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Negative Reviews of Brit for Men by Burberry

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Nice opening. Citrusy top note that quickly turned into a synthetic melange of wood and other notes that began to gag me after about two hours. Nothing beyond the opening citrus was pleasant or enjoyable to me. This seemed very synthetic, meaning that each and every smell I was smelling felt like a laboratory experiment.
14th May, 2016
Very sweet woody-amber oriental that manages to be both a bit stifling and screechy by turn.

24th November, 2015 (last edited: 06th October, 2017)
Very sweet, not very interesting, and frankly not very masculine at all. This one really didn't work for me at all. Which is a shame, because I *love* the design of the flask, it would look so good in my small collection...
01st August, 2014
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Genre: Woody Oriental

Jaïpur Lite. Pretty but conventional bergamot and aromatic top notes are soon joined by some sweet cardamom and nutmeg and very soft, smooth woods. The classic woody oriental heart is pleasantly warm and rounded, but also a little bland. As it settles Brit turns decidedly powdery, with a very distinct tonka bean note that keeps the composition sweet right the way through. Sadly, the late drydown is ruined by a ubiquitous raspy wood base accord that I’ve come to identify as the smell of “cheap.”

Until that nasty drydown, Brit, like the closely related Armani Code, is a nice, inoffensive scent that’s bound to please most noses. However, if you’re going to do a sweet, powdery woody oriental for men, “nice” is not enough. This is a very crowded field, and I think there are far better scents than Brit to be had among the competitors – Jaïpur Homme and Habit Rouge not the least among them. It’s not as if either of these are all that costly or hard to find, but if you want something similar and just a bit less good (read: “more generic”), by all means go for Brit.
09th June, 2014
Vellyr Show all reviews
United States
Not a bad smell, clean and sophisticated. The "department store" smell is the best way I can describe it. Utterly generic. Longevity was not so good on me, only about 5 hours. Will not buy a full bottle.
03rd February, 2012 (last edited: 24th February, 2012)
24th September, 2011
Burberry Brit is a feminine scent currently sold as a male scent. It smells synthetic, powdery and sickly sweet. It has enormous sillage and unfathomably prompts compliments from women. Despite this I must give Burberry Brit a strong negative rating. If you can not find this in stores, sniff baby powder or women's makeup before making a blind purchase to approximate the scent.
31st August, 2011
A very sweet scent with musky tones.
No citrus.
No rose.
Spices -- obscured by the vanilla/musk vibe.
Woods are slow to appear. There might be faint redemption in the dry-down... very faint, however.
08th January, 2011
shamu1 Show all reviews
United States

This smells promising when you first apply it, with its strong pepper notes up top. However, the whole fragrance falls apart within minutes and ends up smelling like peppered baby powder. And I do mean BABY powder, not barbershop talcum powder - that might have been good. The combination of pepper and a powdery base may not sound too horrible on paper, but trust me, this stuff is really bad.

This could have been decent if there were more pepper and spice notes, and less sweetness in the powder, but as it is, Brit is shit.

30th October, 2010
A sweet powdery headache is all I got. Next.
03rd April, 2010
No, overall I didn't prefer this, even though I wanted to, I just couldn't. I get a nice ginger and nutmeg/spice combo which I appreciate, and the bergamot top is always nice. But a thickly dominant rose aroma sort of spoils it, and it persists for the duration of the scent, spoiling it a bit more. Guess that's an accord, sadly. I get more of the rose, but less of the mentioned musk and tonka, stuff I like.

Its similar in the drydown to Lacoste Elegance, but that lacks the rose and presents a great minty thyme instead that keeps even the base fresh, whereas this just fades away as a dull rose infused ginger cake dessert. Still it's popular, I guess I just fall out of the scent radar for this one
01st April, 2010
It takes what you like about Burberry London, adds a bit of baby powder smell, and offers a big headache, almost nauseous feeling to those who smell it.
18th March, 2010
Mr had it right, smells like baby powder and i do not feel like smelling like a big ol baby. Disgraceful cologne.
17th March, 2010
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Perhaps my initial review of this was a bit harsh. I realized the bottle I bought (which was a tester) was far worse than a new bottle.

