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United Kingdom
The opening blast is interesting, a traditional
orange-bergamot combination with cinnamon and cardamom giving it warmth and some extra gentle spice. This first stage is not super-creative, but pleasant and solid. On my skin, however, this scent becomes somewhat generic in the second half: the notes of wood and a rather dull amber are not as good as the beginning. Silage and projection are good, and I get three hours of longevity. Overall a good and a dull phase make the neutral score.
14th February, 2014
The resemblance with Roma( and at a lesser extent Minotaure and Tuscany) is striking. This is also the reason for my neutral rating- it could have been more original. Still, the lasting power is very good, the price more than fair- considering it's one of the most affordable scents in Germany and Austria, yet being a mass-market scent only by the price, never by quality. A fine, slightly Oriental powdery drydown, carefully balanced sweetness, easygoing, summery Mediterranean elegance.
07th March, 2007