it quite a bit this
winter, but can see this one as an all
year-long fragrance. It seems to be heavy
enough for winter, but I can also see this
one working quite well in hotter weather.
13th February, 2010
Paul smith extreme is citrusy but the woody-floral scent defeats the citrus. so those thinking this is another citrus-wood summer scent is mistaken.

it's a good night/cold weather scent IMO.
10th January, 2010
PS Extreme is a great mix of bergamot and spice. Wonderful combination. Rodent nailed when he described this one as a bergamot bomb at the beginning. That's spot on. It also has a nice, strong spice note with it. After the drydown, the spiciness comes out more. Its a really nice, well made fragrance. I also agree with twinbee. Its good year around for all weather. To me though, it think its fits best during a fall rainy day.
23rd June, 2008
I was captivated by the packaging and the bottle when I first opened it. It was a definite blind buy. The vertical striping reminded me of Gene Davis' "wallpaper" paintings though his paintings are much more vivid than this scent. (And I'm glad. Sometimes I don't need to announce my presence in a room or building!)

This is average and inoffensive. Pleasant mix of mild and sweet notes with a bit of spiciness that is quite wearable for daily use. Nothing extreme about it though it's very nice.
28th May, 2008 (last edited: 18th June, 2008)
this understated but unforgettable creation from Paul Smith is a winner. it's a bit of a bitter bergamot bomb in the beginning -- i almost imagine i smell like an earl grey teabag -- but it gets progressively softer and even vaguely sweet as it progresses. it's fresh, but quite different from the metallic citrus snoozers that mostly make up this category. like the clothes of its designer, it occupies the space where good taste meets edgy. while it is not a sillage monster, staying power is very good - people could smell it on me six or so hours after application. original, yet discreet -- as well as modern and versatile, eminently suitable both for the office and evenings out. works well in both warm and cold weather. highly recommended!

update: i have been puzzling over why i like this so much and what makes the opening different, given that so many other scents open up with bergamot, and have come to the realization that it's the very strong cardamom that fuses so well with the bergamot, giving it a cold, crisp and very distinctive opening. i stand by my original assessment that this is unique and a superb work fragrance that oozes refinement.
28th May, 2008 (last edited: 25th November, 2009)
There is not much to say about this one. it is well suited to its designer. Fun, dry, simple, woody, citrus, but very modern. not one of the modern sweet fresh nightmares like Boss, but very understated and sporty. Spicy. It does not last very long on my skin. Good for Fall and Spring.
27th December, 2007
pesurf Show all reviews
United States
I'm not sure why I like this one do much! I usually like scents that are more complex and project better, but this has my under it's spell. Dry and woody, it is indeed uplifting. There's something hypnotic in it's simplicity.
15th April, 2006
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Fresh and spicy, dries down to the scent of bleached paper. Very, very nice, but doesn't project very well. Unfortunately, the screw threads easily break off of the bottle.
08th January, 2006
I toally agree with Fredrik of Sweden. This fragrance is Unique, in that its fresh, light and long lasting! Its like Frederic Malle's "vetiver extraordinaire", very aromatic and uplifting! I get loads of compliments about its fresh and sexy aroma! Im glad its not so popular! Im happy to be amongst a smaller group of fans...unique and distinct!
16th January, 2004