With that said, I still don't understand why people love this stuff. I get a great lemon burst in the opening, shortly followed up by lots and lots of powder, awkward make-up accords, and a synthetic smelling/chemical bomb. Seems too feminine as well. Not my cup of tea, might smell good on others, but definitely doesn't do my skin any justice.
28th February, 2010 (last edited: 19th February, 2011)
Hmmmm babies... You could spray this on an infant and it will blend perfectly! This is a TERRIBLE scent! I would not recommend this to anyone unless they like roaming around smelling like an infant. Thanks but NO THANKS!
09th December, 2009
tanto Show all reviews
United States
To me, this smells like a bug repellent. Nothing more to say about it.
18th October, 2009
hcr Show all reviews
United States
Baby Powder....really nothing more to say.... great if you like that, I don't want to smell like this....
07th August, 2009
Ugh. I could go either way with this one. The place I shop at had a gift set for pretty cheap, so I went ahead with it. I got the big bottle, and I've probably sprayed it four times. I'm not impressed, and have only wore it once. I'd love to get rid of this one and recoup a lil cash, aha.

Do i think it smells good? 2/5
Compliments from the ladies? N/a
Overall 2/5
24th July, 2009
Baby Wipes.
Powdery Baby Wipes.
Wet and powdery together, with that citric/alcohol scent of baby wipes.
Strange so many like this.
24th June, 2009
Ranger Show all reviews
United States
Too floral, too powdery, too mild. Good for my son, maybe (he's 2).
09th December, 2008
Ah, when i first smelled it (on a cardsample) it seemed to me as a new, urban, soffisticated but young fragrance, that will give me a nice modern push up and a good felling about wearing it, belonging to the current stream in a olfactive way but preserving some id stamp, up to date breakin travelin parting having fun purpose too hehe but... after i tried it on the skin a few times....well, this is a plain artifical fabric that gets boring, it so unnatural i get the feeling it teases me, it make me feel framed in something i don't like. Dosen't get it.
08th November, 2008
Way too powdery/vanilla sweet for me!! I don't want to smell like cookie dough ice cream. This feminine scent is the exact opposite of what I enjoy in men's fragrances.

I'll give it to my Mom. She will likely enjoy it while baking muffins.

17th October, 2008
Yuck! I cannot believe that I once owned this. It is a cloying, hazy woody-oriental, but also very much a gourmand, and not a pleasant one at that. It is essentially a ginger overload, with a heart of some sweet spices, and a base of generic woods. It reminded me somewhat of urinal pucks used to control the smells in public washrooms. Despite this similarity, it is still not a particularly great scent. Perhaps it is innovative and different from most mass-market men's fragrances, but it is simply too cloying and sweet for my tastes.
14th September, 2008
Very feminine even more so than Burburry Brit Gold for women!, it has rose in it and turns baby powdery in 5 minutes...I returned my bottle.
04th June, 2008 (last edited: 14th June, 2008)
Tony K Show all reviews
United States
Yikes! don't hang me for this one, but this smells hideous on me. The other problem is that I don't like it on anyone else either. Hate to be a party pooper but this smells like rotten pears. I know the popularity, just not my thing
09th December, 2007
I don`t find it very oriental, it's more fresh. Could be a very bad summer version of london Men.
23rd June, 2007
I didn't agree with any of the positive things written here. It's so citrus it's cranked up beyond citrus and is approaching motor oil. It smells really rancid on my own skin. It actually reminds me of that 'timeless' old man gathering dust on your shelves, BRUT.
09th May, 2007
Sorry, but this comes off as a powdery and banal version of Egoiste. Get your rose elsewhere. Too sweet. Pass.
17th April, 2007 (last edited: 19th June, 2009)
After Burberry London, I was sure I was going to like Brit, even though the in-store tests were basically negative. To my nose Brit's opening notes are too floral and far too sweet, but it's opening notes are fleeting, so this fragrance is about the drydown, and no in store test adequately reveals the dry down. After about 10 minutes or so, on me Brit smells like baby powder. It sure isn't ny idea of a masculine scent, but I could see were some might like it (it smells cute and comfy), but, if, you do (or she does) like it when you wear baby powder.... save your money, and visit the baby section of the local pharmacists.
16th March, 2007
In theory, I liked the idea of roses (used tastefully) in a male fragrance. In practice, though, it's just too feminine. It starts off as something resembling potpourri and ends up as baby powder.
05th November, 2006